It’s time to DUMP New Year’s Resolutions!

Since the current season is nearing its end, many people are thinking about creating New Year’s resolutions.

Not me… or at least not anymore.

I have blogged about New Year’s resolutions numerous times through the years, however like 80+% of New Year’s resolutions made, the vast majority of my personal resolutions have usually gone by the wayside (read’failed’) from February.

Resolutions fail for many different reasons, such as:

  • Failure to be specific regarding goals:
  • Insufficient time or resources to invest;
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the task;
  • Not actually caring enough about achieving the aim, and;
  • Perhaps not knowing how to achieve the target.

In my view, the previous reason about the record above appears to be the most prevalent for failure to accomplish a goal.

By way of example, if, with never drawn a stick figure, I decided this was the year I had been planning to fulfill my long-held desire to’paint a’ picture ‘,” there are several things I will need to find out before I apply paint to paper… or could be canvas?

Can you see the issue?

Sonow, rather than making resolutions, I choose what I want to find out about in any particular year, i.e.’learn how to paint a landscape’.

Learning how to perform something feels more inviting than forcing oneself simply’To Do’.

In order to start the learning process, I have discovered that instead of Googling’learn about _____’ or’know how to ______’, then spending time to hunt through a haphazard collection of outcomes; going directly to a resource for instructional classes usually provides exactly what I need and desire in a timely manner — therefore, more cost-effective – manner.

One of those’sources for classes’ is an online learning platform aimed toward professional adults, Udemy, educated by professionals in their field. Udemy created a particular effort to attract corporate coaches seeking to create coursework.

Back in 2010, Mashable noticed that “Udemy offers an adventure that rivals the real classroom and should prove to be a useful utility for both teachers and students of all subject matters. ”

As 2018, there are over 100,000 classes in the following groups of:

Each category has its record of sub-categories. Below the Lifestyle category, By Way of Example, you’ll discover:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Beauty & Makeup
  • Food & Beverage
  • Gaming
  • Gardening
  • Pet Care & Training
  • Travel

Naturally, you don’t need to drill down to discover a course on Udemy.

I hunted for’the best way to paint a picture’ and even though there were 1465 results to this search, after I selected my preferred filters, (Beginner, English, 4.5+ rating, 3-6 hours in length) I ended up with just 43 courses from which to choose.

The’Developing an Eye to Landscape Composition’ route talked to me since it’s had 5,160 pupils with an instructor rating of 4.7, also 1,192 reviews. The simple fact that a quarter of the students bothered to write a review and then rated the teacher that highly tells me it’s a course that is terrific.

Moreover, the course (at the time of purchase) price only $14.99 and comprises:

Because we are on the road with very limited online bandwidth until we get house at March when I will stream video , having full lifetime access is a real bonus!

Meanwhile, I’ll be taking photographs of landscapes which I may want to paint!

I trust you will dump the New Year’s Resolutions in favour of gently and kindly inviting yourself to learn something new. Something which you can anticipate doing, get excited about and most importantly, ENJOY!

Happy New Year!

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