A campfire at in the rear yard of MMM-HQ coworking area.

Hi there.

Don’t get overly excited, this isn’t even a blog post that is true. However there were enough things worth discussing which I thought it’d be worth sending a little Hello.

“Exciting and stimulating and action packed! ”


“Way too much overflowing action, how can we turn this off firehose?! ”

It’s one of the center Tenets of all Mustachianism that too much of a great thing can become a not-so-good thing, so I’ve been working on stepping back and focusing on the smaller and more personal things with the people who are close to me, even though it means turning down bigger, “major ” sounding things out there in the world.

If you’re an overdriven and success-oriented career person, you can take the exact identical lesson: your PERFORMANCE out there on the business stage is a lot more significant to this planet than you imagine it’s, so today is a great time to lean back and have a couple breaths and then turn down that extra work assignment so that you are able to spend Saturday just digging in the sand at the park along with your kids.

Okay, so with this warning here are a few items that have been maintaining my gang and I busy

Like Alan Donegan ’ s Charisma steals the show at September ’, MMM watches s Pop upward Business School

Some adventuresome friends decided to dive in with me and team up to buy out the other hand of this building that houses my little coworking space in downtown Longmont. Consequently, we’ve now quadrupled our interior space and are looking for new members!

From the spirit of adventure and growing the community by the current 50-ish to some new aim of two hundred, we’re no longer restricting it to individuals who live right in Longmont – you may be the judge if it’s ’s worth $52 a month to become part of our developing entrepreneurial group.

You can join here instantly if you are super confident,

Or read about it in or perhaps stalk us by after the newest MMM-HQ Twitter and Instagram packs.

2: I began a YouTube station with my son!

Over the holiday period, my kid and I were spending a lot of time. He’s become a successful music composer and video editor and articles something to his own channel virtually every day. So he often ribs me with just a couple of building videos I’d thrown up to illustrate things, in my neglected MMM YouTube station.

Long story shortwe turned to the camera and started recording some Question and Response shit and putting it up there, as we move learning. Thus far, it s a “He therefore the DJ, I m the Rapper” scenario, but I hope to get him to come out of the camera one of these days too, at least for a cameo.

The result, our first six figuring-it-out-episodes, is we certainly plan to do more:

The MMM Channel on YouTube

It has been a whole lot of fun up to now, and an unbelievable bonding experience for both people, to be working on something challenging. I’m paying him for his job and we’ll also divide any resulting revenue from YouTube (now a not-too-bad thirty dollars in the first month!) , like I feel this can be a good way for a kid to find out more about cash .

3: I’m Component of The FI Summit

One of the members of my coworking space is an enterprising dude called Sean Merron, that also conducts a podcast called 2 Fragrant Dudes. Over the last year I’ve come to respect his job, so when he encouraged me along with some other very real financial independence writers to join a small online class they’re operating in March, I had been happy to take. I’m going in as a newcomer to an experience, so it’s an experimentation.

The event happens live on March 5-7, together with course material and replays accessible later.

It’s possible to link us (and read about it) in and get 10 percent off with their coupon code MMM.

This isn a site or possibly a ‘motion ’ anymore. There are real-life friends, along with local and international trips, collapses, potlucks, and even romances happening out there and I’ve had great fun watching them all develop over the past couple of decades. A Couple of ways you can get involved in life:

Five years running today, it is little and well established, so it always sells out quicker than any resonable man may be expected to get tickets. It’s the only occasion I’ve attended. However, it set the platform because of its international cousin …

Camp Mustache Toronto is a comparable but more Maple-flavored event, too in a lakeside natural place far enough in the concrete jungle it feels just like a genuine camp. This year’s event is in September. But Camp Mustaches are only the start of everything.

Camp Fi is a tougher series of events, spawned by an unstoppably friendly and upbeat man named Stephen who liked Camp Mustache so much he chose to adopt the principles and carry it from coast to coast. They have run anything like a dozen already, and there are coming up on the calendar.

The NoCo Mustachians Meetup Group is a 400-strong club of fun and FI seekers in my own area. There is a pleasant overlap between associates of also this group and MMM-HQ, so they frequently utilize our construction to host their occasions.

The ChooseFI Meetups: in case my hobby of “Financial Independence Guru” had been an actual business, I would never tell you about that, as these men would be my toughest competition. Growing from nothing to hundreds of thousands of followers in only the past couple of years, I’ve heard about more Pick FI meetups than Mustachian ones in recent times, and some existing MMM groups have been so bold as to rename themselves out of my silly (but more fun) terminology to adopt some variant of the more bland and practical “FI” branding.

With that batch of ideas, the clouds have abruptly cleared up out my window, so that I am likely to fold up this notebook and head out on the town myself.

Have a fantastic week!

*People knowledgeable about the project may be requesting “What about the Mud and Madder soap and handcrafted shop that has been there before this? ”

The answer is that the women who possessed that side decided to shut up their retail experimentation and then return to the more efficient version of internet Etsy-style sales. They offered to sell me their side, therefore I gladly brought in three buddies to become partners from the coworking venture.