Трек про НАВАЛЬНОГО за ОДИН ВДОХ @Алексей Навальный

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0: 00: 00.000,0: 00: 06.350 today I will record a track about Alexey 0: 00: 02.310,0: 00: 09.750 bulk for one breath through dangerous 0: 00: 06.350,0: 00: 19.890 because this minute is 14 seconds for needs and 0: 00: 09.750,0: 00: 21.390 condemn him to analysis from and you are on the channel much money do not forget to put your cannon like leave your cannon comment and today we will conduct really dangerous to health experiment today I will record a track about Alexei Navalny, that is, we will create it with zero literally in one breath is not means that I just sighed like this exhale everything will be ready track no i literally hold my breath as much and hold your breath so be ready the project is about writing a track this is concerns track mixing sorry bit probably so fast I could not create for those who are in the tank I'll tell you quickly the rest must watch the video until the end it will be early interesting experiment who is alexey navalny this is a Russian opposition politician and I I think you've all seen the poisoning episode Bulk where he called the FSB nowhere and literally almost live it asked about his murder video typed already more than 18 million views for one day and why not on this hype themes do not create something musical plus I can literally do it in one inhale that is, I do not know if I can do it do it or not but before that we shoot this video and so where do we start writing a track needs some information about alexey navalny i will take such a key point is that the last the video of the strait of alexei navalny was about FSB literally called its killer to its sender and during this I introduced myself here representatives of the authorities by his superiors and got it so frankly not as I will have now holding my breath that is, I will breathe I will have cheeks, do not be afraid I will not be able to comment on my actions but now I'll just find love battling you tuba that is, from absolutely unimportant the most it will be difficult to write the text on the breath record that still and reduce it altogether for the exact realistically what are so dangerous let's go i just hold my breath come on now we also turned on the timer to see as far as I can hold the breath minutes 14 seconds this is still a record I found a bit well, absolutely so simple I will not turn on the pumping loudly and now the neighbors are knocking on the door here take it and start writing the text of this still tough well let's start i'm here notes here i have a stopwatch i I exhale three times and I start like this, I'm offended already listened a little bit like full but I in general, there is nothing for him yet the operator did not read it cameraman that's right let's go ballet except [music] minute minute 04 just minute 04 what is he I would say I wrote four lines they sound like this I climb into trends like bulk with me fsb and bedrooms for catching hyip like a crazy person not on a ten-point there is an error prophesy check me this is kapets tough a little bit even dizzy now it will be the most toughest no the toughest it will be mixing the toughest will be now almost the toughest we will need record it all with one take I do for no reason to read that is, but in head I imagine blacksmiths to count but suddenly disappeared do not hit the beat and all this it just won't matter In short, I set it up so that I I could hear myself as much as possible in the link again listen to yourself and there you are here once or twice three hours will be exactly one take then there is how the track will turn out so it will be necessary and to reduce that is the time to most likely will not equalize something because there will be no vision of us literally one or two minutes I drove straight underneath I try, maybe half a plumb line I hope I won't take it away soon enough shorter than one take I'm right now start recording operator can watch here the microphone goes everything there is a line here that we say so go stopwatch how crazy served with me like panels and normans like pissed off I will give you a pomele as a bulk with me trip from Are they uh huh how crazy this is all just a mother and now for 30 seconds I have pancake, dudes, I'm not the same for a long time here we have already recorded one track here nothing is no running nothing is simple and and stop and right now I will proceed I'm just cutting it right now with my mother Pauline's stopwatch will maximize 0: 05: 23.480,0: 05: 29.790 tough I don't know how to go to this 0: 05: 26.670,0: 05: 32.150 mode well, in short, let's try this once or twice 0: 05: 29.790,0: 05: 32.150 three 0: 05: 43.320,0: 05: 48.380 all 0: 05: 45.090,0: 05: 48.380 [music] 0: 05: 57.110,0: 06: 00.549 [music] 0: 06: 02.960,0: 06: 08.740 [music] 0: 06: 06.470,0: 06: 08.740 network 0: 06: 34.290,0: 06: 39.400 [music] 0: 06: 37.120,0: 06: 53.300 shorter almost 0: 06: 39.400,0: 06: 56.419 shorter damn real because that 0: 06: 53.300,0: 06: 59.180 more so long here in short I wrote down 0: 06: 56.419,0: 07: 01.969 turns out the fastest culture in the world 0: 06: 59.180,0: 07: 06.889 on note let's go over that is 0: 07: 01.969,0: 07: 10.310 what I do here is just added 0: 07: 06.889,0: 07: 14.300 noise was removed literally without listening to it 0: 07: 10.310,0: 07: 16.190 compressor is such a gates sn1 stereo 0: 07: 14.300,0: 07: 17.870 two compressors as I usually do 0: 07: 16.190,0: 07: 20.210 not configured at all because I am 0: 07: 17.870,0: 07: 22.639 didn't have time just did so that at least there was audible is by tom ford filter for future use you the third will not build anything at all I could not even build a resonance for fornication not how to cut, just throw it down regular squat vocals here's another equalizer that is, it comes with a reputation here I just removed a little bit of the upper frequencies so that more room 22 an ordinary child is not in tune at all just herachit as you don’t know what make it shorter, that's basically all the mixing like this tatiana look around when else recorded me girlfriend block points and such a small format that is to this kind of google with such a voice, let's go let's see now let's hear what I have it turned out well, we recorded which came up with lyrics, I would of course still added there so you can write bit by myself but such a short time and we won't write at all Hitler is not writing for an hour and now I want for each of you to listen write to comments how do you like such experiments Alexey Navalny if you or you after all, alexey navalny if you are this see that I don't try to boost Anisim somehow [music] [music]


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