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Hey what’s going on guys Aaron shed here I’m just coming back from the gym and I just wanted to shoot this quick video this is actually this is where I live I wanted to make a cool video I was actually in the gym and you know the tips for online business success great thing about working out is you really you know you get your blood pumping and flowing and stuff like that and so it gives you some great ideas when it comes to marketing okay so if you ever get stuck in your marketing right what you want to do is you want to get in the gym alright get the blood pumping get the blood flowing and that’s the best way to really get the ideas going and you know flowing in your head right so what I wanted to do is just let me just get into my house my shoes but I wanted to talk about something really important today it’s actually Sunday here in Malaysia right and you know the one thing that I do no matter what even on Saturday and Sunday is I’m hustling all right I’m hustling on my business all the time but I wanted to show you something that I use every single day you see this whiteboard here right this is basically where I mark off stuff that I have to do right and it doesn’t matter if it’s a Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday you know you guys have seen this area of my space this is where I work right you’ve probably seen me shoot a lots of videos here you’ve probably seen me shoot lots of videos like that as well right but this right here this whiteboard is where the magic happens okay basically I’m constantly making lists of things that I have to do right and no matter how busy I am I always find time to execute on those things okay so you know even on a Sunday I’m in the gym I’m back you know a few hours of work and that’s just how it’s gonna be you know and that’s the only way that you’re gonna move forward in your business right because I’m assuming that most of you guys that are watching this video most of you know my subscribers my viewers on my channel all of you guys have a full-time job I’m pretty sure of that right I would say it at least 95 98 99 percent of you guys have a full-time job that’s pretty normal okay so on your journey to building that that business that income on the side where you can finally quit your job right you’re gonna have to put in the time you know into your work and I speak a lot about this in some of my all the videos in my podcast I talk about it a lot okay but basically you’ve got to you’ve got to find time in your day to actually execute on your dreams right because watching my content watching somebody else’s content it’s a content on Facebook on YouTube and stuff like that it’s all great and good but if you’re not doing anything with that information so it’s really hot just got to get the aircon on if you’re not doing anything with that information then nothing’s gonna happen right if you just sit then you watch a video on Facebook and then you think to yourself oh I just watched this video on Facebook now I’m done you know I’m good to go right that’s not gonna do anything you know all that’s gonna do is it’s gonna feed your your ego and you know you’re just gonna it’s not real do you know what I mean the only thing that’s real is if you move forward and you take action on your business right so let me give you a couple of ideas right now okay so here’s what you got to do if you think about it you really don’t have that much time during the day right so if you have a full-time job the real time the only time that you really have is early in the morning okay when you’re commuting to work so if you jump on the train or in you’re if you’re in a taxi or you know something like that or on the bus where you can literally sit and be quiet for half an hour to an hour don’t just sit there I would grab my laptop on my phone or whatever and execute on some of the things that you have to do for your business right same thing at lunch time you know you’ve got an hour at lunchtime maybe what you should do is you should bring in some lunch pack some lunches sandwich every single day some salad whatever you you you know you need and instead of you know going out with your colleagues maybe three or four times a week right you should be you know tips for online business success scuffing down that sandwich and then executing on your business find a quiet corner grab your laptop and that’s what I did for a long time you know actually a long time in in my business during lunch time I would work on my business and then immediately after work you can do it as well you know but a lot of people what will happen is you commute back you know from the office again if you’re in the car if you’re on a train if you’re on a bus if you’re not driving okay you should definitely be taking that time to record a podcast or you know write a blog article or do video like this really really easy right just grab your phone do it do a quick little video and again don’t worry so much if the quality of the video isn’t that great to begin with you know but eventually you know it will start to get pretty good but but but initially it’s not important okay so don’t worry so much about that and then you’ve got your dinner right and then after dinner you literally the magic hour really is roughly from 8 p.m.

To about midnight or a.m. ok 8 9 10 11 12 1 5 hours ok so for those of you working a full time job those 5 hours are key ok because if you’re not taking action during those 5 hours now what the hell are you doing to help excuse me sorry you know what the heck are you doing because if you’re not taking action on your business then when are you working on your business right and and I get it you know maybe you have kids maybe you have a spouse maybe you’ve got a you know you got to work overtime right but whatever you do there are key points in the day and and that’s the only time where you can really take action in your business ok and then obviously the weekend right Friday night Saturday the whole day Sunday the whole day you know today’s Sunday for me right now I at let me see I’ll give you my day right now ok this is exactly what I did today I woke up today at 10 o’clock where I slept that watch the movie slept at a.m.

Last night I like to sleep below it later on the weekends woke up at brushed my teeth came straight here to my computer sat myself down and did five videos ok got them all up loaded up there ran a couple of other things what else did I do I did some posts on Instagram okay you can see right there see that post Instagram right and there a couple of other things that I haven’t done right now in the morning okay broke for lunch came back did a couple more things sat down with with the missus watched some TV I played some some video games on my phone okay and then she she went out to she likes to play polo and she likes to ride okay so she went off to do that I went to the gym and then I came back and I’m recording this video right now okay now once I’m done with this video I’m gonna upload it alright and then I’m gonna finish on my action points right there because I still have two that I haven’t completed for the day and then I’m done and today’s Sunday all right so imagine you know if I’m doing that and if you’re not hustling on your business even on the weekends then I don’t know what to say you know because that’s the time that you really really have to work on your business and if you think about it look at me I’m all sweaty you know I’m in my gym gear look at that you know not very appropriate for videos I suppose but it doesn’t really matter right because it’s not important you know what’s important is coming out with the great content getting it online you know a lot of people would be like oh I don’t look perfect for camera I’m gonna go wash my face I’m gonna go take a shower I’m gonna gel my hair and all that stuff before they got on camera you don’t need to do that stuff okay people don’t care all right as long as the content is good as long as you don’t look like you know you live on the side of the street or anything like that even if you do if your content is great people don’t really care that’s entertaining do you know what I mean so don’t worry so much about that stuff you know it’s better to take imperfect action that it is to take perfect in action okay let me say that again it’s it’s better to take imperfect action than to take perfect in action right so basically it’s better to just do and don’t worry about it then to worry about it and not do if that makes sense okay and the last thing I want to leave you guys with before heading off and just you know getting myself sorted washing my face and just taking more tips for online business success action on the computer is a really really powerful thing if you’re not doing it is to do that is to make lists okay and this is literally what I do every single day right so I’ve got my pens right here I’ve got my marker right here and this is literally what I’ll do I will come to this whiteboard at the end of the day or the start of the day in the morning and I will literally make a list of things that I have to do so if I have to so I’m gonna upload this video right so I’m gonna go upload upload YouTube video okay and when I do and when I’m done with it I would literally scratch it off I’ll scratch it off like that right and I will make sure that no matter what okay no matter what I will get these things done for the day all right because if I don’t that means I didn’t achieve what I set out to achieve that day and it should be exactly the same thing for you now if you don’t have a whiteboard it doesn’t matter because all you need to do is grab one of these little little things right here can you see that look I mean I got lists everywhere I look at that right so it’s you can see all my stuff right so there’s my there’s my webinar notes right there that’s my main list right there okay and then these are my sub lists that I make for myself I make so many in this and I’ve got another one here right just to keep track of all my stuff okay so I’m telling you that this stuff is important and it works alright so I do it till today because you know you’re busy right you’re just so busy that if you don’t stay organized and you don’t make lists like that on on taking action and scratching it off and being done with stuff for the day then you’re never really gonna move forward in your business if you’re just doing stuff haphazardly right and you’re not organized about you know what you’re actually taking action on for the day then it’s really really hard you know to actually move forward in your business and and actually do the things that you need to do to get results okay now remember that if you only have an hour or two hours every single day to take action on your business make sure you’re you’re working on stuff that matters all right don’t waste time on Facebook’s you know scrolling through Facebook going through you know garbage content don’t get me wrong if you’re consuming good content like if you’re watching my channel if you’re watching you know another great marketers Channel Gary Vee video whatever and you’re getting motivated and you’re getting information that you can use and you know sort of learn and put it into your own words and get content out there that’s perfectly fine okay but what you shouldn’t be doing is you should not be spending three hours on YouTube watching junk all right that you can’t use for yourself or your business okay if it’s directly related to your business for me that’s that that’s you know that’s a money-making action okay that’s a revenue generating action that’s what you should focus on but if it’s just god if you’re watching someone you know getting punked on YouTube or you’re watching some sort of you know I don’t know fashion show whatever it is or you’re watching you know someone fry an egg or what is I don’t know right I don’t know what you’re watching on YouTube but if you’re doing that and it’s not directly influencing your business then don’t do it because you’re just wasting your time okay so that’s it guys look there’s no secret you know there is there really is no secret and you know the interesting thing is is that as I’ve started to do better in my business there’ll be some days where I’ll think to myself like oh you know I’ve done I’ve done pretty well I think I can take today off right and then my business brain you know switches on and I’m like no but if I take it easy for too long then I’m not gonna be able to ride the momentum and I’m not I’m not gonna be doing what I have been doing the whole time that had that actually got me to this stage do you know what I mean and that will at literally that those thoughts will kick into my head and instead of being lazy I would literally get up and I’ll come straight tips for online business success to the computer and I’ll just take massive action and I’ll do stuff right because you know even though you get to a certain stage in your business you still need to take action because if you don’t then your that momentum that you’ve built that entire time is just gonna be affected and it’s gonna it’s gonna mess with your business okay it’s gonna mess with your revenue it’s gonna mess with your profits it’s gonna mess with your lead flow it’s just gonna mess with everything and you don’t want to jeopardize your business okay so be very very careful I’m not saying that you can’t take a vacation or take a break and stuff like that but just understand that you know you have to remember the stuff and the action that you took too got you that got you to a certain level in your business and if you kick back and you relax and you do nothing for too long then that’s seriously gonna affect your business so you just remember that okay just don’t don’t get complacent once you get your business to a certain level all right I hope that makes sense so that’s it I hope I hope you guys got some value from today’s video listen if you’re for some reason just watching my video today you’ve never seen my content before then I would really really appreciate some thumbs up if you did get some value from this video today you know let me know in the comments below are you taking action in your business right are you making lists like this right and are you you know are you actually taking advantage of those magical times in the morning during your commute during lunch time at the end of work and those magical five hours that you have from the time you finish dinner and spending you know time with your loved ones till the time that you have to go to sleep okay and are you taking action during the weekends because those are important you know I get it there’s a barbecue that you want to go to and all that stuff right you’ve got friends to see maybe you need to see your mom and dad but that’s gonna take the whole day that’s gonna take like two or three hours and then get back home you know take action you know get on the computer make some content grab you’ll grab your iPhone and grab your Samsung and just make a quick little video like this right super simple okay you know don’t even edit it just you know press the button and get it off and just upload it straight on to YouTube that’s how you win in this business I hope that makes sense okay and lastly if you’re not on my list if you’re not getting my training okay if you’re not getting if you if this makes sense and you’re like Aaron I love this stuff but I don’t know what to do I’m kind of lost you know how do I take the next step then all you have to do is click on the link right below this video okay you’ll see a little link right there it’s gonna lead you to my four day training program enter your best email address and then check your email because I’m gonna send you over the next four days some very very detailed training on how to do this stuff how to build your internet technology business out if that’s what you want to do okay if not and you just loved hanging out today then listen I appreciate you have an awesome weekend and remember make lists take action on your business and just just remember the hustle okay and that’s it have an awesome day take care guys see you soon

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