Imagine that you’re likely to require a 6-month to 9-month mini-retirement. How should you want? What do you need to do? Sure, you are going to have to have sufficient savings to cover your own expenses. You may want to discover some work. You may need to sell a couple investment off. And of course, you’ll need to think about health insurance.

However, what should you believe? And how will your taste of voluntary unemployment affect your mental and psychological health?

Financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy and I discuss this in the current podcast episode.

We answer a question from an New York-based father of 2 who’s attempting to choose a medical insurance program.

We speak to a girl who wants to roll up her SEP-IRA equilibrium that is six-figure right into a Roth IRA account.

We answer a question from a listener who’s moving back to Amsterdam with his wife and two kids, also is wondering what to do with his 401k from the U.S.

And we answer a question by a guy who’s wondering if he needs to invest in a taxable brokerage account, as opposed to focusing on a lot of tax-advantaged retirement balances, in order that he can easily get this cash before he turns 59 and a half.

Erin asks:
I’m turning 30 this year and I have a fair amount in my brokerage account that I plan to use for a mini-retirement of about 6 to 9 weeks (maybe per year). Before making this movement, other than planning for cost-of-living, what else should I consider?

I have some part-time flows of income I might believe, and I understand that I need to switch my health insurance, but is there anything else that I’m not considering?

Ingrid inquires:
My husband and I have made a lot of in the last few years to make up for a Roth IRA, so we’ve donated to a SEP IRA rather than But, we were able to bring about a Roth this season, therefore I have a few questions about exactly what to do. (This is the only season we have this chance – we’ll be within the cap following year.)

Should we put $5,500 in the Roth? Should we roll over the $100,000 in the SEP to the Roth? If we leave the 100,000 at the SEP IRA and pay taxes later? Or should we do a non refundable conversion once we’re in a lower tax bracket and continue to add to this SEP?

When we roll it on, we’d need to think of about $30,000 in earnings because we’re at the 32% tax bracket. That seems like a lot, and we’ll possibly be in a lower tax bracket in retirement as we intend to stay off of income.

Jay inquires:
I dwell in the U.S. with my wife and two children, but I’m considering moving back into Amsterdam next year.

I’ve got a 401(k) along with my current employer that has about $45,000, and RSUs of roughly $50,000, and now I really don’t know what I should do with them once I move.

Can I sell them? Leave them where they can be ? What’s the most effective thing to do for this cash?

Sam inquires:
Most FI advice I’ve read is to use the tax free buckets, such as the Roth IRA, 457, and 403(b ) ) that we could contribute to. However, I feel frustrated that if we have a relatively significant savings rate, we won’t be able to (or should not ) access the majority of our money until we hit 59 and a halfhour. Is a taxable consideration a much better vehicle for our targets?

Dane asks:
Would you examine the HSA investment plan? I have two children that are young, and I am trying to decide if this is instead of getting a health plan.

We tackle these five questions in the present episode. Enjoy!

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