Инвестируем в 24 Hours! Обзор 24hours.me (Наш вклад 200$)

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Friends, hello everyone! The investment blog PROFVEST is in touch! Today we are reviewing an excellent highly profitable project made on a self-written script with fast tariff plans for 24 hours and a yield of 110% for the entire investment period. The project is called 24 Hours, and for it we pay a partner auto-bonus in the amount of 2.5% of your contribution. We also decided to support the project and invested $ 200. For 2 days, the net profit of our partners was 25%, this is a very cool investment result for such a short period of time. The project started on February 13, 2019. According to legend, 24 Hours is engaged in trading Bitcoin cryptocurrency and, due to its high volatility, receives excellent income.

The project offers 1 single investment plan with a yield of 110% at the end of the investment period. For example, we invest $ 200 and after 24 hours we get $ 220 ($ 20 profit and $ 200 body of the deposit). The deposit and profit are calculated at the end of the investment period. The minimum deposit amount is $ 10. The net profit is 10%, with our bonus 12.5% ​​net profit in just 24 hours. Before investing, go through a simple registration on the site.

Go to the main page of the site and click the "Registration" button, fill in the registration form, make sure that the PROFVEST blog is your invitation to the project, and click the "Confirmation Registration" button. After activating your account, be sure to specify the details of the payment system with which you are going to work in the settings of your personal account. The company accepts Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Nix Money, and Qiwi. The procedure for creating a deposit is also very simple, to invest, go to the "Invest" tab, select a payment system, enter the amount and click the "Create" button. Then you need to pay the invoice and your deposit will instantly start working. To withdraw the received profit, go to the "Withdraw Funds" tab, here select the payment system, enter the amount and click the "Create" button. Therefore, your money will instantly appear in your electronic account. The project was made with high quality: a self-written script, fast marketing, an intuitive site interface, a large selection of payment systems + instant payments.


Also, the platform leads the smooth development of the advertising campaign. We also note that for the convenience of investors, there is also a mobile version of the site. In general, you can test the project with adequate amounts, in addition, the auto-bonus works, which increases your net profit quite well and immediately, after creating a deposit, falls into your balance and is available for withdrawal! For more detailed information about the project, visit our website and make the right investment decision.

We are waiting for your comments and suggestions regarding the project on our website. That's it, I had the PROFVEST blog with you! If you liked this video then like it, and also subscribe to our channel to keep abreast of all the news. Good investment and goodbye!.

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