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What’s going on guys my name is Joaquin Corrales welcome back to the channel guys in this video I’m gonna be showing you how to make money online as a broke kid having no money whatsoever okay? You’re not gonna have to invest any money And you’re not gonna have to use any of your previous skills in order to do this And how I’m gonna be talking about making money online today is through affiliate marketing and its really powerful what you’re able to do through Affiliate marketing because if you’re able to follow the right steps, then you could ultimately make a ton of money So how it works at the end of the day is? that you have to you have a product right you have a Certain number of products that you’re offering to people and I’m gonna show you guys how to get started with this for absolutely nothing and So the big idea behind it is how do you find people that are gonna be? interested in these products okay because if for example I have this blue pen if I have this blue pen and I could find someone out there in the internet Who wants to buy a blue pen really badly? Then they’re going to buy and so we are going to get paid and so the idea behind that or what you guys have to Do is that you have to create a free wordpress website now? I’m you if you don’t know how to create a website or maybe the idea of creating a website Just scares the hell out of you Then you do not have to worry because I have a link to a tutorial Somewhere up here of another one of my videos in which I take you step-by-step It’s about a 20-minute video And I show you how to create a website if you’ve never done it before okay anyone could do it And it takes absolutely no money at all I think it takes like like four dollars or something to get hosting but other than that It’s really fast and it costs nothing at all compared to the amount of money that your intern going to be able to make right And so what you’re going to do is that you’re going to create a WordPress website, and you’re gonna Do is pretty quickly so I’m gonna take too long at all and then you’re gonna create You’re gonna write blog posts inside of this website Okay by finding information out on the internet You’re basically gonna regurgitate information that you found somewhere online you’re gonna put it on your WordPress website and create a blog post and then Inside of that blog post you’re going to link to different products in which when somebody buys you’re going to get a cut And so the real key there is That the questions that you may be having now as you as you listen to that is one How do I make a website so how you make a website is gonna be following another one of my youtube videos that somewhere appears Gonna, take you step by step over-the-shoulder on how you could get your first website up and running by the end of tonight Okay by the next hour and Question number two is how do I get these links right to these? Products in which I am going to be able to have people go to and make money once they buy I’m gonna show you that in a second and number Three is how do we get people how do we get traffic to go there, right? How do we get traffic going to this website because if no one is showing up at this website? Then no one is going to buy through your links right now Where you find these links is by using Amazon and the reason why we want to use Amazon is because every product Is basically on Amazon and so you guys are gonna have from a wide variety of products to be able to choose from and so what you have to do is you have to go on Amazon and And you have to scroll all the way down and you’re gonna see something here Let me control f4 affiliate so become an affiliate there It is so you guys are gonna become Amazon affiliates and when you become an affiliate Let’s click on there and see what it says so join advertising earn, and it’s that easy you basically gonna join their affiliate program You’re gonna be able to create your own custom links for their products and you’re gonna get up to 10% in advertising fees okay So you’re gonna make a percentage of how much that item cost every time somebody buys now is this for everyone no But is this a way that you could make a ton of money Yeah, if it’s something that you want to dedicate your time to again It’s a matter of opportunity cost like for example is it more profitable for me to create software companies or to start shopping I drop shipping you see what I mean So you that’s what you guys have to keep in mind as well if you’re making money doing something else right now You’re doing something that has a very high potential then maybe you should keep doing that But if maybe you’re in need of an extra $100 $200 a day Potentially then maybe this is something that you could try because there is a lot of money in this if you could do it right now You’re gonna sign up to the Amazon affiliate program after you create your website, and the cool thing is is that your blog post? You’re gonna want to stay somewhat consistent, and what they’re about so that when someone lands at your page.

They don’t see a website That’s full of random things and random posts, but um But you could select different variety of products and so what you’re going to do is you’re gonna create blog post on the top 10 Whatever right or the top? The five best ways to do something, and then you’re gonna create a blog post finding information online grabbing ideas from the internet And it’s okay that you model what someone else is doing online That’s similar because where we differentiate ourselves is in how we get traffic to this blog, okay? how we get traffic to This page in which people when people buy through there We make money, and so how we’re going to do that and how we’re going to To get traffic to these block codes is one you have to create the WordPress site you’re gonna find your affiliate links you’re gonna create The blog post maybe it’s gonna take a couple of hours, and then once you have it There are a couple of ways in which you’re gonna get people there the first way is through Facebook group So you guys are gonna want to go on Facebook and find groups that are related to what your blog post is about Now when you join a Facebook group? They’re not gonna let you advertise in a Facebook group And that’s perfect because you’re not really Advertising right you’re posting links to a blog You’re adding value to the group right and when someone clicks on that link because they want to know the top ten cameras of 2018 then once they go in there they’re gonna read about it And they could potentially go in through your link and buy the actual camera and that happens a lot the second way is if you have a YouTube channel you could put the links inside of the Description of your video right like for example Casey may stab does it a lot And this guy makes a ton of money office, and it also has to do with how big your audience is for example But if you’re able to create a video on YouTube that’s getting some views and that ranks pretty well on the top 10 cameras of 2018 just to stay with the same example and in the description you include those affiliate links then people are going to come in through Them and buy those products and you’re going to make money doing that if you guys want me to make a video on how? To rank YouTube videos based on what I know I’ve been able to rank how to make money online I have a video I think it’s a second video right now on how to make money online and I have less than a thousand subscribers right now So that’s something that’s really good for having such a low amount of subscribers And my channel isn’t even Monetizing if you guys want me to make a video on the tactics that I use with that and let me know So the first way is through Facebook groups the second way is through YouTube Through YouTube links the third way is using Instagram, okay? And what you’re gonna do in Instagram is you’re gonna search for hashtags that have Do with what your product is about or what the products that you’re selling is about now when you create that blog post make sure that the blog is about one thing right like you’re not gonna create a blog post that has 40 different types of Affiliate links in there because then it’s hard to target who you’re gonna find so for example if it’s on the top 10 cameras then You’re gonna go on Instagram and you’re gonna put in your profile In your profile bio You’re gonna put check out the top 10 cameras of 2018 and then you’re gonna put like an arrow down and make sure that in Your link under that you put the URL to that blog post and then you’re gonna go around you’re gonna search hashtags of photography or or a photography a Hashtags that mean that the person who’s using them is more likely into photography, and you’re gonna Go you’re gonna follow those people you’re gonna like their pictures.

You’re gonna comment. You’re gonna engage with them, and when you do that They’re gonna go to your profile And they’re going to see the link there and more than likely click on it And those are some of the ways that you could get traffic to that blog okay Because what a lot of people do is that they’ll do this right? There’s a couple of people out there doing this But they don’t figure out ways to drive traffic to it right they just hope that Google picks it up and that when someone searches on Google the top ten Photography cameras that their thing like comes up and that’s very hard But if you’re hustling and you’re doing these three things that I just mentioned noir for you to get traffic You’re basically forcing traffic to get there then you’re going to get more traffic Which means you’re potentially going to make more money now There are different strategies when it comes to this like you could go.

That’s paid that’s free traffic right that’s using free traffic another one could be Using paid traffic, but that’s a little bit more difficult or another way that I just remembered is using forums so if you’re able to find different Forums on the internet that are related to your blog post you join the forum you post some comments around helping people adding value and then in your signature of your Forum account or maybe you create a post in the forum account to drive traffic to it by showing people this Information that you’re providing them and that’s another way to get traffic to your blog and guys that can be extremely effective it all comes down to how much work you’re willing to put into it and And how much traffic gets there right because if the traffic is there there’s gonna be there’s always gonna be a percentage of people who? through your links and purchase I hope you guys enjoyed this this different twist on how to make money online through affiliate marketing and Creating your website and setting up those blog posts right and that’s the key that when you wanna when you find ways to make money Online the more barriers of entry that there are the better it is for you guys because it’s harder for the average Lazy person who does not want to do this like for example If someone out there on the street wants to do this right now you have to figure out how to make a website they have To find the content for the blog post they have to drive traffic to it But with these steps that I have outlined right here step-by-step Then it’s a lot easier for you guys watching this to go out there and do that in the description and somewhere above earlier I’m gonna link to that video on how to make the website if you guys have any questions about the hit below this is a 180 and 180 day challenge we’re releasing videos daily I’m going to post the winners of last week’s Giveaways in the next video so tomorrow I’m gonna post the winners to that so I could go ahead and give you guys all that free training that That we’re giving away, so I’ll see you guys tomorrow on the next video

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