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– Alright, Jaffry Ward the Minor Internet Marketer, and today I’m going to give you three easy ways that you can make money online with done-for-you systems. They’re already set up for you, the only thing you have to do is drive traffic to the system and what I mean by traffic is mean people. Basically all you have to do is get your website and get people in front of your website in order to make money. And I’m going to teach you all about that today. But first of all, I want to get you guys to like the video if you think this information is gonna be of valuable. Also, subscribe to my channel and also I have a poll that’s gonna be on the right hand corner of the video. It’s gonna be probably maybe left, it depends on which one you do. Just go to the side, hit that I button. Its gonna be a poll and just tell me if you like doing videos like this. And I also wanna hear your income goals for the rest of 2018. I want to hear how much you wanna make online and in what amount of time.

So if you wanna make 10 thousand dollars a month go ahead and comment that below. I wanna hear your income goals, I want you guys to be inspired, and I wanna hear everybody’s income goals. So if you have an income goal go ahead and put it below. And it’s just a way for me to get a feel of what you guys’ overall goal and how I can better service you on the channel. So with that being said, let’s get started.

All of these systems that I’m showing you, by the way, I’ve actually made money in. So, these are not like theories or things of that nature. These are actually stuff that I’ve actually made money in myself. So, the first one is the most important one is Viral Success Network. This is new and I’ve only been playing around with it for about $45, $44, $63 overall within the last 30 days. I really haven’t been sending consistent traffic to it. But this is by far the easiest done-for-you system in my opinion in 2018. Now let me just say this as far as income disclosure. These results are my own. I’m not promising that you’re gonna make money with this because I don’t know you but if you put in the work, you put in the time and effort to getting people to see this product and the way this product converse it is a internet marketing course that teaches people how to earn money a lot, how to market on Facebook.

They even have an e-commerce in there, coaching and things of that nature. But the crazy thing about this is the affiliate program which means, you could refer people to the program, the system program is so good, the system’s converting and people are having results with it. People are actually going to buy through you and you actually make money that way. So with this you get your own website and I’ll actually show you mine. And this is a copy of mine. And the only thing I do is promote this page. Promote this page, I go through the steps and surveys and I see if they’re qualified to begin making money online, making money online and work from home. And then if they are, they go through this process, they go through the sales funnel, and if they want to become a member it’s $37, which is a steal. $37 you get $19 commission per person that signs up. $37 to get involved with so if you want to get involved with the viral success network, you wanna learn more about it I’ll have a link in the description below.

Actually I’ll have a link for all of this stuff that I talk about in the description below. But viral success network, pretty simple to get started, and the thing I like about it is they have clicks on demand. Clicks are basically people that are interested in making money online niche, and you can actually buy clicks from them. So with this, when I made this money I just bought from them a traffic package. Let me just log in and let me show it to you guys. They have done-for-you traffic packages that you can use in order to get started. I’m on the wrong thing, I meant to go to the members area. Anyway, they have done-for-you packages, you can see right here, Done-for-You Traffic.

You can go buy you some traffic. And they send the traffic directly to your link. To directly to your link. Pretty simple, you can buy up to 1000 visitors. You come here, you claim your traffic, I think they give you, if you want to, they have a bump where you can get, an order bump where you can get 50 visitors to your website as soon as you sign up for Viral Success Network. It’s a bonus that they include when you sign up. But anyways, it’s a pretty, pretty simple program. Done-for-You Traffic they teach you Facebook ads. The training in here is second to none. You’re getting all of the ways to learn how to do affiliate marketing. You know how to get fast traffic to your page. It’s very, very cool. Plus we have our webinars in here.

Webinar replaces them so far. And you get to get access to the group. So if I got to the group I can actually show you. This is not even the group right here. Let me go to, this is another group. If I go to the VSN Cash System. This is the group right here. You can just see people are actually making money, it’s just not me.

And I’m honestly guys, I’m checking this thing, as slow as can be. You see Steve in here, he’s making money. And you just see people that are getting results with this. It’s just not me. I’m probably the person that’s on the low end, making money with this system. Meaning that, I haven’t been taking this as serious as I should but I am gonna get back on the roll, some time next month. Just send a whole bunch of traffic to this system. And you can also buy solo assisted system advancement. Desmond, who is the creator of VSN, by the way, My boss bought a solo app from him on you on Udimi.

And you can actually come over here and buy shirts from him on Udimi and send it to your link, and VSN and you get paid out through PayPal. You would expect no other way from me. Y’all like to get paid out through PayPal. And you get paid out on the 15th and the first of every month. So that’s the first one. If you wanna check that out I’ll leave a link in the description below. That’s the first one. Second one, let me start moving fast. Like I said, all links will be in the description below. The second one is Internet Lifestyle Pros.

It’s a system that promotes the Power Lead System. The Power Lead System is something that I’ve been involved with for a while. I pay $53 a month to be involved with it and I’ve already made my money back. If I go out here, like I said I’m showing you proof of each of the stuff that I’m involved with. So it’s none of the maybes, maybe it works, maybe it don’t. This is actual proof it works. So you can come over here, you can see that I’ve received $100 on the 20th from the Power Lead System. Pretty simple. I pay $53 a month to be a part of the Power Lead System. They have upsales and things where you can join at a higher level. You can learn all about the levels and Internet Lifestyle Pros. Like I said I’ll leave a link in the description below. You come here, you get set up with Internet Lifestyle Pro. You get your own unique link. And I’ll show you my marketing link so you guys get to choose which website, which page you wanna promote. I promote this one. I was running the other one. Both of them getting good commercial rate.

So it’s gonna be coded to you. You’re gonna sign up for Power Lead System through Internet Lifestyle Pros. And then you’re gonna have your own coded website. The only thing you do is you promote this website. You get people in, the people that join are gonna join PLS for you, and you make money therefore resulting in big commissions and making money online. Like I said, the only thing you doing is getting people to see what you’re offering online. So that’s your only job. You’re only job is to get this in front of people that wanna make money online. It’s simple as that. The things that I had to do when I started my online marketing journey, you know how y’all have just everything laid out for you guys, you guys are so blessed. We had to learn a lot of this stuff on our own.

We actually had to learn how to build these little websites, but now they’re giving them away for free when you sign up for these systems. You guys are extremely blessed. If I got over here the Passive Income System, as a matter of fact, this has been playing, I hope it hasn’t been playing. Okay, it was on mute. Anyway, this is the Passive Income System.

It promotes three income strains. This one right here is free to sign up for 30 days. So you don’t have to pay anything. For the other two you do but I think the other two are worth it. Like I said, $37 to get started. The $37 to get started with Viral Success Network. I’ve already made $63 with Internet Lifestyle Pros. PLS, Power Lead System is $58 per month. I’ve already made $100. This one was completely free because I signed up. The three things that you need to do in order to get your own copy of the system is provided in this whole system. All three of them are free, excuse me. I don’t know what I was saying just there. All three of these things to get started with this free. So you create a free account with Earn Easy Commissions. And then you go to step two. Sign up for a free account with Buiderall, and then you get access to your own copy of this system.

So this is my copy. You’re gonna get your own copy of the same system. Eliam, which is the creator of this system, is doing all the selling and telling to your prospects. And this for every system. Every done-for-you system that’s in the video, people are doing the selling and telling for you. Like I said, all you have to do is get people in front of your website. You get the Builderall platform in order to… Trying to find the link to it. You need the Buiderall platform in order to start referring people and to have your own system. A carbon copy of the same system because if you were to build a system yourself it’ll take some work and you can do it but you can just access it right here. Click it, come in here, save it and get your own copy of the system and then insert your links in here to Builderall. Insert your links in here to earn these commissions. And then promote that to people that wanna make money online and once they go through your links you get paid by that.

Like I said, I’m showing proof for everything that I’m doing. For every system that I’m showing you guys about. So you can see about $758 in here for the Builderall system. This is one of the links that’s in the Passive Income System that people Eliam tells them about Builderall. They come sign up through me and I get paid $758. The same thing would be for you once you start referring people. And another thing, let me go and show you the Earn Easy Commissions as well. I’ll type in Earn Easy Commissions. You can just see, like I said, everything I said I’m showing payment proof. We’re not playing. You can see $21 for Earn Easy Commissions.

And I promote Earn Easy Commissions through the Passive Income System. You can see $39 right here, and then my biggest one was $91. Simple as that. This system promotes three income strains and it has Udimi. You can insert Udimi here as well and if I go to Udimi. Let me go to my affiliate. Just show you, you can just see I’ve got $5.48. With Udimi it’s a little bit different, because a lot of people might have their own traffic sources centered packages, but if they go through here and they click this and they go through and they go to Udimi and actually purchase some traffic which I purchase a lot of traffic, so the person who’s referring me is making a whole lot of money because I purchase a whole lot of traffic for the Passive Income System through Udimi.

Just to test it out and I’ve gotten good results from it. When people come through your Udimi link and sign up you’re gonna actually earn money off of that because your an affiliate of Udimi. So those are the three systems. Simple as that. The only thing we have to do is drive traffic. Just drive people to your website. This the three ways of doing that. I think in Passive Income System he teaches you a free way to do it through Facebook. It’s in the bonus. So all you have to do is complete the three steps, go to the bonus and you can access that bonus. It’s about using free traffic.

You can use Facebook. But you know Facebook, Youtube, all of that takes time for you to build up. We tell people that internet marketing game if you want to get fast results you have to invest more into your future and you have to invest in traffic because the more traffic the more people that get to see the site the more sales, the more leads and the more money you’re gonna make. If you have 90 days to wait around you can do that. Me, when I first got started I had to build up my traffic from YouTube. I started with zero subscribers, zero views, I’ve actually had to do this, and I’ve actually built up a pretty good YouTube channel. So if you want to learn how to do that I’ll leave my YouTube course in the description below as well. So that’s how I did that. Even though I’m driving page traffic.

Page traffic is great because it’s on demand. You could put an order in, the traffic start, and the targeted people that are interested in the make money online niche start coming to your website fast because it’s paid advertisement and you know it’s on demand. And the people that you’re buying from know how to drive traffic directly to your website. It’s a little bit faster. But you can do it with free traffic as well but I will suggest that you do a mixture of both.

I do a mixture of both. And even though I don’t have to do it I still do a mixture of both. So go ahead and get started with these three websites. If you have any questions put them in the comments below. I look forward to you guys making money with this, with these three ways to make money online. And holler at me, I would love to hear you guys’ testimonials and results. And I’ll see you guys on the next video..

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