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Hey how’s it departing guys this Greg Kononenko the Caffeinated Blogger and in this video I’m resuming my line of videos on easy ways and means to make money online, where I present you some simple websites where you can make good money from the comfort of your own dwelling if you like this kind of videos and if this is the first time you’re seeing my channel then scroll below this video click the subscribe button and too make sure to take the little Bell notification icon to get notified of my new videos as soon as I apply them alright let’s get started so the first site we’re going to be talking about is announced try my UI you can just type that into the browser chest try my UI calm and you’ll land on this website and you will then mean to clink in the top right become a tester what that website does is they offer you to research websites okay so you’re going to be working as a usability measure this is not full-time engaging but you will be paid ten dollars for each test that you take so this is a very easy behavior to make money online, a usual exam lasts approximately twenty minutes so if you carry this into per hour wage this is approximately thirty dollars 30 US dollars per hour of your time they do say that this is definitely not full-time wield exactly the best way to make a few additional bucks but this is why you need to join a lot of these websites right so I’m going to show you various of these websites in this video check out my other videos to find more of these types of websites to fill up your whole daylight or as much as many hours as you crave in a day to work so how does this actually labor you are able to get paid to use websites and apps and give your honest feedback okay so some fellowships that open up their brand-new website or perhaps they’ve restructured the website they will look for people who will help them and you’re going to be one of these people who will help them with particular usability projects so you will be asked for example to find a map or to spot opening hours on their site and you will need to navigate and you will need to record your screen, so this is definitely some of the most wonderful ways and means to make money so what does a usability research contained in video boasting your screen and expression as “youre using” a website or rap and then you will need to provide your written responses to short wrap-up investigation ok so it’s only going to take you 10 to 20 times to actually precede the test and you will be paid ten horses and it will be cents fees every Friday through PayPal these research are cleared for payment after being reviewed and accepted by the graders so very straightforward it’s a site that has got really good honour and they do payout very quickly I mean you’re gonna get paid out every Friday so on a weekly basis alright so highly recommend that you sign up to this one so that you can start making a little bit of coin on the side while you’re building your bigger online business you know your blog your website niche area and so on so try MIUI is the first website so let’s now move on to the next one website on our listing of easy ways to make money online.

Number two is called customer lytx it’s felt like this user lyt ICS com user linux.com and after you land on this website you will need to go to the right top right of your screen lead test the sign up and that will take you to this page where you will find the text that says paid to measure websites and apps so once again this is an excellent website with amazing honour and what you can do you are able to register an earned fund it’s very short and easy anatomy to sign up okay so you can start here by exactly registering your email address then punching submit and you can then what is required to do is you will need to interact with a web on mobile app so once again this is basically a person who has makes a new mobile app on their telephone for for a phone or someone who perhaps restructures or redesign the website you will be helping them furnish some feedback on the app or on the website and for that you will get paid by a newspaper so formerly your experiment solutions have been approved depending up on the user measure programme you can be paid$ 5 $10 $ 15 $ 20 20 bucks and some of the projects check this out some of development projects by as much as 90 dollars for having fun expressing beliefs while navigating the web so clearly worth signing up to this one how works just a little bit about how this works your work will consist of completing a series of chores and directions while interacting with a prototype or make websites on mobile apps considering video commercial-grades or other digital user interface while speaking out loud your thoughts emotions etc alright what countries can it measure from it is therefore says a lot of user measuring assignments are in Europe and Northern america but we have also started to do more enjoyable projections in South Africa Southeast Asia Japan China and other countries around the world so even if you are in non-eu countries it was better means that you should sign up because you never know you might just start get the results of this work and that will help you start getting that side income while you are perhaps constructing your large business you know you’re building out your blog building out your niche website and so on, and this is definitely one of the most wonderful methods used make money all right so what various kinds of software and hardware do you need only the webcam Windows 7 a brand-new Mac so it’s either Windows or Mac and a microphone alright it’s a extremely very straightforward Iloka menu check this one out user latinx comm and now let’s go to the next website website quantity 3 on the register is announced user zoom so precisely type in user zoom come into your browser and when you are land on this sheet go to the top right of the screen again and smack join our body this one here you will come to this sheet where you can sign on and the acces it toils is it says get paid to share experiences and make an impact on concoctions you enjoy and care about so exceedingly very similar to the other two websites mostly you will get paid an amount of money to this research out websites as well as apps this is necessary about 15 to 20 minutes so once again there short inspects it’s pretty easy to do here are some frequently asked questions here how quickly can I start taking research as soon as you submit a test be seen whether for desktop mobile or both and your studies are approved most approvals is true in simply a few daytimes see if you sign up today then in a few periods they should review your application how much fund do you make all right so remittance varies depending on the complexities involved in the study for analyses that preserve you’re thinking out loud audio and video you can expect to realize expect to build $10 an average for standard questionnaires the fee is$ 5 on average and they’re nearly 10 to 20 minutes so you know if you move $10 for 10 to 20 instants of your time once again in a on a per hour basis you look in 20 to 30 horses which is pretty good so that’s it guys these are the three websites that I wanted to recommend to you if you experience this video and if you like easy ways of making money online then subscribe to my path they should be an icon here in the top left of your screen to subscribe to my path also once you do that make sure to take that little Bell notification icon so that you get advised about my new videos as soon as I upload my new videos also feel free to grab my free money-making blogging route there is a relation in the bottom left of the screen once again thanks very much for watching and I’ll talk to you guys later

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