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Guest post from Sarah who blogs at Sidetracked Sarah:

Can your family eat a lot?

We do not do it very much, because we’ve got a huge family and the price could be outrageous if we’re not careful.

Through the years however, we’ve learned ways which we may still eat out as a family, not spend far too much.

Listed below are 16 distinct ways we conserve at restaurants!

  1. Conserve any restaurant coupons you get from the mail or papers.
  2. Purchase water to drink. Picture my family all purchasing beverages at $2 per person. We have 9 from the family, we’d be spending nearly $20 of our tab on beverages.  Not only is drinking water for you, but it conserves bucks!
  3. Share meals. Some restaurants are renowned for providing extra large portions. If you discover one that you always wind up stuffed with and come packed with leftovers, try sharing foods among your family. Rather than buying a kid’s meal to each kid, purchase an adult meal to 2-3 kids and enjoy the savings.
  4. Sign up for text communications, birthday clubs, along with any email clubs your favourite restaurants offer. Any restaurants that I frequent, I sign up to get their emails and texts because they like to let us know about the deals that they have each week.  And I really like to use those bargains when it is a fantastic time for our loved ones. 
  5. Search for Kids Eat Free Bargains . We especially love to discover the Kids Eat Free restaurants on vacation, but any time you’re able to get a great restaurant which allows the kids eat at no cost, you are going to save quite a little money. Some only let one kid eat loose, while some let two consume free per each paying adult.
  6. Utilize the dollar menu. When traveling, we’ll often buy everyone in the vehicle a one dollar item (such as a sandwich or burger) and purchase fresh fruit and/or chips to go for it for us to all share. It’s a excellent way to stretch out our dollars and keep our tummies happy in precisely exactly the identical moment.
  7. Mothers, arrange kid’s meals. Not many restaurants will allow adults to purchase kids meals, but several do. A buddy of ours always does this at Cracker Barrel. We do it sometimes at our favourite neighborhood Mexican restaurant, but they also add a dollar to the price, which is generally still a terrific thing.
  8. Try ordering off of the lunch menu at dinner. Some restaurants will enable you to order from the lunch menu, with a little up-charge ($1 at our favorite restaurant). Not everybody will do so, but it’s worth inquiring about.
  9. Do not order sandwiches or desserts. Nothing increases the purchase price of your meal at a restaurant greater than ordering appetizers and desserts. Consider heading to restaurants that have free bread or chips and salsa if you’re really needing an appetizer.
  10. Only eat out at lunch period. If you can help that, go out to eat at lunch, when lunch menus have been offered.  You’ll save several dollars per meal in doing this.
  11. Eat in buffets. Buffets tend to provide kids very discounted costs, but a few buffets tend to hike the prices up for everybody. Make sure to watch for the cheap buffets and see where you can save yourself money.
  12. View for specials. Occasionally restaurants tend to be slower on Saturdays and Tuesdays and they may have a special for only those nights. Other instances, there might be a happy hour during certain hours of the afternoon. Often, restaurants can rotate their specials out. Watch for exterior signs and make sure you ask your server about any special you may not want to miss.
  13. Plan forward. Just doing a small amount of research before you venture out to eat, is a fantastic method to save a little money. At times, I will take a look at the menu on the internet to determine whether I could afford the food at a particular restaurant or I’ll look for any bargains in the area.
  14. Order ala Carte. At one of my favourite restaurants, my favorite food is a lot cheaper when I order it as a single item, ala carte. While I think of ala carte, I often consider it as being a really small percentage, but generally, it’s plenty to get a meal.
  15. Sign up for Educational Rewards Programs. Many restaurants may provide children rewards for studying novels. We love to sign our children up for Book It’s Pizza Hut and Braum’s Book Buddies every year. At times, libraries may have reading incentive programs where youngsters can earn gift certificates for studying an increasing number of books.
  16. Evaluate Why You Are Eating out. Plenty of times, you’re eating out as you forgot to plan your food, or you simply got too active. Try spending some time preparation and building some Crockpot Freezer Meals more often.

As you can see, there are lots of ways you and your family will save money when going to restaurants.

It requires a little bit of planning ahead, but if you are trying to pay off bills, move debt free, or only spend less, cutting corners is something we’re usually eager to perform. It’s nice to know we do not have to give everything up and can appreciate a meal from time to time.

Sarah is a busy, work at home, homeschooling mom of 7 who blogs over at Sidetracked Sarah.  She really loves helping families spend less time at the kitchen and more time with their own families. 

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