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Hi besties Z is still on vacation and I have to pick up my daughter from school so I’m running a little late today but today is a product review day and I wanted to tell you guys about a product that I have waited an entire month to review just because it’s really good and I kind of wanted to devote an entire blog to it instead of breaking it up with other products and this book it’s an e-book and I am still working on my home business startup Bible and my home business startup Bible it just went to printed so it will be a bit available after the National stationery show in New York the people from my book camp will be the first ones to see it and get it and grab ahold of it but until then uh I think her name’s poorna probably saying that wrong okay just a second i’m recording okay I know you did I’m recording to second and her a book is titled I how to be a work at home mom and I I read it and it’s really good it’s very complete and it’s very it has a lot of information in there there’s eight someone keeps texting me while I’m doing this it has it has eight sections and then plus a toolkit and the eight sections has information about time management how advertising making a pitch and it even has a chapter on like isolation and how to deal with it yeah I could I could use help with isolation oh no wait I have you my besties just kidding Oh cheesy with that it’s a really good ebook i’ll have a link down below for it and i hope you guys go and check it out hurt her blog is the mom writes and that’s a WR ites calm I’ll have her link to her blog it’s a really good one it’s always you know those top 10 mommy bloggers and all of those lists that everyone always makes it hurt someone keeps texting me her blog is always in the top 10 of those lists so it’s really good and I actually learned about her from allie from ramblings of a wam still texting week and don’t don’t no no no ramblings of a wham and Wham is WA HM and stands for work at home mom and i’ll have her link down below as well so those are two really good blogs to follow and go find them and tell them renee sent you and then they’ll treat you really good and go get proneness book how to work how to be work at home mom and it’s it’s a really good book i read it i read the whole thing it’s really good it’s really complete so until mine comes out mine is a little bit different mind it’s more like like how to start a business and hers is really more focused on the mom part of it like mom’s running businesses out of their homes so check that out and I will see you guys tomorrow luv u all peace out yo

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