Best Strategy to Become a Bitcoin Millionaire in 2021

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i get approached by people in real life and online frequently who don't understand the bitcoin and crypto market cycles to the normal person looking at a 60 000 bitcoin or a 2500 ethereum certainly seems like that could be the top of the market the numbers are crazy but i get stared at like i'm insane when i explain to those people we aren't even close to the top of the market if you don't understand or you get asked questions frequently by other people whether or not we're at the top then this video is for you this is how you become a bitcoin millionaire let's get it bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button for your chance to win a full bitcoin details down below in the video description now in this video we're going to be talking about why bitcoin is not near its peak we're going to be going over data on the bitcoin market cycle and show you that we're just in the middle of this bull run now if any of you want to try your hand at trading bitcoin ethereum or many other all coins with leverage you can do that at buy bit scroll down to the buy bid section on bitboycrypto.comdeals you get a sweet deposit bonus whenever you sign up so make sure to visit the rewards hub after you're done also make sure to be careful when trading and keep your trading portfolio separate from your regular crypto holdings today we are talking about how you can become a millionaire with bitcoin and crypto seriously so let's get into it a few weeks ago i was visiting some folks and someone came up to me and he said hey i hear you're into crypto i've been looking into this ethereum thing all my friends are putting money into it and trying to warn them it's at the top and they should get out that's the smart move right so keep in mind at this point ethereum was right at two thousand dollars i looked at him and i said that's terrible advice it's not close to the top he looked at me like i had two heads and then he said last year ethereum was around a hundred dollars right now it's at two thousand dollars that's a 20x there's no way it can do more than that if you've watched this channel for a while you already know i don't believe we're near top we have totally top secret information that's extremely public knowledge the thing is finding crypto information is easy but it's something you have to actively be looking for you don't just stumble into crypto if you accidentally end up watching a crypto video you won't watch it very long unless there's something specific you're looking for or you've already committed to learning about crypto which in the latter case you wouldn't have accidentally stumbled across the video there's a reason that people in crypto get rich it was certainly strange being at the conference in miami last week and being around the same people i was around two years ago at conferences normal guys and gals well except for ken bozak i don't think anyone would classify him as normal one of my best friends in crypto for sure but there is one major difference between those people two years ago and those people now they're they're almost all millionaires now anyone who went through the bear market dedicated to crypto and had unwavering faith in bitcoin should be a millionaire by now and if they aren't then they're close and they will be by the end of this bull run the question is why and that answer is actually quite simple the dedicated people in crypto understand the market cycles they are extremely predictable unlike anything we've ever seen in the history of world assets bitcoin has supply and demand built into its design the bitcoin having event is what actually controls the entire bitcoin market now as a refresher for those of you who know or maybe new information for newbies the bitcoin having is when the production of bitcoin is cut literally in half every four years approximately it's actually every 210 000 blocks but i digress miners who are mining bitcoin receive what is called a block reward for their work this is their incentive to keep working in the field of mining they get paid in bitcoin for pushing through blocks what you may not know is that these block rewards that are paid out are actually the production of new bitcoin so the miners are the ones bringing in new bitcoin right now there are 900 bitcoin on average being created every day after the next having in 2024 there will only be 450 new bitcoin created per day between grayscale paypal microstrategy and square alone they're buying over 2 000 bitcoin per day meaning between these four companies they're buying more than the new amount of bitcoin created per day and of course this is not counting tesla and other corporations we know are adding bitcoin to their balance sheets so if they're buying over 2000 btc per day and there are only 900 new btc created each day it's easy to see what's happening this is the secret sauce to understanding how to become a millionaire in crypto because of the insane demand in fleeting supply we already know the bitcoin cycle should continue as they have before as long as the demand outpaces the supply there's no reason to think we will see a huge shift in the bitcoin cycle now what i'm about to give you is my favorite stat in crypto frankly like the number one most mind-blowing trivia fact in our entire space you know that crazy math problem where someone asks you whether you would rather get one million dollars or start with a penny per day but each day it doubles for a month the answer is crazy by the end of one month you would actually have over 5 million dollars it's the compound interest that gets you for bitcoin it's compound deflationary principles that get you think about this bitcoin was created in 2009 12 years ago there are currently almost 18.7 million bitcoin circulating in the supply so over 12 years through the mining rewards 18.7 million bitcoin have been created the last bitcoin ever will be mined in the year 2140 119 years from now now during the current bitcoin cycle from 2020 to 2024 there will be one million three hundred and twelve thousand five hundred bitcoin mined during the last cycle from 2136 to 2140 there will be a grand total of one half of one bitcoin mind that is so crazy to wrap your mind around so in 12 years 18.7 million bitcoin created over the next 119 years only 2.3 million more will be created that is insane these deflationary principles are crazy but what's even crazier is that most people don't know this even though it's out there for everyone to see once again this is secret information basically no one else has crypto millionaires understand this it's how they became millionaires so here's the point we understand bitcoin has market cycles based upon the special having event this is the dumbed-down version of how this cycle goes the having occurs bitcoin goes up for a year and a half then it plummets 85 percent over the next year to find a bottom then goes up slowly for another year and a half then the having occurs long and short of it is that bitcoin goes up for 75 percent of the four year cycle but kind of the way it happens is that that one year it drops 85 percent is so brutal that even when the price moves up slowly for the next year and a half it still feels very bearish due to the fact that bitcoin doesn't come close to its all-time high again until well after the following halving so in the last cycle let's put numbers on this bitcoin peaked at twenty thousand dollars then dropped all the way down to below thirty four hundred dollars in december of 2018.


So over 2019 bitcoin spent most of the time around 6k with one brief run up to 14 000 and then back to 6k now that run up was based on the plus token ponzi scheme but that's a whole different story after bitcoin touched 20k and went down to 3400 6k was almost a 100 gain from the low point but it doesn't feel very bullish but the fact is it is bullish buying bottoms and selling tops is a proven strategy that maximizes your gains so when you understand the cycle pattern you understand when these tops and bottoms are and the fact is almost every indicator we have showing that we are nowhere near a top we're basically in the middle innings of this bull run now as the later innings come about it will be time to start planning your exit strategy so here's your mission the steps that will lead you to becoming a millionaire in crypto number one study and understand the bitcoin market cycles number two exit the markets at the top of the cycle number three buy back in near the bottom of the cycles diversifying between bitcoin and all coins number four rinse and repeat cannot fail when you use this strategy that's just one guy's opinion let me know what is your bitcoin millionaire strategy down below and let me know how crypto is going for you that's all i got be blessed boy out [Music] you

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