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– [Man] Hey guys, this is Jaffry Ward and I just got paid by Fronto again! And I wanna show you that payment. First let me go to my Fronto app. You need to download this app in order for this method to work. I literally got paid 20 dollars in not even two minutes. I’ll say, five minutes or two to five minutes. It doesn’t even matter. I requested a payout. Transferred my points into PayPal cash, 20 dollars PayPal cash, and I got paid within two to five minutes. This is simple. I showed you guys in the last video where I got paid out five dollars. This one is a little bit bigger. Let me go to it right now. Wait for it to load up. And as you can see, the name of the company is Fronto.co, but it has NBT America, I think that’s their legal name.

You can see some of the history. I got a paid a dollar from them, two dollars. I just got paid 20 dollars from them today, it’s February 7th at 3:40pm. This was paid out to me central time, so it’s right now. Pretty simple. Let me go. You can see this is my face, you can see the balance. This is my face, my name is Jaffry Ward, y’all can see my face right there. This is the second time I’ve been paid from them. You know, of course I have a whole bunch of other apps and a whole bunch of other stuff that you shake out.

But this is just a, you know, a simple way for you to earn money online. This is a simple PayPal hack, whatever you wanna call it. Got paid 20 dollars in under five minutes. It was really simple, really easy. I’ll show you what I did on the Fronto app. You can get paid out a dollar, three dollars. I did some smaller payments. I went in here, I entered in the code, let me go to this, I’m gonna show you this guys.

One more time ’cause I think you guys want, you really wanna do this. This is simple, it’s easy. I’m gonna give you a way that you can earn some free points as well. Come over to the wheel, you download the app, the name of app is Fronto. So you just go to your Google Play Store, let me just go pull up my Google Play Store. I’m gonna show you this guys. It’s pretty simple. F-R-O-N-T-O. Fronto. It’s gonna be the first app you see, Fronto Lock Screen. You’re gonna see Fronto Lock Screen.

There’s some other ones down here. Slidejoy, I don’t fool with them because they don’t payout as quick. Slidejoy takes a whole month for you to get paid, which is, I don’t think it’s cool, but Fronto Lock Screen, you’re gonna see it’s the first one here. You click it. Obviously, I already have it. I don’t need to update it, but you know, download it onto your phone. Once you download the app, you’re gonna pull up Fronto. The first thing you need to do, you’re gonna get 1,000 points just by having this app. I think you get 1,000 points upfront. What you need to do, I’m gonna give you another 1,000 points. By just doing this, you come over here, you go to do you have a promo code. You come in here, you click this, you type in Free, F-R, all caps, matter of fact, let me go back so I can show you this.

All caps. FREE, FREEMONEY, CODE. Go back, can’t type today. ODE. FREEMONEYCODE in all caps. Remember that, FREEMONEYCODE in all caps. It’s gonna give you 1,250 points. Okay? You can see right here. Paste your friend’s referral code and get 1,250 points. You’re gonna get 1,250 points added to your balance. Okay, so once you do that, you come over here and you use your money to bet your points. So, let me see. I’m just gonna bet one right now, and now you gotta have 2,000 points. Since I just cashed out, I don’t have 2,000 points, but you’re gonna have 2,000 points because you’re gonna have 1,000 points when you signup and then you’re gonna have 1,250 points once you enter in a code FREEMONEYCODE. I’m gonna say that one more time. Write this down in all caps. F-R-E-E-M-O-N-E-Y-C-O-D-E in all caps, FREEMONEYCODE. You come to the wheel, you hit Have A Promo Code, you enter in that promo code and you enter FREEMONEYCODE. You’re gonna get 1,250 points. But this does pay, this is simple. Simple. This is probably one of the easiest things I’ve done online in a long time.

They pay me 20 dollars. They’ve also, you can see my history down here, they’ve also paid me a dollar, five dollars, which I showed you guys the last time I did this video. It is so simple to make money with this. I just got paid within five minutes. Simple, you just enter your PayPal information, they send it to you straight to your PayPal. It’s gonna say NBT America, but it’s also gonna, you’re gonna see Fronto.co which is the name of the company that you’re using. Fronto Lock Screen. On your lock screen, it’s gonna have little stuff that you can do. You can slide to get 20 points.

You can install an app to get 350 points or 450 points. Let me go back over here. You can do this more offers on here. You can go to your TrialPay offers, you can hit Continue, you can do offers on here that can earn you more points. Let me just wait until it load up. You can do simple things up in here. Install SwagBucks. Mobile Strike, simple. All of this stuff is pretty simple, self-explanatory. You read the instructions and you earn the Fronto. Download apps through their app. It’s simple, simple, simple stuff. You earn free points even when you just unlock your screen. This is just simple. I’ve earned a lot of points just by unlocking my screen. Once you turn it on, it’s gonna ask you to swipe left, get 20 points. Simple as that. 30 points, 40 points. Simple, read articles for points. It is simple and easy to make money with the Fronto app.

So that’s it. Also, while I’m on this subject, I did a video about doing surveys online. I got paid 35 dollars not too long ago. Been doing a little bit this week, and I’m also gonna have a payment proof next week. Actually going into my PayPal showing you guys that this is real, this is not fake. So it’s a good survey company, follow three easy steps, you create a profile, you create your, let me hit Okay, you create your account, excuse me, you create your profile, and then you create your, and then you sign up for three survey panels, and you’re allowed to start making money with a SurveyClip.

I will leave a video link. I’ll go more in depth into that video. I’m gonna leave a video link in the description box. It’s self-explanatory as well. Just enter in your information and it’s going to, it’s gonna get you setup with SurveyClip. I earned 35 dollars with them. I’ll do an extra payment proof. They payout every week. They don’t pay as fast as Fronto, but it’s a simple way that you can earn some more money. I’ll leave that link to that video below. But other than that, I didn’t mean to make this video too long.

I know it’s already going on almost eight minutes. But, I’m just gonna end this video right now. Simple way that you can earn money. Like, subscribe to my channel. You make sure you subscribe to my channel because I’m gonna be coming out with more and more information as the days and weeks go by. I do make money online. I have multiple businesses online. This is just one of the apps that I use to make money online, but there’s so much more that you can learn, and I’m gonna teach it to you on this channel. So, subscribe. That’s it, peace out. I hope you have a nice day. Download that Fronto app and enter in the FREEMONEYCODE when you hit your settings wheel right here, enter it in, get your free points and start making money with this app. I’ll talk to you guys soon..

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