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What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today guys I’m gonna be telling you how to make money on Clickbank and I’m gonna give you the fastest way I know how to start generating an income with Clickbank com so if you’re a beginner if you just signed up for Clickbank and you’re trying to figure out what’s the fastest way I can possibly make money doing this I’m gonna show you exactly that in this video I’m gonna dive into my computer in just a minute to do that but before that guys if you’re brand new to my channel and this is the first time you’re watching one of my videos and please subscribe right now for brand new videos every single day and with that being said guys we’re gonna dive into my computer right now so I can show you guys exactly how to do this all right guys we’re now in my computer as you can see on my whiteboard the fastest way to make money on Clickbank is one boxer I’m not gonna waste any of your guys time my time is valuable your time is valuable so with that being said I’m gonna pull the box Wayne tell you guys the fast way to make money with clickbank guys the fastest way to make one you click link actually be a buying solo ads on udemy I’m gonna just take the box fully away you guys so guys buying solo ads on udemy if you’ve never heard of what a soul rat is or udemy I’m gonna cover both those things in this video really fast so guys a soul wad is essentially renting out somebody else’s list maybe paying somebody else maybe like 30 40 50 dollars in exchange for them sending out an email for you to they’re already established list if you guys are brand new in affiliate marketing then chances are you don’t really have an email list yet you only have anybody to send email to real affiliate offers affiliate emails things like that so we’re you’re gonna be doing is gonna be paying somebody else to already has an established list of buyers and people in that niche and they’re gonna actually send an email on your behalf with your affiliate link in it or your link to your landing page in that email to their already established email list because we’re essentially gonna be doing is you’re gonna be buying clicks or buying traffic from these people but from these so live sellers sort of recap exactly what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna be paying somebody else to send an email with a link to your landing page or your float offer in that email to their customer lists their email lists because essentially what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to drive as much traffic as you possibly can to your landing page to your affiliate link that way you can start getting on your email list and when that happens guys when they first sign up to your email list your and then send them just like some sort of affiliate offer I’m sort of a flavored product page where you could hopefully make some sales up front because guys of course not every time you buy a solo ad is gonna guarantee a sale what you’re really trying to do here guys I put it right here at the bottom of the main goal for you’re doing here is you’re trying to build a list while making upfront sales at the same time and guys the fastest way that I know to make money on Clickbank is by buying solo ads these ads it’s gonna be like a media traffic to your landing page till you’re forget offer and guys without traffic without any like customers or people going to your affiliate link and to your affiliate offers you’re not gonna get anybody to sign up for your email list nobody gonna be buying your offers nobody’s gonna be buying your affiliate products and in turn you won’t be making any money online but if you really gonna make money on Clickbank and you’re serious about making money online the fast way to do that is gonna be buying sole ads on udemy and like I said before guys I’m gonna cover exactly what you dummy is I’m gonna show it off to you guys a little bit beforehand but before I do that guys if you’re really considering buying solo ads actually doing this method to make money on Clickbank you’re gonna need three things the first thing you’re gonna need of course is gonna be some sort of email autoresponder service that way you have some way to actually collect the emails and make your list and then after that you can actually send them out emails it’s an automatically set up autoresponder or with newsletter emails what to do that you’re gonna need some sort of email autoresponder service I personally use get response it’s like 15 dollars a month like their most basic package but if you click my link in the description to sign up for get response you’ll actually get your first 30 days completely free you won’t have to worry about paying it the next thing guys the second thing you’re gonna need is some sort of landing page because I’m gonna show you an example of a landing page that I use in one of my funnels I put this landing page and click funnels it’s a simple one page setup nothing really to see here but I bought this in click funnels click funnels is $97 a month I know a lot of people don’t necessarily want to pay that especially if they’re a beginner in affiliate marketing I completely understand that guys that makes complete sense which is why I also recommend if you don’t wanna click funnels you’re still gonna need some way to actually set up a landing page so I recommend that you just use the landing page creator that also comes with and get response so if you guys actually go ahead and sign up for get response you’ll be getting an email autoresponder service and a landing page creator so you cannot the first two things you’re gonna need in just one service and like I said guys the first 30 days are completely free if you sign up by clicking that link in the description the most basic plan is like $15 a month which is really good considering other email autoresponder services don’t come with the landing page created and they cost even more money that’s why I personally like get response I feel like they give you the most bang for your buck get the most value before you’re paying for with that being some other guys the third and last thing you’re gonna need it’s actually gonna be an account on udemy let me go over there now this is gonna be the udemy home page platform to actually buy solo ads if you don’t have an account yet it’s completely free to sign up don’t have to worry about that so if you want to start buying a solo ads on here you need to make an account there as those the only three things you’re gonna need you’re gonna need your email autoresponder service a landing page creator and then obviously you’re gonna need to set up your landing page and then the third thing you gonna need is actually an account on udemy that way you can start buying solo ads and start sending traffic to your landing page to your affiliate links that way you can start generating sales let me run through exactly what you’re gonna be doing when you’re buying a solo out really fast the course guys like I said we’re on udemy we on the find sellers tab they’re a bunch of settings up here you guys can actually change when filtering to actually find sellers you want to buy from the first thing I hear guys is when you actually want to start your solo ad if you want this a lot to actually run or you actually want to buy the soil to go out like maybe three days from now just like three days and then the next setting is how much how many visitors you actually want to purchase you guys can purchase anywhere from 50 visitors through a thousand visitors what that’s actually doing it that’s just traffic to your affiliate link essentially what you’re doing up here guys is you’re buying clicks visitors is just equivalent to clicks think of it that way so if you’re buying let’s say 100 visitors you’re pretty much buying a hundred clicks or a hundred people actually going to your affiliate link or your landing page in most cases I was going to stick with a hundred after that these prices over here is gonna be the cost per click so 35 cents gonna be the cheapest and then it goes all up to 95 cents per click I like to stick it around 50 cents no more than 60 cents per click because actually that it becomes a little bit not worth it in my opinion after 60 cents click start to become a little bit too expensive for me with that being said that the next setting over here is gonna be this one with a little dollar sign of the percentage and it’s just to show sellers that I’ve generated sales on their last 100 solo ads like I mentioned before guys we knew actually purchase a solo ad she have the chance of making a sale upfront once that person sends out that email you have a chance of making a sale pretty much the same day that’s the accurate that she’s showing but what you’re gonna be doing up here is it this percentage is pretty much showing the percentage of sales that were made on the specific sellers last hundred so lads let me explain that a little bit more in detail that sounds a little bit confusing let’s say for example out of the last 100 solo ads that this person ran or just say that forty percent of the time they actually made sales already out of our every one hundred solo ads that they run will actually generate a sale so that’s what this percentage is pretty much showing guys whether it’s like 30% 40% 50% most salaries were actually land I like that 20 to like 40 percent range in my opinion 40 percent or above is definitely a very high sales presented which is good of course but you can’t expect a sale every single time like I said guys with Solva nothing’s guaranteed you’re not guaranteed to make any sales upfront or any sales at all oh you have to be careful with your money of course what sells that have a higher sales percentage are definitely gonna give you a higher chance of actually making a sale in the front end with that being said next thing guys the last thing over here is the minimal number of positive ratings they have I usually just put that alike plus 10 because obviously I want to go with somebody who’s too new of a seller on udemy exciting buy for my established sellers only really after you guys mess around all the settings you guys can scroll down look through some of the sellers see one you like just click on the person you like it’ll bring you to their profile then I’ll have like a little bio here a few a few stats down here if you scroll down pretty much saying like how much that where their traffic’s coming from who’s on their email list this cell in particular has 88% traffic from top-tier countries which is definitely really good of course up three countries being things like the US Canada Australia UK in India and then over here guys thing over here is gonna be filtered clicks built your clicks are pretty much clicks that like weren’t real they’re from spam or just like BOTS or they just weren’t like quality traffic so you didn’t actually force them out and these clicks you won’t even pay for which is great after that guys we’re gonna have up here is pretty much a pre-written email that you actually know put in I’ve of course bought a few solo ads on udemy and I spent probably a few hundred dollars just on the site alone buying solo ads and when you’re seeing down here is you guys is a pre-written email that I used to uneasy I don’t use email anymore in Sonicare if you guys see it this is an email that I used to use when I buying solo ads what you’re gonna have here just a pre-event email pre-written a subject line and then over here like that blue link is gonna be a link to your landing page which we’ll be doing is you in a pre write a subject line in an email and that in that email include the link to your landing page to your affiliate link in the email when you actually purchase a solo ad this is the email the person’s actually gonna be sending out to their email list with your link in it and then guys you need me will actually track exactly how many clicks you got that way you actually get the same amount of clicks that you paid for it it’s all tracked it’s all on udemy it’s not gonna see a great service I used to use I’m a lot more than I do now but I’ve definitely spent a few hundred dollars on sole ads if you actually wanted to buy us a lot from the seller and you have your email subject line in a link already set up all you’d have to do after that is then choose how many visitors you want up here this hell you can choose anywhere from 50 all the way to 500 visitors or just clicks in general as I said before and you guys can pick the date so over these of course we’re gonna be past dates you guys can pick pretty much any date in the future the seller allows you to choose let’s pick for example a Friday on the 16th and then after the dates all picked there are a few more filters you guys can mess around over here I personally only use the base filter I don’t use any of these because all these you have to pay more money for where the course is never fun after that last thing I have to do is press Add to Cart go through the checkout process and then your soul out is all set up and ready to run actually that guy’s that’s pretty much it you bought your first soul you’re pretty much done that’s the fast way to make money on Clickbank though you guys just bought your first silhouette they’re gonna start generating some traffic to your landing page start collecting email addresses and potentially make some front-end sales hopefully with that being so the guy’s you any other questions about this method feel free to drop a comment I’ll answer every similar comment on this video with all that being said guys I pretty much wraps up this video if you guys liked it then definitely drop a like on it and guys definitely subscribe if you’re new for brand new videos every single day and with that my name is Anthony villa and I am out peace you

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