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Hello everyone Chris Nunez here and I wanted to go over the Builder all business program real quickly with you it builder all business is an affiliate program for the Builder a platform that pays you on two tiers so in other words you sign someone offered builder all you’ll get paid a commission from them every month and every one they sign up the second tier you also get commission from those people as well so it’s 30 percent per month per person you sign up on each tier now the first month you get a hundred percent of the commission of your first tier sign up so if I send up under you you get a hundred percent of my of my fee for the first month and everyone that that is thirty to thirty percent and then your thirty percent of the people under me as well so it’s two tier program you make a lot of money from it it’s actually so good that you could build an entire business around just this program and actually make a really good income if you’re making thousands of dollars per month from this I personally made about thirty four hundred dollars per month they’re not per month a total and I’ve been in it for about a year I haven’t actually promoted it at all since the Potenza lawns and I’m still making money every month recurring income passing them that nothing except just sit here and make the money so as you can see that’s the way to go if you want truly passive income is to find that recurring program like builder all to promote and we don’t like builder all because it provides value as well it’s actually a really good solid platform to promote you’re not ripping anybody off they’re getting a good tool to use and during the business as well but you can put their own business from this as well so that’s why I like pruning builder all I’m gonna get back into promoting it and I’ll show you why in a second there’s actually a challenge going on I mooned on a challenge where you get a full funnel for promoting boat builder all plus about seven other funnels you can use plus the builder all follows themselves those tons and tons of ways to remote builder all it’s really a good thing to get into so as you can see here it is 40 minute 90 per month to get in builder all business may seem a little steep but you know that’s like I don’t know four people you sign up and that’s paid and it’s rather harder people sign people up especially when you’re using the the funnels that I will provide for you so here is the the funnel that you will get if you sign up under me this is the main one there are also like six other funnels you will get as well they are all right here let’s see one two three four five six others of the funnels this is the main one right here and this is a really good one you see secure spot I’ll put a fake email in there that’s not faking us real mail email my oh me oh and it goes through a whole a whole a whole funnel for that sign up people who missed in this project and it’s made by a guy named Liam James K I’m just using his funnel and he’s got videos and waste tutorials all kinds of stuff it’s a really really good way to keep people to sign up so you get that if you sign up leave my link below this video Plus these other ones let’s also go into the back office and see what else they offer the build around business program so we’re going to build our business here’s the dashboard this is actually my personal dashboard as you can see I have made that much money over the past year I have many five right now five leads I have done no zero promotion since the launch last August and I still have five leads left over from that promotion I think that’s seventeen at one point and I just could drive down to five and whatever I’m cool with that I’ve done the zero promotion and yet I’m still getting paid every month from this so now I get back into it this number should rise hopefully and I get paid anymore this is the way to get a passive income online alright and so you’ll see they have they have a 30 day they have like ways for you to make money other than these funnels they have a 30 day business plan they have a 365 day business plan to build your own business they have their own funnels which they have tons of them that you can use to build at all all these funnels as well there is just single miss funnels so yeah you get all these funnels plus you get training within this challenge as well there’s two traffic training here and also you get bonus training from builder Oh themselves you get this cool mega bonus Facebook training from these guys the Jedi training guys or whatever anyways nine videos on how to advertise on Facebook and get tons of training on how to promote builder all it’s a lot of value involved here so it’s actually really really worth it to get the builder all business option for 290 per month you’ll get all the features that builder all including the chat bots and everything else Auto post magic managing tools Plus these funnels plus all this training excellent value it’s complete business in a box your doesn’t get easier than this just send traffic you know convert you’ll make money every month recurring passive income please click the link below this video to sign up and have any questions leave me a comment thanks

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