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– [Narrator] Hey guys Jeffrey Ward of Ramada Internet Marketer and it’s gonna be a pretty quick video. This is a quick way for you to make free PayPal money constantly and you don’t this is no cap on it, after you make ten cents you are eligible to withdraw your money directly to your PayPal as soon as you hit over ten cent. And when you get started, I’m leaving a link in the description below, when you get started through me, you go through my link. You go over there, get signed up, you fill out your profile, you fill out the other information they ask for.

You do your first quality surveys and you are going to have fifteen cents. Once you have that fifteen cents, go ahead and withdrawal it to your PayPal. Now your PayPal has to be verified. So, verification means you just have to have a card linked up to it, a credit card linked up to it, or a any type of bank account or whatever linked up to your PayPal in order for it to be verified.

So just, go to your PayPal and make sure it is verified. If it is not verified, PayPal will tell you. Do the necessary steps you need to get verified and you are good to go. Now, Qmee gives you points for searching things online. So, let me just search something online. Men’s Clothing And it is going to pull up a little tab right here. You are going to get paid money for searching things. So, I don’t know if I have that app open right now. It connected, so let me just test it real quick. Okay, anyway, I don’t know why it didn’t pull up on this. Let me refresh and see if it will do it.

Sometimes it acts up. So, let me type in something like coffee. Just trying to give you an overview of how it is. Coffee See if it will pull up. I don’t know why it isn’t pulling up. It looked like it… Don’t worry, I don’t know why it isn’t pulling up.. but any way. You search things online all the time. They are going to give you stuff that you can click to earn five cent, four cent, one cent, two cent, or whatever they have on this side right here. So, once you do that, the money is then transferred to your piggy bank which right now you can see I have $in my piggy bank. And, I am going to actually withdraw that in front of you. You can also take surveys. Some surveys require a webcam, if you have a webcam on your computer. If you don’t, you can just click off of this and it will just take off the surveys that require a webcam but these surveys are quick to the point.

You can see I had more surveys. I did a lot more surveys. Their surveys are quick to the point. If it says, eight nine minutes its really going to be eight nine minutes. But you can make ten dollars per day because every time I look up they are putting new surveys on here and they are also sending me notifications of new surveys to do all day, every day. I had to turn off my notifications. I got so many surveys. But, you can withdraw, like I said, your cash out method which this is your piggy bank.

You can withdrawal to your PayPal or you.. (stuttering) Excuse me I can’t even talk. You can do gift cards if you go over five dollars or you can do charity if you want to give to a charity. But my suggestion is PayPal because PayPal you can do after you get ten cent. You can just see right here as I am talking more notifications of surveys coming in. Right now, I can cash out $2.05. I’m actually going to cash out to show you how quickly the money comes to my PayPal. So, let me just hit all my rewards. And this is what I have earned. I did this like two or three days ago. I haven’t touched it ever since. I haven’t been doing surveys consistently but, you guys are going to be able to surveys consistently and there is no reason if you search things, do surveys consistently, invite people when you get the opportunity. To invite people, their referral system is a little bit different from other people. You have to be in a company for a while, get a couple of payouts. They don’t have an actual thing that tells you how to qualify to get referrals but my suggestion is to do a whole bunch of surveys get cash out to PayPal and then your referral’s section will be able to show up on the actual page, the dashboard.

So, any way you can cash out to PayPal once you get over fifteen – once you get over ten cents. So, let me just cash out. Simple as that. You just go for it. Boom. They says it takes twenty-four hours. But you know they say we send it immediately. I gets mines immediately. My PayPal is verified. It is immediate. So, what I’m going to do is, I’m going to pause the video and I am actually going to go over to my PayPal and show you that I got the payment and then come back and explain some more stuff about the system. So, pause real quick. And Boom. I got the payment right here. You can see right here. You can see right here payment from Qmee LTD. Simple as… I just requested it to be cashed out and it was sent immediately. It’s like Fronto. If you guys know about the Fronto app. The Fronto app does it automatically mass payments too. So, there is no waiting, there is no waiting for your money. As soon as you come in here and you get over ten cents, you can go ahead and request a PayPal payment if your PayPal is verified.

Simple as that. You can come in here and do as ever many surveys as you want. Get multiple payouts through PayPal. You don’t have to wait around. Just continuously doing this. It might seem like a little money, but this money adds up. This is money that you didn’t have to do anything for. This is free PayPal money exactly as good as it gets. So, go head, sign up for Qmee. Go ahead and get your first fifteen cent payout. Just to see how it works. Get that fifteen cent payout. Boom. And now you are on the ball. You just continue to do surveys. You can get a payout every survey. Like I said, if you want to do one that is thirty-nine cent. Once you get done, you can get that thirty-nine cent and just send it straight to your PayPal. You can do it over and over however many times you want. So, I hope this helps you make free PayPal money online.

I always look for these things. I always make sure these things work before I promote it to anybody. Before I give you guys any heads up this stuff works. So, go ahead and get started. Leave your comments and like this video and I will talk to you guys on the next one..

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