One of the most difficult parts about blogging (if you neglect ’t already know) is coming up with articles to write about. It’s been about 3 years since I had been always blogging. My last excellent article was approximately Mobile Marketing. It’s challenging to blog about good things when you overlook ’t want to give away all of your keys … and it’s much more difficult to blog in general when you have so much things going on. More time then many people would believe. You have to research a topic, study concerning the topic you wish to write about, and then you’ve got to take the opportunity to write up it.

I’ve been requested quite a bit on Facebook and in email what I’ve been up too many past few years… So here’s a brief outline of that which ’s been moving on advertising wise.

1. I began XRev Media, LLC and marketed the firm 2 years later. XRev was voted to the top 20 networks for for 2013. I’m hoping it could make that list again for 2014. While I don’t have the system , I continue to work with all the new owner and also the present affiliate managers to grow the network. The system has had constant expansion since day 1 and it’s actually fascinating to see where it’s come and where it’s going.

2. My fire is and will always be gain funnels. I took a while over the last 2 years to do some personal consulting for several companies. These were long term consultation contracts and so I managed to see and also assist the businesses grow due to the efforts I put in. 1 business went 3MM when I arrived on board to $7MM the first year I was together and $25MM in my second year with them. I’ve finished everything from landing page optimization to fulfillment center optimization. I’m a firm believer in backend profits and optimizing the quantity of money you can create from streamlining all funnels and processes.

The other company I consulted to get possessed their particular diet product. I was able to help them optimize their whole entire sales process to be able to generate between $12-$28 per initial page prospect signup (depending on the traffic origin ). This enabled them to cover $6-$8 per optin and create large amounts of earnings by paying each direct instead of per purchase. Their attention went from finding ways of earning money with present clients to locating as much traffic to their website as you can. We’re even able to cover certain mailers on a price per click (cpc).

3. Website creation is where I began my internet career back into high-school. The last 3 years were certainly not incapable of producing websites for people. It’s ’s always a simple project that may net close to $300/hour when all is said and done and so I often take on small website assembles for people who want to start an online shop or simply to showcase their business to the world. It’s ’s an easy project that could be outsourced should I don’t have the time to upload some files myself or when I’m tired and need a break I can install the backbone of the project myself.

4. Software creation has and always will be a fantastic market to get into since it is about offering something that you would utilize but also a product that other folks could make the most of. You always need to license that software out to others so that they can benefit out of it and so you can create a little additional cash on the side. I’ve invested tens of thousands of bucks for my own personal apps to be made and so last year I began to license those programs out to other businesses to work with too. XRev Media has their very own Affiliate Manager, Network Organization and Finance tracking system besides Cake Marketing and I have spent some time with a few colleagues to come up with our own affiliate monitoring program to our personal cellular and Facebook campaigns. Both these products are being licensed to people and organizations to assist us re-coupe a few of the costs that went into their development.

5. The last thing that I have completed and am still growing, is a non-profit company. The non-profit has been around for about 6 months as of this writing and has generated a little donations from organic traffic. I am hoping to be able to recruit a team of volunteers from the coming months to have the ability to help create more contributions. The objective of the nonprofit will be to help veterans who’ve been wounded in combat. The objective is to be able to remodel homes for disabled veterans so that they could more easily move their house. We can set up wheelchair ramps, doors and halls, in addition to do any remodel that will be beneficial to the experienced and their loved ones.

That’s the fast and dirty of everything I’ve been up too. I plan on becoming more posts up and getting more involved in the Internet Marketing community . I’ve always been a little from it with all the things going on but I certainly want to get back to being an active player.

What have you been up to the past few years?

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