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What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today guys I’m gonna be showing you how you can earn $300 a day or more with completely automatic websites and guys the best part about this is you’re not gonna need to know anything about building websites editing them coding anything guys because these websites are gonna be completely built out for us but once you get these websites guys you’re not gonna need to do any more work because like I said these websites are gonna be fully automatic so they’re gonna bring us in money daily monthly however long you want as long as you own the website because guys these websites literally run themselves with that being said I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to do that in just a minute if you as a new to the channel subscribe right now for brand new videos every single day and with that being said we’re gonna dive into my computer right now so I can show you guys how to do this all right guys we’re now in my computer as you can see we are on Flippa comm I did a video on flow up a few days back but this is gonna be completely different guys we’re doing something completely different here because like I said work shouldn’t be getting automatic websites to earn money every single day I guys the first thing that we’re gonna need to do is go over to websites and I’m gonna go to all we’re gonna do guys is gonna enter a keyword and that key or it is gonna be me say me spell that right it’s gonna be automatic it’s search and then sending us 18 results for pretty much most these websites are gonna be completely automatic obviously this one up here saying automatic cat feeder com probably isn’t gonna be what were we looking for guys is things like this a piano venture calm and you read the description here it’ll stay fully automatic money-making hot and each piano video site that’s like we’re looking for guys looking for automatic websites they’re pretty much run themselves there’s a UK celebrity hub comm automatic UK celeb new site with cool brandable domain so what these websites pretty much do is they’ll automatically post UK celebrity news and the hottest the trendiest stuff every single day so that people will come to the website and you’ll earn money most likely to Adsense or in this case this one’s an Amazon affiliate site but it all depends guys there are a few more down here ie bitcoin news net 100% automatic eee bitcoin news that net i’ll see some other ones cat care online okay guys we’re going through a few of these and I’m actually looking for on something you’re really profitable hi guys this is an interesting one right here it’s called the watch village it is a drop shipping store that’s netting a profit of over $500 a month they’re a professional watch company making five hundred dollars a day in revenue hands-free and automatic that’d be a great one to look at guys this one’s even better actually csgo – boosting net it’s an ecommerce store and their net profit is twenty four hundred dollars for the month they’re getting about twenty-one thousand page views a month and they’re making about four thousand two hundred sixty dollars monthly and a stable going business fully automatic huge potential let’s click it let’s click on this it’s where we’re looking for guys is there are only three bids the current price is $115 of course guys you’re gonna need to pay for these websites because you’re pretty much buying a business at this point you’re buying a website that somebody put hard work into and especially if you’re buying one it’s already really successful like this one this one’s already making $4,000 a month so this bit of $115 is definitely get definitely go up by the time this sells I can almost guarantee it’s an asset on the thousands of dollars range just because it’s already making over $4,000 a month it’s a stable growing business it’s fully automatic csgo is huge right now of course you guys played if you guys know about it you know it’s a huge game right now and it’s the description alone guys it’s growing business huge potential earning over twenty five thousand dollars in revenue in just 10 months easy to handle no risk this would be a great website to buy if you’re looking for a little bit more of a high-end one obviously I said three hundred dollars a day this one’s gonna be earning you about $400 a day if you decide to purge this one but essentially what we’re doing guys we’re looking on flippa.com for fully automatic websites to buy when looking for ones I’m gonna be already successful and then we’re looking to purchase them because guys like I said we’re not gonna be bullying in to upset ourselves we’re not gonna be creating and editing we don’t have to do anything all we have to do is purchase it and we essentially purchased a business you guys can definitely look at this as an investment you guys are investing in a business here but the best part is guys like I keep saying it’s fully automatic so it’s gonna be bringing you in passive income every single day every single month with that being said the guys definitely do some research probably pull the trigger and actually buy one of these websites because of course there are ones are gonna be making $4,000 a month then of course guys they’re gonna be newer websites on here that really aren’t making any money at all and there’s kind of newer ones I got back to Swan the UK celebrity hub calm it’s only getting about 20 page views a month so it really might not be worth that $100 investment to get started with it by one that’s already already profitable already successful or doing very well my course guys are only 18 results as of today but you check back in a week in a month there definitely be more these popping up every single day because this is a kind of a popular thing because of course a lot of people are out there looking for automatic websites like this because who doesn’t want pass some income every single day in every single month month after month like that of course everybody does that’s why this is popular but guys a lot of people really don’t know about this and I was kind of surprised by that when I found out that really not many people knew about this so I had to make a video for you guys showing this off for those that are interested in actually doing this for those are interested in um earning some passive income online maybe have a few hundred dollars kind of lying around looking to invest in a business but you don’t really know where to start this could honestly be a perfect place to start if you have a little bit of capital and you’re looking for ways to invest in businesses that are gonna bring you pass some income this could honestly be a fantastic one now of course you know you don’t necessarily have to drop thousands and thousands of dollars you can easily find other automatic websites that are only making a hundred dollars a month three hundred dollars a month and they’re gonna be significantly cheaper than other ones for example like csgo boosting that net I’m telling you guys I’m not sure when the actual sell date is actually has 22 days left and it’s already at 115 I guarantee guys the current price this person put a reserve of thirty two thousand dollars that pretty much means he’s expecting about thirty two thousand dollars or more just for Sony’s website and there’s a good chance that he’ll get it to be honest only because it’s making so much money monthly already and of course yet the csgo upside so somebody who likes who might like csgo might see this see that’s making almost five thousand dollars a month and then grab it up for themselves with that being said guys that’s pretty much the technique for earning three hundred dollars a day or more with automatic website you guys are gonna want to come over to flippin comm go to websites go to all and the keyword typing automatic you guys can also mess around some of these filters obviously monetization if you want to make money with Adsense or drop shipping specifically check those boxes off or if you’re looking for a monthly profitable to say $100 or more it’s changed I felt right there two hundred dollars or more you guys can set a price range maybe you only looking to spend $50 to $150 just type that in right there and that’s pretty much it guys master on some of the filters of course there’s some more options down here click search they’ll give you a bunch of results and then you guys have to pick a box that you want to buy buy it and then you guys are well on your way to earn a monthly income a daily income whatever it is you I was looking for with that being said I hope you enjoyed the video if you did and definitely leave a like and a hundred and ten percent you guys got a subscribe right now cuz I upload brand new videos every single day to this channel just to help you guys out ball being said guys my name is Anthony Villa I will see you in the next one peace

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