You send your supervisor an email requesting to take a few days off for the holiday. But what exactly do they say?

“Sorry, we have too much going on. We are going to need you . ”

Today, I’d like to assist you use your PTO vacation days without any pushback. You will also get something at the end of the post that may let you get an extra week or two of paid holiday using the exact methods my pupils use to get $43,000 raises.

Beginning with a cookie cutter you can use when requesting vacation time — even if it’s through a”busy period” for your company.

Script: A simple vacation ask email

Subject: Vacation request (October 2nd through October 6th)

Hi Jack,

While I am gone, I will be reachable by email but not telephone. I’ll be making sure that we’ve got policy in the service queue while I am goneand I’ll also be distributing a playbook to my team so it’s clear who owns which difficulties.



Now, what makes this so powerful?

To accomplish this, let’s look in this email from your boss’s view.

What reasons might they have to decline your request to take holiday leave?

  • They’re concerned a job you’re working won’t have done while you are gone
  • They don’t need your workload to wind up on their desk
  • They don’t want to rush around reassigning your jobs to others

Now let’s see how this email overcomes these objections and makes them say”Yes” to your holiday leave petition.

1. Saying”I would like” is a far softer request than stating”I ask” or”I am taking this time off. ”

2. The term”because” is chosen as it increases compliance. Saying”since” and giving your boss a reason behind the off time (regardless of what the motive is) makes it more likely he or she will say yes.

3. Remember the way your boss was concerned your work wouldn’t get done? Well in that previous section you ease that issue by showing him you’ve already thought about that. You’ve gone the extra mile to guarantee any projects you are working on nonetheless get finished in time.

Finally, be sure to send vacation petition emails weeks — months — beforehand. It is far easier for your boss to say”Yes” when they have loads of time to program on your lack.

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To recap, here’s how to request vacation occasions:

  • Send a vacation request email weeks beforehand.
  • Be friendly.
  • Be sure to use the word “since ” when describing your reasons.
  • Ease any concerns about finishing your projects on time.

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