Hi, I’m Chris Nunez. I’m an online marketer specializing in affiliate marketing and YouTube marketing. I also like to dabble quite a bit in the crypto investing world. I feel like there’s a pretty big lack of honest product reviews out there so I’m aiming to change that. I have a few ground rules for my promotions:

  1. Only promote products that I’ve tested and use myself.
  2. Only promote products that I’ve personally gotten results from.
  3. Describe BOTH the pros and cons of every product I review.

I try a ton of products and 99% of them aren’t worth sharing. It may seem like all of my reviews are positive but that’s because I only bother to fully review the products that I feel are valuable and worth buying. If I find something truly atrocious then maybe I would do a video about it, but I prefer to spend my time on positive experiences. It’s very easy to get caught up in negativity online!

I also provide a lot of advice and insights into my own experiences with online marketing. I’ve had some great successes but also many failures. I feel like there’s more to learn from the failures than the successes. I am always striving to grow and learn more. My ultimate goal is to online marketing full-time so that I can spend more time at home with my kids.

The future of marketing is video so I will be spending a lot of effort on producing videos as well as showing you how to produce your own videos. YouTube is a great source of traffic and it’s free!

Speaking of traffic, I’m also building out my own traffic network. Look my tutorial videos on that, too. Controlling your own traffic means you have complete control over your entire business! Imagine never having to rely on Google or Facebook or worry about algorithm changes. That’s the power of having your own traffic network.

I hope you enjoy the content I produce on this blog. My aim is to be honest about everything I post on here.