I self published my very first Kindle publication back in October 2012 using the simple name How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate. The book functions as a guide to describe how to make money from Amazon’s affiliate program.

Leveraging my past successes (instance 1 along with instance 2) I was able to lean on lots of my current knowledge to rapidly write and release the book in about a week.

The main reason for publishing the Kindle book was to answer the simple query:

Can you earn money with brief Kindle books?

Initially I got $4,534.41 whilst pricing the publication for $2.99 most of the time. Not bad for a single week of work but not exactly massive .

Here’s the initial chart I created for my 1 year revenue results blog article:
kindle book monthly revenue breakdown

In my original results post I shared a goal to publish 50 Kindle books that generated $5,000+ a month by November 2014 so I could add yet another income stream to the mix.

I never completed the 50 book aim in part since I stumbled upon selling physical products on Amazon and afterwards dedicated much of my time building Salesbacker (SaaS to Amazon sellers) and AmaSuite (study tools for Amazon vendors ).

I’d go to outsource book creation for 3 other publication titles published under a pen name in an entirely different market but the earnings results were not enough to justify spending a lot more time on it. I left a couple thousand bucks roughly.

It’s been 4 years since I published the book and I wanted to share with you exactly what the long term earning potential looks like for briefer self published book names.

Here’s the earnings breakdown by year with this one Kindle publication:

2012 Income: $1,118.94 (3 weeks )


Monthly Average: $396.30

2014 Income: $3,048.66*


Daily Average: $68.47 68.47

2016 Income: $232.05 (9 months)

Monthly Average: $25.78

Total: $9,976.32

The income complete here only covers what I made from publication sales, however, the publication has the further advantage of helping get more people onto my email list and assisted to further promote our WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates – EasyAzon.

*Amazon shifted their coverage from August 2014 and so October 2013 to August 2014 numbers could be slightly away. Why did my best to recreate the earnings by month.

There were many reasons which contributed to the decline in book sales:

1. Stopped promoting the book

When I first launched the publication I conducted a few discount and free promotions, sent my email list and pushed sales employing external traffic. This is a must if you want to generate sales for your book especially in the morning. Frankly I forgot about the book while still being active working on other much bigger opportunities and for the previous 2 years I’ve done zero promotion.

2. Competition improved

Over the past several years more writers wrote their own books covering this subject which lead to greater competition for keyword rankings and fewer sales to go around for everyone. I’m sure I introduced some of this competition upon myself with the first case study blog article . I would like ’t possess historical information from when I published my novel but if you search Amazon Associates today and kind by publications you’ll discover a whole lot of titles published in the last several years.

3. Amazon altered how writers were paid

Amazon utilized to pay writers for readers that “made ” the book as their free title for part of the Kindle unlimited app. Amazon probably realized that they could get by paying authors less and so that they instead switched to some metric which ’s associated with how many pages are usually read for a book and then pay out according to that.

Here’s the difference from KOLL into KENP:

June 2015 I created $59.85 from that book. $27.08 of that total was in the KOLL program under the preceding payout conditions. July 2015 I created $40.38 from the book. Only $3.48 of the total was in the new KENP program.

By mid century 2015 the book income had dropped nicely off the years before but this change accelerated the drop in earnings.

What is my advice to potential writers?

Most non fiction authors of “actual books” spend weeks or longer to compose a novel. I literally spent a week putting the publication together using content and past knowledge I had already accrued so the process was incredibly straightforward.

Should you’re attempting to achieve what most conventional non fiction writers do with their books to help secure speaking assignments or provide some other business benefit it makes sense to write a “real book”.

If you truly wish to write specifically for the Kindle market can you earn $5,000 a month with 50 books? $10,000 a month?

Yah likely, however, as somebody who doesn’t particularly enjoy writing there are tons of other great online business models for me to pursue.

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