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What is going on guys my name is Joaquin Joaquin welcome back to the channel and in this video we’re gonna talk about one of the best ways right now to go out there And start making money online And how we’re gonna go ahead and do that is doing something that not a lot of people out there offering right now And it’s actually something that’s in great demand okay There’s a bunch of people looking for this service that are needing this and some don’t even know that they need this okay But after this video you guys are literally gonna be able to go out there and start making money By doing this and you could even go up as far as making six figures per month I think this is one of the easiest ways to go out there and make six figures this month If you really apply yourself, and you do the things that we’re gonna go over in this video And so what we’re gonna talk about is learning how to make money online By offering a service and the service that I’m gonna be talking about is Facebook Ads now I know what you may be thinking you’re probably thinking quoi keen dude.

That’s great but hold on I don’t even know how to log into Facebook Okay, if you don’t know how to log into Facebook That’s a problem stop watching this video, but if you’re able to get as far as logging into Facebook Then you’re good to go. Okay. I have a 50 minute video That’s literally going to show you everything that you need to know to be able to go out there and offer this service to other people and So the service that you’re gonna offer to other people and by other people I mean businesses is managing their Facebook advertising okay I’m gonna show you guys exactly what you need to do in that video as far as how to run very simple campaigns That’s gonna Literally drop the jaws of these people as far as what you’re going to be able to do okay You’re gonna be able to go out there and set up advertisements around their area You’re gonna go out there and be able to target people based on interest you’re gonna be able to tell them how many People you were able to put in front of their business you’re gonna be able to do lead generation Okay, every single business out there needs to generate more leads And it’s so easy to do with Facebook Ads if you know what you’re doing, and I’m gonna show you that in that video but in this video I want to talk about why this is so important and Some ways that you’re gonna be able to go out there and offer it to other businesses.

Okay now I know what you may be thinking and it’s not okay I’m gonna watch that 50 minute video, but I’m not gonna know that much about it and guys I don’t know if you’ve seen a movie called a movie called catch me if you can but in that movie It’s basically this guy that um that he fakes a whole bunch of different things like for example He’ll fake being an airline pilot And then there’s just one part in the movie where he fakes being the professor of a class and after the movie They’re like dude. How did you how? Did you fake being the? Professor of the super advanced class and what he said was that all he did was that he read a chapter ahead, okay? he read a chapter ahead in the book and And that had so that has so much meaning right and the reason why that has so much meaning is because you guys really only need to know more than the person who you’re offering the service to right and knowing more than them is as simple as going and watching my other video because you’re gonna be taking from a beginner to a master in facebook advertising okay You’re gonna be able to go out there and start making tons of money online By offering the service to other people and so how what are you gonna charge them? And how are you gonna go out there and find actual customers, okay? So what you’re going to charge them is from ten to twenty percent of the monthly ad spend okay? So they’re literally companies out there right now that are spending hundreds of thousands even Millions of dollars on advertising and they have no idea what they’re doing yeah, they literally have no idea what they’re doing Now you’re gonna be able to go out there after this video and find a client that is gonna Give you a million dollars to put into Facebook ads probably not But can you go out there and find a small business who has an extra five thousand ten thousand dollars a month to give you So you could put their brand in front of millions of people? absolutely, okay And so the deals that you’re gonna be making with these businesses are that you’re gonna earn the money that you’re going to make We have two options.

They could either pay you a one-time fee, right which I don’t recommend or They’re gonna pay you from ten to twenty percent of the amount of money that they want to spend so if they’re spending $10,000 per month They’re gonna pay you a thousand dollars to manage everything to set everything up and remember Setting up Facebook ads and all of that is super easy Okay, so it’s a lot harder than you may be thinking right now if you’ve never done this before alright so you’re gonna charge from 10 to 20 percent of the Monthly spend and so now what are some unique ways for you to go out there for you to find customers for this strategy So one way is to obviously look around your your look around your area for businesses that you think might benefit from generating more leads Which is like every business right and what you need to do? And I know that this is gonna make some of you get out of your comfort zones is that you need to go up to these businesses in person and talk to them about the Opportunity of you being able to put them in front of other people using this platform that is Facebook Ads Because what you guys have to understand is that almost every single business out there Understands that there’s a lot of opportunity and putting in using digital advertisement But that’s as far as they go they don’t have anyone to help them implement it.

They think in their mind They don’t know anything about that so to them. It’s like out of this world How they’re gonna be able to do that by themselves, and they also think because they don’t know a lot about it They also think that it’s gonna be something that’s really expensive to do and so what you need to do is you need to walk into these businesses you could either call or walk in I would personally walk into the businesses because being face-to-face in front of someone is a lot more powerful right so I would walk in and I would inform them that it’s not Expensive and that you have the skills to be able to put them in front of people and how much you’re going to charge maybe they could give you a smaller amount of money to begin to see if you could actually generate them results and Getting these businesses results that have never ran a single Facebook guy before it’s super easy okay It’s super easy You just need to go out there and actually do it guys and you’re gonna be using the inner you’re gonna be using Facebook Ads later on YouTube ads to be able to make a ton of money, and the best part about it is That you’re gonna set these campaigns up and after that it’s really just making sure that they’re that they’re Optimized properly right like the amount of work that you have to do after that is not that much Every once in a while sure you’re gonna have to switch out the campaigns release new advertisements I’ll spend more money spend less money remember you’re spending their money.

It’s not yours You’re just making money for the service, but the hardest part is one getting the customer and two setting up that first campaign But even that isn’t hard because of how much opportunity there is out there of people wanting this service, okay I’ve mentioned this before in some of my other videos I thought that I needed a video in its own because there’s literally so much opportunity out there for you guys to be able to Go and find Businesses that are looking for people to do this another really good way to go out there I actually heard this in a podcast the other day And I thought I would share it another really good way for you to go out there and find customers for your digital advertising your digital advertising Agency, or whatever is by going to crunchbase, okay? So you’re gonna go to crunch viscom and in this website There’s gonna be a whole bunch of different startups and a whole bunch of different companies And there’s actually an area in there Where you’re gonna be able to see how much money and funding all these different companies are getting like for example Oh company eggs just got a million dollars company B.

Just got a $500,000 in seed funding and guess what people want to do when they get funding in their company They need to spend it right They need to spend it because they need to start producing results somehow Right whether they need development most of the time they need marketing They’re gonna be throwing a lot of money into marketing right because they want to show their investors that the money that they put into them is actually Returning things returning results right so what you guys need to do And this is literally one of the best strategies for getting people and start managing their Facebook Ads is To be able to go out there To crunch base and to find all these companies that are getting funding and to get in contact With the people of the company the CEO and to get in contact with the actual Venture capitalists that lent money to these people okay? And now guys if you’ve never done this before don’t worry about it You only need to know more than them okay? You only need to know more than them and 99% of the time.

They don’t know anything at all This is literally the difference right now from you making an extra twenty thousand dollars this month And not right like you’re probably telling yourself. I’m not sure if I could do this is it gonna work You only need to know a little bit more than them and you’re going to do that if you watch this free video I have a free video on YouTube literally teaching you everything about YouTube advertisement I have another one talking about retargeting and retargeting is super powerful Because basically what it is is that someone comes to your website, and then they go on Facebook and may see your advertisement? They’re like what like if you tell that to someone who doesn’t know anything about facebook advertising They’re gonna be like like you could do that like what I have no idea and it’s super simple once you actually learn how to do it so I suggest that you guys start learning about Facebook ads in my videos and that you guys start paying more attention to Offering this as a service for businesses that are out there and the main part why I made this video Was because I have a company I’ve had various companies come up to me, and they’re like dude Can you do our our Facebook ads can you do this? Can you do that and we’ve also been able to find opportunities to be able to offer it as a service for other companies obviously? Charging much more than you would probably charge, but uh, but it’s awesome.

It’s a it’s a sixth service You’re building a skill that you’re gonna be that you’re gonna have for a lifetime because you’re gonna be able to on command Grow any business, okay? Because what does it take to grow a business to get more customers right you need a good product? And you need more customers and how do you get more customers by marketing if you’re able to flip a switch and Divert and and and have a whole bunch of people going to one place Which is what Facebook Ads allows you to do Then you now have the power to grow any business Congrats and so guys start paying attention to this hit me down in the comments if you guys want to have more videos about how You could start your own digital advertising agency I think there’s a lot of potential there as well as Shopify and all of that so I think that’s awesome We’re doing a 180 day challenge We’re releasing videos daily make sure you guys subscribe comment down below, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow on the next video

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