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if you’re not willing to put in the work and you’re not willing to take action skip this right now then you’re not hungry enough to make money online skip this what’s up everybody my name is Anthony Alfonso in this video I’m going to show you exactly how I earn a full time income from home this video is gonna be a full case study a tizzy no BS I’ve earned six figures already this year you see ads on social media just like this and you see ads just like this whether you’re searching on Google whether you’re searching on Bing how you can make a full time income following my step-by-step plan I’ve got nothing to sell you all I want to do is see you win I know exactly how it feels to wake up the next day when you go to work you’re driving into work you don’t know if you’re gonna have a job the next day you don’t know if you’re gonna have enough income to pay the bills and that’s why I love that I’m doing this case study to show people that it’s possible to make an income online it’s possible to get paid weekly it’s possible to make a full-time income to support you your family your goals whether you want to travel whether you don’t doesn’t matter where you want to go as you know I’m so passionate about what I do so follow me on this case study if you’re interested in learning exactly step by step what I’m doing watch this video to the end and just take action setting up everything completely and then me making money and I’m gonna show you that copy me if you want I don’t care if you copy me here just let’s win let’s just crush this right now other side oh well dog we don’t see how are they ride I get rested by side and I spit from everybody I’m excited that y’all have taken action watch this case study so all I ask that once I show you some of these methods just have a notepad out take some notes put your phone away be ready to listen and take action with what I’m gonna teach you what I’m teaching you is Bing ads so what being ads is is when a customer goes to Yahoo MSN or being there searching keywords and what they’re doing are for example if I wanted to buy a whey protein I probably go to Bing ads or I go to being specifically inaudible type best whey protein whey protein that works or if I wanted a weight loss program I would type in weight loss pills or something weight loss related and I’m going to show you how you can find these keywords that people are going to be going to you and they’re searching them and our goal is is to get these customers to see our ads and in this case study I’m going to show you affiliate marketing and what affiliate marketing is is essentially have you ever been to a dealership to where you go and purchase a vehicle the car salesman tells you hey Johnny if you send another customer to me we’ll send you $100 for every person you send to us to purchase a vehicle so that is a referral essentially affiliate marketing is exactly the same we’re referring customers to products that they are already interested in and that they’re looking for so in this case study I’m going to show you step by step on how I set it up a to Z and so let’s just jump into it so being ads if you’re not familiar with what an ad looks like I want to show you a couple concepts before I jump in and show you exactly step by step but essentially this is what a Bing ad looks like so if I wanted to lose weight fast and I went to being and I type to lose weight fast there’s gonna be pop-up with ads just like this and it says remove fat for five hundred ninety nine dollars so essentially we’re getting our ads to show up for keyword related searches so this could say weight loss today and we or ads showing right here so this if you haven’t seen and Google has the same exact thing when you go to Google and you start searching in keywords just like this lose weight fast you’re gonna start seeing ads pop up right here and you know it’s an ad because it says ad right here and we see the link right here so my goal is is to teach you how to put an ad up and then how to get the customer to the ad and then if the customer purchases then you can earn a commission from that so essentially what I wanted to do is I wanted to keep it as simple as possible so bear with me with my stick finger drawings it’ll all make sense as I tie it all together so essentially a customer comes to Yahoo and they type weight loss products lose weight fast they’re on their phone they’re on their computer or tablet and what happens is being what Bing ads will show them our ad that we set up and I’m going to show you exactly how to set that up so once the customer comes with their phone and they type lose weight fast once they click on the ad we’re sending them to step three and step three it’s called direct linking and we’re going to be sending them to the affiliate product so there’s two types of affiliate products there is one of the LIA product where you can get paid when someone puts in that credit card info and they make a sale or there’s a CPM there’s a cost per lead you can get paid a dollar 20 on download of fifty two dollars just for someone to put in their email and then essentially right after that we make our commission so it doesn’t matter what your goal is I’m gonna show you exactly what I’m doing on being ads so you can start making sales just like right here so next I want to talk about this what is my goal so my goal in this case study is just to show you how to make an extra stream of income I would have never thought ten years ago five years ago that I could actually put an ad up on Google put an ad up on Yahoo or Bing and start getting sales just from putting ads up so really all of this is just perspective I’m giving you a different perspective on how something that can be done whether you’re experienced or beginner and most importantly take action so essentially if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime so this is my goal in this case study so I hope you guys love that quote I actually love that quote so let’s just go to the next slide so essentially I’m going to be teaching you in steps and what I want you to do before you go and sign up with Bing ads what I want you to do is get a coupon and what happens is when you get a coupon you can there’s coupons you can go to Google and you can type Bing ads coupon and I’m going to show you exactly where you guys can find these coupons but essentially you type Bing ads coupon and how bings structures these partnerships is you as a customer promoting your ads on being you spend $25 and being is competing with Google they’re always competing so what being is doing is once you spend $25 and ads they give you $100 and credit now being support now how it worked for me is being supported through amp live support sometimes it takes like five minutes to get on support with them but you’re essentially talking to them a live person and once you use the coupon what happens is you get the coupon you put the coupon into your Bing ads account and then once you spend the twenty five dollars you contact their support and say hey I’ve spent the twenty five dollars when will I receive the hundred dollar and extra credit so that’s just a bonus when you’re signing up with Bing so now signing up for network I’m going to show you where you can actually find these products to promote the so you can get paid thirty dollars on a sale of sixty dollars a hundred dollars or whether you want to just get paid a dollar and twenty a dollar fifty per every email someone puts in so all for selection I’m going to show you a couple ways that with no guesswork you can type in these keywords you can spy on your competitors that you can choose a niche or an offer that you want to go into with at least the right mindset on the strategy that I’m using when I’m choosing these offers lastly the most important thing I want to touch base on is setting up the tracking and ranking means if someone goes they Yahoo and they search weight loss fast so if the customer chooses that word they type it in and they buy from lose weight fast we want to know exactly what our customers are going to what are they what are our customers typing in to make them these exact sale so that’s where tracking comes in and once I show you a little bit of how it looks and how it works you’ll essentially know exactly how to track the keywords so and why do we track keywords the reason we track the keywords is say we have ten keywords and one keyword is lose weight fast well if lose weight fast is making us ten sales a day and lose weight quickly is only making us two sales we know because we have tracking setup to tell us this keyword is making the sale on this specific ad and then so what happens if you’re spending twenty dollars a day well what if you only spent $20 a day on lose weight fast that’s making you all the money so that’s exactly why we have tracking but finally I want you guys to review my results I’m gonna show the keywords that actually make me this illness case study uh this case that it can be done within about 48 hours and I’ll show you exactly what I’m spending I’m going to show you the exact ad I’m gonna show you the exact keywords that I’m using after that I’m gonna show you about optimizing the campaign I want to give you guys a few tips on so let’s just say you spend ten dollars and you make fifteen dollars you test you test and you spend ten dollars and you make thirty dollars well I’m gonna show you a couple strategies that you can use the scale so more importantly I’m gonna jump into this now and show you exactly how this works now so what you want to do now is come to google and type being ads coupon and then it says advertise on Bing ads and let’s just click in a couple of these scroll down and says wwq ponds comm so let’s just click in here it’s april essentially once you come from google you’ll click right on the link and then you’re here now so all you have to do is click right here and a pop-up comes up and it says signup or emails and be the first one to know so all you have to do is follow the steps to get this $100 for twenty-five dollars spend and then now the first step is done now all you have to do is follow the steps so when you click through this link it should bring you being itself so let me come over and too big so let’s just type in a keyword so I can show you guys exactly what I’m talking about so let’s just type green tea weight loss so for being in general weight loss products work well getting products work well but let’s just see so green tea weight loss is the keyword and let’s just scroll down so we start to see people look at this ad right here this can give us ideas for whatever we’re going to be setting up in this case study so top ten green tea benefits green tea weight loss green tea weight loss find it here and then when you’re looking at your competitors you want to start looking at exactly what they’re saying in their ad copy because more importantly with being you have to advertise with their policies and I’ll give you an example so if we look here you can drink the tea detox and shut ten to twenty pounds or more the red tea detox this is actually an affiliate product right here and I’m assuming that this person here is most likely direct linking or they may be using a landing page but red tea detox is an affiliate product so let’s just open up a tab and take a look at it the massive red venomous okay yeah this is from Clickbank and as you can tell them if you look okay keep watching you see right here where it says Clickbank trusted and secure this offer in Clickbank I believe it pays roughly twenty to fifty dollars in that range we can head over to Clickbank and check hey I’m sorry if you’re watching this case study and I’m actually showing here you’re being ad and showing your your campaign so anyways so the best green tea for weight loss we see now a couple key notes I want you to think about green tea weight loss they’re on page one and I just clicked on it you see it’s an ad right here and so I’m just going to assume that the keyword green tea weight loss is more competitive but this is essentially what I’m going to be showing is that how to set this up to where we can send we can track when someone clicks and types the best green tea so the best part about this now is I’m going to show you where you can find offers just like that one just like that green tea weight loss product and I’m going to show you a couple networks but I want you to keep in mind during this case study for this video look in the description of this video I’m gonna be putting networks ago join companies to sign up what to promote their products I’m going to show you networks I’m going to just put a bunch of notes through this description of this video so just look down below and make sure to follow along in the description too and just follow step by step so now let’s just take a look and let’s just go to so Clickbank now what Clickbank is is there a network that I refer to in the beginning they’re a company where you can go to and you can find products to promote they and if you look right here they have products in all types of verticals and niches so whether you want to promote a health product or you want to promote a make money online a dog training program a software it sky’s the limit so just choose what you want to promote I’ve promoted photos taking photos I’ve I’ve promoted about just an every niche and for this case study I’m gonna actually focus on promoting a health product health is a huge niche and I know that when I make this case study I’m gonna have a lot of people mimicking or swiping what I’m doing so I want something that a lot of people can actually run with and actually use so that’s why I’m aiming on using a health product for this case study specifically oh yeah I just come to Clickbank and get some ideas on what you want to run there’s self power there’s politics home-and-garden so green products like we were just looking into so clickbank’s a good place to go to and I’m going to show you a couple other Network so another place to go to is Private Networks and these I consider these networks or cpa networks and the only difference between affiliate x and clickbank is that when you go to clickbank and you sign up you can sign up with clickbank in five minutes five minutes you’re signed up and clickbank but with a network like affiliate acts above offers and networks are going to show you you actually some of them have interview processes some of them have app longer applications and they just want to verify you’re a real person verify you know what you’re doing but essentially I’m gonna put a link to a video I did on how to get into peer fly peer flies another network you can actually join and you can find affiliate products that you can promote and take a look here so affiliate X I’m gonna log in right here I’m gonna blur out the left side because I want to keep my affiliate manager private but more importantly I want you to look at some of these offers that they actually have in the network so they have skin so they have Wix Norton computer repair offers they have all the types of offers they have e-commerce products I’m actually singing here so if you look right here this Nomad backpack this is an international offer so it’s see it says countries so certain offers will tell you where you’re allowed to actually promote it so this right here though free credit free trial right here United States only so on Bing ads when you set up your campaign keep in mind what countries are allowed with your offer so country right here is United States and let’s just read it right here so this is display and email only and it says and then these networks will tell you exactly where they do not want the offer place that so if you look no brand-building no dog no social so what social is is social is Facebook Instagram ads and now no brand bidding so what brand bidding is is let’s just say go free credit is the name of the offer that we’re promoting brand bidding is when you start placing bids on go free credit their actual site and you start using their site name their brand name in you’re paying for those keyword searches of that so whatever you do just don’t overthink it and more importantly just start thinking about what offers you want to pronounce what makes you want to go into and go sign up for Clickbank they’re easy with this case study I’m showing you you can click Bank and follow the same exact strategies that I’m gonna be showing you so and I’m gonna log in the click bank and just show you a couple offers in there and then we’re gonna head over to the next step so once you log in the Clickbank you just want to click up here and go to marketplace and let’s just scroll down and since I’m focusing on health let’s just look for health right now [Music] health and fitness right here Clickbank it’s easy to get into beginner friendly so I’m going to show you I like to choose products by gravity so if we look right here unlock your hip flexors the red T now we just saw this offer if we head back over to being right here at the bottom the best green tea for weight loss and then now we see it right here so it says right here if you look right here it’s 2883 on the average sale so what happens is in Clickbank typically they have upsells and what’s some affiliate products in click Mike they actually allow you to get the upsell what an upsell is is let’s just say I come in and I pay $50 for the right to detox and then they upsell me and they say well why don’t you get this extra step by step workout program with the right detox and I charge me another 50 bucks so some of these affiliate products if the customers take the upsell and pay extra some of the products you can promote will give you a certain percentage of the upsells that customers take so keep in mind that’s a big benefit to run with what affiliate offers but now once you join a network and you start to decide what offer you want to promote so as you’re looking for offers you want to promote take notes and right now as you’re watching me explain all this take notes so one place I like to keep my notes at is no tie oh so this is note that I oh so exactly what I’ll do is this I’ll come here and I see a competitor running this offer and I’ll copy this and then I’ll look right here copy that and this is the ad copy I’ll just put ad copy and then I’ll put headline and then lastly I’ll come here and I’ll put the keyword and let’s just double check the keyword and the keyword i typed in was grantee weight loss so keyword green-tea weight loss now we have the keyword the headline ad copy of what one of our competitors are doing before I even finished typing it you start to see examples before being will start to give you suggestions because they know what your customers are typing in so green-tea fat burner I would have never thought of that but I’ll just click on it and let’s just scroll down and just look around does green tea fat burner work and as I’m scrolling down I’m looking for ads I’m looking for what competitors are saying and I’m gonna show you one right here so 20 18 top 10 fat burners top 10 fat burners at work quality green tea fat burner and look at and as I’m scrolling through here I’m getting some idea so I actually like this right here quality green tea fat burner so I’ll just copy that and I’ll come back to my note I owe and I’ll just put again headline and this is just giving me ideas so once the product I choose whichever health product I choose I have the idea that okay green tea fat burner that may be the keyword I may want to use and spend money on to start making some affiliate sales so being ads this is the home menu on being ads when you sign up so you have to come here every time to log into your profile but what I want to do is I just want to give you an overview of what being as it looks like on the inside so let’s just jump right into it sign-in ok so as we see right here actually I’m going to give you guys a little bonus and show you something I’m running so for this case study I wanted to set up a couple more campaigns I have two Bing ad campaigns so right here if we look it’s a test Oh G EPC for 20 I set this offer up not too long ago maybe about four or five days ago I was looking for keywords I was doing exactly what I’m telling you now so if we look today 30 dollars spent thirty eighty eight and then if we look right here it says today and now this is why tracking is so important the tracking tool I’m going to be talking about this entire case study we’re gonna be using clickmagick if you haven’t order click magic what it does it tracks keywords it makes that tells you what keywords people are buying for it tells you what ad makes the sale but more importantly it tracks all your traffic so you know if the sale came from United States or Canada but essentially let’s just look right here so if I change this to last seven days and I hit it refresh pretty quick but if we look right here I actually just made another sale huh so I’m excited for that I didn’t make a sale during the case study for my campaign it just up a few days ago but I want you to see this so I’m gonna blur out this bottom right here cuz this bottom is what’s making me the money so the reason we’re using clip magic is because not only that we can track what keywords are actually making us the sales but I spent thirty dollars so far on one of the campaigns I’m running but more importantly sign up will click magic right now I have a link below the video with all the resources that I’m using but sign up do the 14 day free trial and sign up for the $25 to spend on Bing ads and get the $300 clickmagick is a tool for to run your business and what I’m teaching you is how to set up a business to earn some money so the first thing you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to buy a domain so what I mean by buying a domain is we want people to see our being ad and we want whatever domain me buy to correlate with whatever the product is were selling so if we’re gonna run this red tea detox I’ll come to up Namecheap and I’ll look for a domain similar so as we see the discounted red tea detox com is available so if you’re watching this right now and you’re running you want to use Clickbank and you actually want to use this offer that to me would be a good it has the product name in the actual domain discounted red tea detox but I’m actually not going to use that domain I’m gonna think of a couple other ones I actually want to use so this network right here is above offers and for this case study I’m actually going to use a par offers and the reason being is because above offers they’re similar to affiliate X which I shared a little bit ago and they’re similar to Clickbank but one reason I like above offers is that they have so many different niches that you can go into it’s very organized it’s easy to set up your tracking mode and it’s it’s easy to get accepted into bob offers some networks make it a little bit more difficult but this is a good network they get into they pay you on time and they’re easy to work with so I’m actually going to be going with the health offered this case study so let’s just check out it help offers and eightpence mastermind if you’re in my private Facebook group you actually seen this offer of Dominator what is this one offer converts on first page submit a valid credit card info cost of forty eight ninety nine let’s see that that looks okay so actually let me click onto some of these and just show you what I think about them what this is this is a long sales letter landing page and what the reason they make these landing pages like this because their goal is is by the time the user the customer makes it down to right here here’s what you can expect from the incredible Shake Mix they want the customer to be sold already they want the customer ready to whip out their credit card and purchase so you see that typically on these long sales hunter they have no links right at the top of the page but they’ll have the link right here a little bit lower down on the landing page to get customers to buy quicker so one thing we want to keep in mind and the reason I’m showing you this landing page that we could promote is that being has requirements and one thing where people who are wrong on being ads is that they don’t follow beings policies and what I mean by that is being they want you to have terms and condition contact us a privacy policy page and what you can do is you can scroll down and you can look right here results may vary they have a disclaimer and they have Terms of Service they have everything down right there if we go back to the clickbank product and we scroll down now for example with the right tea detox as i showed earlier they actually have the terms and condition they have privacy and with Clickbank offers as a bonus you should know this different products on Clickbank they have sections that for affiliates and that’s what you are you’re an affiliate you’re promoting a company’s products so you can always click in and see what see what they offer so 75 to 100 percent commission levels $100 cash bonus to all new affiliates but anyways let’s just keep choosing I wanted you to know that with me make sure you follow their policies have disclaimers on the pages on the offers that you’re promoting so let’s just say this digest it if it didn’t have any disclaimers or any contact info on the bottom I would not promote this on Bing ads especially direct linking yes you could promote it if you had a landing page but I’m not gonna go into that part for this case study let’s just check out this one actually I’m sorry madam our seats can accommodate a lady of your okay drinking popular party drink goes unbelievable weight loss in seven days headlines decent click to tap or play so to me this would most likely look pretty good on mobile whether it’s an iPhone or tablet or Android phone this offer would probably look pretty good there’s not too much going on on this landing page nothing looks super scammy that’s one thing you want to avoid an offer that looks Cammy that someone would see it and they would not want to buy so let’s just go scroll down I’m gonna look at one more offer and let me just change this and go sort descending I want to look at some offers that are a little bit more expensive if this is your first time running look for offers that pay two dollars three dollars for an email or 30 to 40 dollars but for this case study I’m gonna go with an offer that pays a little bit more and actually this one actually looks pretty interesting and I actually looked at this offer before I even started recording this is a long sales letter and it’s essentially just for natural panco from Japan not available in the u.s. limited time and as I was telling you guys a little bit earlier you see how the link right here all you have to do is click here to get access to this special promotion right here you don’t see any links for this offer up here because they know when the customer starts to read that they’re most likely going to purchase by the time they get here so you know what for this case study I’m gonna speed things up I’m going with this offer and now we know what offer I’m gonna run so if you guys want to run this offer go sign up for this it’s called pro flexural and let’s just see offer converts on a valid credit card us only and we start to see where we can promote this PPC display email SEO so this offer is good for the traffic method that we’re using so right here testing and tracking we’re gonna be coming back to this because this is an important piece of what we’re doing for this case that so now we know what offer we’re running let me just go to namecheap.com so what you want to do is go healthy living association org so I’m gonna look for something similar to that so I’m gonna go all you have to do now is hit add a car view cart and all you want to do now is I actually thought about this one too healthy us club.com and I also thought of Ralph healthy living calm so what I may do is just buy both of them they always try to get you with the upsells don’t buy any of the upsells from what we’re doing you don’t need to spend any extra money on that so confirm your order put in your credit card info that’s what I’m gonna do right now and I’ll see you guys in the next step you’ll be on the dashboard area click domain list and what you want to do is look for the domain you just bought so I actually bought the Ralph healthy living you see and all I’m gonna do now is just click manage so don’t get overwhelmed by this but what we’re gonna do is that we’re gonna be tracking like I explained what will click magic on the power behind using it I’m gonna connect Ralph healthy living calm to click magic so all you have to do to do that is click advanced DNS so once you log in to click magic all you have to do is click on the top right and it says tools come to domain manager and it’ll point you exactly right here so it says right here you can use many custom domains and that is exactly what we’re doing we’re using a custom domain and all you have to do is click start here and if you scroll down it’ll explain the exact steps on how to set up a custom domain using the cname but I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that but I just want you to know where exactly it’s that you will be asked for the target domain which is the domain that your cname record will point to this has the exact steps on how you connect click magic and Namecheap together but I’m gonna speed this up I’m gonna show you exactly what you do so what you do is you come back to Namecheap or in advance and all you want to do is just click add a new record and we’re going to add two records we’re going to add an eighth name and a cname so what you want to do is click a record and you want to click Add sign so we’ll type in an ADD sign and now all we want to do is you want to change this TTL change that to 30 minutes and now we’re gonna put an IP address in and for the IP address it’s 50 this is it right here 50 97 212 and just so you guys can follow along on where this is that this isn’t click magic you see it right here so all you would do is come back to click magic copy this and you see next to add a new a record that’s all you have to do so we did an a record in add sign 30 minutes check and now we’re gonna do that one more time and all we’re gonna do is a cname record www and change this to 30 minutes and now all we have to do now is put the click magic that I showed you just a little bit ago so it’s right here w w CL kmg calm and you want to put a period right after it just like that and then hit check now once you do that just click trash can delete this record and delete this record so now you’re completely done with that you’re almost you’re about 50% of the way there you have one more set to do to connect your affiliate network that you’re going to be promoting to track all your sales so now keep in mind when you buy this Ralph healthy living comm which is what I just bought once you connect click magic and Namecheap together sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for it to fully combined so if we go right here I’m going to copy this and I’m gonna go back to click magic and then all I want to do is what is your domain and it says tracking link that’s what it’s going to be used for we’re not doing any cloaking and it says set up using cname DNS or a record all so as you see here it can take 1 to 24 hours to get this connected because I just bought it and I just connected it so give it 24 hours so while you’re doing that research the offer you want to run make sure you’re ready to go and I’ll come back and I’ll show you the next steps but there’s another step that you can do while you’re waiting if you’re new to clickmagick what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to go to this is a very important step now this is what we’re gonna call connecting the postback URL click magic has and what a postback URL is it let’s click magic talk to the offer that you’re promoting and it lets the offer know that you made a sale and that sale is going to show up and click magic so for example if I make a sale in a bar offers that sale is going to show up in click magic like I showed you earlier in this case study so what I’m going to do now is I’m going to come to tools and I’m gonna go to a postback builder so all you have to do now is just click select Affiliate Network and we want to scroll down there’s so many networks you can join and I’m gonna have a list of networks to join so go to sign up for Mac’s bounty sign up for a bubble for a sign up for affiliate acts go sign up for any of these networks they’re all good networks in here so above offers is what we’re using for this case study so I just select the network and right here so this is the postback URL all you do is you take this right here you copy it and we’re running this proflex wrong and right here it says postback URL you paste it in you save BAM now all you have to do now is grab your tracking link so I’m going to take this right here I’m going to grab the link and don’t get confused by this because sometimes when you click on different offers they may have 10 of these all you have to do is change this to link and click right here and if you see your affiliate link will be in here and mine is the two for number I just click get link and I’m gonna copy this and then all I’m gonna do is come back so if you see right here every network that you promote has a unique click ID and this is what we have to have on the end of our affiliate link so right here if you don’t know how to add it in all you have to do some networks like cache network and other networks pass these through different variables so if this was max Bonnie they may use a different click ID so paste your affiliate link here and this is my affiliate link and I’ll just click Edit and let me just take out this and s1 so now my affiliate link is good to go and I’m just gonna say copy this and I’m gonna come back to my notes so this is the link I’ll be using for clickmagick we are back everyone so what we just waited on we just waited for the domain to propagate and it can typically take up to 24 hours for me it took about five hours I went back I went up here to tools and I went to domain manager and all I did was put this wrong healthy living com just a side note if while you’re watching this I was thinking about it I kind of wish I would have went with dr. Ralph healthy living comm since in this offer this is who the article is about who it’s from so I figured that’d probably be a better way to go so right here we can see my Ralph’s healthy living calm this is the domain and I want you to just take a second look right here and make sure while you’re setting up your domain purchase it from Namecheap or you can go to GoDaddy calm or other domain websites and then just make sure you have everything correct be careful whenever you’re pacing in your domain make sure not to get a space like you see this space right there small things like that can mess things up so just make sure every time you pay something and just get it all completely so now what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna set up the tracking and this is exactly what we’re going to do so primary URL this is what our affiliate link is actually going to be so what I actually did is I made a notepad so while I was waiting I spent a couple of hours when I was looking at competitors and getting some good ideas so right here as you can see I had my ad my spying a couple competitors running this and things that I actually liked and that I’ll be using for this campaign today so if you see right here this is my affiliate link and if we or if you follow the steps earlier we already set up the postback URL and now all I have to do is just take out this an s-1 there you go alright so let’s copy this now all we want to do is go back to click magic so we just named it pearl flexeril for 2318 just so I can keep it organized for this case study so now for the tracking link this is where I’ll show you right now I’m being so if we look at this on being this person has healthy living association dot org slash special offer so we’re actually gonna go with special offer make sure whenever you’re putting this don’t put any spaces in right here so for geo targeting we can put us only but for now I’m just going to skip over this and I’m just going to scroll down and click create link so now if we open this up all you have to do is click on this and then you can open and look at your tracking link you can close it and now let’s just say this was like a general campaign we were running let’s just say this was a health product and we’re in a health general niche what we could do is if we’re in a political offers like the network I’m in and let’s just say you want to test 200 people well 200 people what you can do after that is you can take this link and you can set up another rotating link and start testing between two or four to see if all 4 a it makes more sales or offer B but for now let’s keep moving so what I’m gonna do now is we’re going to take this link right here I’m gonna copy this and what I’m going to do is I’m gonna bring it over to my notepad and make sure you have a notepad like while you’re following the steps and what I’m going to do is I’m going to paste that in what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put special offer four slash keyword – ad ID and then what what you want to do so essentially I’m tracking three variations from Bing right now I’m tracking the keyword what keyword makes the sale which ad makes the sale so if you see right here I have a dad spying right here so is it add one or is it add two making the sales and then keywords is what we’re getting ready to get into now so whatever you do don’t over complicate this part but just the domain that you bought now we have now we’re able to track it completely tracking is done tracking is literally seventy percent of this once you understand the tracking you can scale your campaign sky’s the limit I just wanted to touch base back on the steps and I want to say thank you to everybody watching so far in taking action writing notes we’re actually on step 5 setting up the campaign now the most important part is coming in with keywords and keywords are very simple what I like to do is I like to use 10 to 20 keywords where I see most people screw up is they use keyword tools and what they do is they get 300 keywords and then they start running ads to it yes 300 keywords can work if you’re trying to spend ten thousand or a thousand or trying to spend a lot of money at once to test a lot of different keywords but in the beginning if your budgets $100 $200 $500 spending on 20 to 10 keywords I find it’s the most efficient way to use your money so I’m going to show you three ways to get keywords two ways are decent one way is my favorite way to get keywords so way number one is you’re logged into your being ads account all you have to do is come up here to tools and being Google they both have their own keyword planners so what you can do is you can get what ideas news from there so all you have to do is just click keyword planner and all it says is search for new keywords using a phrase website or category just click that and then paste them so the offeror running is purl flexor wrong so all you have to do now is just paste in the keyword or using so we start to see proflex raw side effects natural heroes we start to see different keyword variations this is just one way to find keywords being to me is decent to find keywords I prefer using Google Keyword planner Overby but at the same token we are advertising on being I Who am I sign so being ads to use your keyword planner is fine but make sure you go sign up with Google so all you have to do is come to Google and sign up for Google Adwords and it’s free but typically they have you attach your credit card or debit card to it but once you’re logged in all you have to do all you do is click on the wrench at the top and you go to keyword keyword planner it’ll bring you here I’m already here so let me just type it in again whoops and then get started so we start to see what people are spending top of page 76 cents and if we bounce right back to being we start to see what people are spending on these keywords joint supplements best joint supplement joint pain supplements so joint health supplements won the 10k so what I like to do I’ll take a couple of these keywords so add a few keywords from Google Keyword planner now another way which I touched based on a little bit ago was typing in the keyword on being ads on Yahoo typing in the keywords to find keywords that are related to what we’re trying to promote so purflex are off for joints I found this just by typing in proflex wrong and then I got this four joints that popped up and as soon as I click right here let’s just check it out this right here affiliate offer or they did it right now they’re only doing direct linking that’s exactly what they’re doing so and the reason you can tell that is you can look up here and you can see there our affiliate ID so let me just click exit on that and this actually I’m swiping this so if we go back to my notes you can actually see that but let’s so let me just show you again free shipping does it work ingredients from Japan start spying on some competitors seeing what they’re doing so as I’m showing you this there’s plenty of ways to get keywords but my last favorite way to actually get keywords is using similar web if you haven’t heard a similar web it’s essentially a spy tool and they have a free version and a paid version and I’ll show you exactly how it works so you can come to similar web you can sign up for free and I also do have a Chrome extension or you can just use a website and all you do is you come to the offer that you want to promote doesn’t matter if it’s in Clickbank jvzoo above offers or the networks I’m going to have listed below this video so you want to come to the domain and right here dot org and then all you want to do is just paste it right in now keep in mind as we know this offer is only for us we’re getting two hundred thirty seven thousand visits a month US traffic direct referrals so now they do have a paid version but keep in mind this is just a free version and we start to see people are actually typing in proflex fraud joint pain relief free shipping and handling so these are just give you keyword related searches that people are actually going to go down healthy living keep that in mind as you’re looking for keywords but I have a couple key words picked out so we’re gonna keep moving forward now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna jump in and we’re gonna create a being ad start setting up traffic to start making some money so let’s get started with that so now we’re at the meat and potatoes of this case money what we’re gonna do now is that you’ve been following me since the beginning what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna set up the bean campaign we bought the domain we have tracking already we have keywords ready we have our ads that we spied on and we essentially did the front-end work and now we’re just gonna put the campaign together so all you want to do now is just click right here and click on create a new campaign and what you’re gonna do is visit to my website the reason I’m starting with 60 is because that offer pay 60 and I want to get data as fast as I can so I can test different variations for this case study quicker and I’m going to keep this budget unaccelerated and what that means is once the day starts at midnight it’s going to try to spend your money as quick as possible so sometimes when you have it on 60 dollars depending on how much I spend on a keyword you may run out of your budget by 10 a.m. 1 p.m. 2 p.m. depending on how popular the keywords are that you’re using and a lot of variations play a role but I’m gonna start it at 60 I’m gonna just name this Pro flex or wrong case whoops and then I’m gonna put 423 2018 then what you want to do is you want to scroll down and let me choose specific locations and what you want to do is United States because that’s what this offer allows now this is actually important who should see your ads people in your targeted locations people searching or viewing pages about your targeted location uncheck this because what happens is if you keep that checked you’ll have people flying all over the world searching in the US and they’ll be able to see your ads and if they click and buy you don’t get a commission for that when you’re in these networks such as above offers affiliate acts they are specific about the traffic that they want so if they only want US traffic and you’re sending traffic from United Kingdom they’re gonna start messaging you and saying hey we’re getting a lot of traffic from United Kingdom this is u.s.

Traffic and Juliet manager will reach out to you and call you out in traffic when I was a beginner and I was just getting started I was running a $2.00 serving offer and I had actually got some traffic from third world countries and people actually signed up to my affiliate offer am I like within one hour my affiliate manager messaged me and said hey Anthony we’re getting traffic from this location you have to cut that traffic law from that location like they knew instantly they got to me but anyways let’s keep going so right here enter the website so what I’m gonna do is come back and I’m just going to copy the my tracking link so we got this tracking link we set up already and let me go right back so what you want to do is paste this in and I’ll just name this let’s just name it sy n Group 1 and now see it’s giving us actually keywords that they’re suggesting so you can use these keywords if you like what I’d recommend sticking with the method that I showed you already so by the time you actually make it back here you should have all the keywords what ad copy you’re using you should have everything pre-planned before I even start making this campaign so I’m going to show you guys the keywords that I’m using these were the keywords I decided to use so now just hit save and go to next step so now once you get to this section and you start creating your ad now what we want to do is we want to take this section right here final URL whatever affiliate offer that you’re promoting you actually want to put that right there so I’m going to paste it in so the offer is go to healthy living Association org and the final URL it’s not at HTTP to HTTPS and that’s what it is for the affiliate offer so you want to put that there for the whatever campaign or whatever all four you’re trying to promote so once you do that you want to go down you want to go to you want to take the route healthy living and we got that from our notepad and all you want to do is copy that and all you want to do is paste it in the tracking template and then also make sure to take this link here copy that and you want that to be in the final URL and you also want that to be in the mobile URL now make sure to come back so your custom domain that we bought earlier change that to HTTP there we go and let’s see this click out of there and then you can always test it so just copy that and then let’s just come back to our notes at i\/o so we see that right here I’m going to open up a new tab we see that’s running perfect and let me go back to being but now the reason we change that out is because if you do not change that out being will disapprove your ID so make sure as you’re setting up the campaign to change out the final URL and mobile URL so whatever the iliad offer domain is tracking template is where you put your affiliate link if you have any questions regarding that feel free to ask me if I’m gonna use a keyword Pro Flexera joint I’m gonna make sure that I actually had that in the title so let’s just say I’m spending 50 cents on this right here this keyword right here if you look right here and we go to my keywords I have Pro flexural joint in my keywords and I actually have it right here in my headline so this is very important when you go to scale when you start to find keywords that people are actually typing in and you’re making money from it make sure to make an ad and make sure to put that keyword in the title and I mean it doesn’t have to be exactly like mine but use that keyword that people are actually typing in and that’s gonna start making himself so that’s just a Golden Nugget along the way as you’re watching this case study and I actually have a bunch so I wouldn’t mess with that right in the okay so let’s just see this and when you get to bid strategy changes to use the bid I set and then the daily budget is $60 its accelerated and let’s just change this so it says with $1 per clip we’re going to get 641 clicks so what you want to do is change that so depending on the keyword you may have to spend 25 cents 35 cents whatever you do don’t try to make it where you’re spending 5 cents on a click stay away from that and I’m just going to give you an example so you see right here on this campaign like this is live case study today is April 23rd and I’m just gonna hit refresh make sure that was saved if we look right there I’ve already made 300 dollars today off this campaign and if we look in being if you guys have been paying attention through the case study so far like right now this campaigns only spent $99 and it’s made three hundred dollars so I’m already two hundred dollars a day profit and I just built this campaign on the 20th and we’re on the 23rd so keep in mind 25 cents on a keyword 35 cents that’s good there’s been times where I’ve paid a dollar keyword to dollar as a keyword but you start to know what keywords are gonna make you money so you know every 10 clicks that keyword makes you a sale even though that you’re spending $2 per click you’re getting that quality of a customer and it’s more competitive so that was just a side note I just wanted to drop in but let’s just go back to the campaign so I’m gonna decrease that by 100% and let’s just scroll on down okay now this is very important so the only difference between being Yahoo search and syndicate search partner is that people think syndicate will get junk traffic and people think that being in Yahoo are more expensive yes being in Yahoo are more expensive per syndicate so on syndicate you may and 50 cents on a keyword and then on Yahoo to have that same keyword on that placement you may spend 80 cents 90 cents so what I’m going to do is I’m going to set one up on syndicated and what you want to do is you want to set one up on owned and operated and from now I’m just gonna set one up on syndicated so we can keep moving along and just always make sure to double-check everything you have you know some spending 60 dollars a day 25 cents on the keyword and let’s just keep going alright so the campaign is officially created and you know that we completed the campaign I wouldn’t go back in and just double check and I just want to show you a few things that you should double check after you complete your campaign and you can actually set this up during it but maybe you didn’t catch it but I just this is a small quiz but I’m just gonna go through and show you real quick so click on it and what you want to do you see right here we have send group 1 so we’re running on syndicated and now you see right here we have our ad group and once we start the track we’ll be able to click on ads so if you look right here these digits here if this ad here makes the sale you’re gonna be able to track this and click magic and that’s why we put that tracking on the end of our keywords so right here that says let me scroll up where it says ad ID that ad ID is right here so you sit right here at ID and then right here are our keywords so I don’t have many keywords but that’s exactly how I want it for this case study this is a long video so make sure you have plenty of notes and also as you’re watching this case study if you get stuck somewhere drop em drop questions below let me know join my private Facebook group entrepreneur affiliates and if you’re getting stuck let me know lastly make sure to hit that subscribe button if you’re getting a ton of all you watching you set everything up step-by-step and I appreciate everyone likes take an action right now so see you in the next clip so in this clip I was gonna give a small update so being in about two days that approved my ass but I’m gonna give you guys a tip also so so far today I spent 8 dollars and breaking it up and different sessions and posting it on once a YouTube is that you’re able to see it with a full amount of a tizzy on what’s going on but one thing actually is that I realized that I was on page 14 and that’s pretty bad I like to be no higher than an average position 6 you can see that position right there and so what I did is I actually increased my keyword spend so now I’m spending on dollars 95 but realistically on some of my keywords they may not charge it I’m getting charged 90 signs some a little bit less but I’m willing to spend out on this campaign but anyways I’m gonna drop now good make sure when you’re using clip magic tracking and you’re deriving linking make sure you come over here and you can come over to share and then once you do that click on URL options and what you want to do is that just click on e make sure this is unchecked if that’s not a Chuck then click magic and your drug looking campaign cannot talk when we’re having a tracking template set up so I’m going to click over to close magic and as you see you can see keyword right here now hover over them so we had this person type best natural joint supplement and this is that that’s the curie strength so some of ID to that’s encouraged training on what they did but then they actually really tight joint pain supplements and they actually came to this and so we’re starting to know that this ask actually getting a majority of my closing traffic coming in although that’s the beginning that’s what’s starting to bring in the traffic this ad and other thing we see the IP address we see is also a mobile phone and Android and then you can also plug in these IP addresses to see what state it’s at so later if you want to scale via targeting California only or New York I mean that’s just hypothetical but it’s good to know where your conversions come from from what state they come from and then you can also see right here this is the sites that are actually referring these people so keep track of all this but this is just a small but I’ll see you guys in the next clip as you can see we are make sure you’re saying that consistently for a few days Justin being will let you know we have a lipo here and whatever you do don’t add any new keywords and unless you want to but don’t have to actually instead of adding more keywords to increase your budget that’s when I actually like being me to do so work for me so today I have a couple issues with this campaign tobacco and this morning being 28 increased so I increase so probe okay but just a day and a night I’ll see you guys in the next clip welcome back everybody just made a sale in this case study and I’m excited to share the results this is gonna be the last clip in the case study more importantly I’m gonna tell you sadly where the sale came from how much it was how much I spent in just the journey of this case study and I’ve never seen any case study like this where someone’s shown you a tizzy and the results and let’s just dive right into it so above offers is the network that we use for this case study we want with pro flexeril they’ll offer paid fifty six dollars to the United States offer if we look right here I got a two point seven percent conversion rate today I’ve had 37 clicks and I’ve made fifty six dollars now I’m more importantly what did I spun so if we go right here for 23 18 so I started this case study on 23rd April and right now this is 29 right now and we see that a couple key words that are getting me majority that eclipse are joint pain supplements joint health supplements and my average cost-per-click I’m spending about $1 13 per click but I’ve noticed with a supplement an inch it is more competitive but more importantly where did this sell came from and what was a user talking so I put notes right here so I’m pretty excited so the sale came today and I ended up spending $94 not to me I was adding this spent about two to three hundred dollars and you get a little bit more data but it did take being a few days to approve my entire campaign I made a few adjustments and when you make adjustments in being for keywords sometimes being will put your campaign under a manual review so when I change my keywords from spending 25 cents out of a dollar 25 what actually ended up happening is being put my entire campaign under review again so keep in mind when you start to make changes in a bank give it about two or three days to keep running after you make those changes I made a silver $56 and came from the US now this is like the most important part of everything that I’ve taught you during this case study the key word that made me this is joint pain supplements I’m spending on that keyword and I’m spending broad and that’s why when the user typed in query stream my keyword was able to get it pulled up from that just because I’m targeting broad so by the way if you guys have any questions during the case study make sure you drop them hello hope you guys answer them and more importantly now you have the tools to succeed so in this case study we did about ten keywords overall so now what happens when you spend on hard dollars and one of those keywords is making all the money what happens if you spend $100 on an only keyword that is making you money when you started skill these campaigns so that’s the most important to take away you either have I’m watching this case study you’re building up keywords they’re called a conversion keywords so if you didn’t have about five keywords that are bringing you positive ROI a good return on your money you can scale start spending is perfectly on those and then you can change it from running broad to exact when you start to figure out these are the exact keywords bringing me in these $56 sales I hope within this entire case study that you feel that you have the tools needed to push on board I’m the reason I did this case study is because I wanted to see people make better per sale so if your budget is high and you’re long has spent more run it off for that page of about twenty to sixty bucks right on for that pace that much and if your budget is between 100 to 200 hours run a campaign and run a CPR on cost per lead get paid two dollars per lead so if your budgets higher or on a more expensive that means you have a little bit more money to spend and test but the reason I was into the campaign is because the reason I did into the campaign is because there’s so many people I want to help and I felt that the best way that I could actually help everybody was to do an in-depth case study a tizzy I’m gonna spend a hundred hours animate 0 but my whole check the – was to show you exactly a step by step method that you can actually follow so if you’re watching this case study and you set up your campaign I just want to congratulate you from taking action already and most people I know who do affiliate marketing and they run pay that a lot of people they don’t have success and then the reason a lot of people don’t have success with this is because there’s so many variations that play a role someone may mess up the tracking and if you masca the tracking you messed everything awesome you may get confused on buying the domain you may feel like you’re not tech savvy so within this hour if you just followed step by step you can easily piece together right Lincoln campaign yes to the other type of campaign so you can also around with landing pages in this case study I didn’t run with the landing page because I wanted to show you the fastest way you can set up a campaign and test so thank you for watching everybody and I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy this case study re-watch it again so there is a lot of information in here read watch it again make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel if you got a ton of value and stay tuned I will be opening up my coaching soon so if you guys were going to be more online always click the link below this video it will lead to my coaching if you’re interested in working one-on-one and have a great day

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