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If you were here to find out how to make more money to pay off those stupid student loan debts faster Then you’ve come to the right place because I’ll give you sicced Guaranteed proven ways to make money online using that device that you were watching this on right now Hey everybody I’m, jared from debt free blueprint rational people like you how to get out of debt and create freedom through your finances Let me make something very clear to Speed up the process of paying off student loan debt or any kind of debt for that matter. You need to make more money Let me also make something clear All of the ideas that I’m going to give you will take some sort of time and energy to make that money These suggestions are not for lazy people here that lazy people go away if you’re watching this video because this isn’t for you These are for people who are willing to work to get themselves out of the hole of debt so if you’re expecting me to talk about those stupid online survey apps like swag bucks or whatever the heck it’s called where you make $2 an hour, then you’ve come to the very very wrong place I actually wanted to see if this would be a viable option for you to make more money online before I recommended it So I tested it out and holy Shit was a waste of time It was so mind-numbing that you could definitely make more money selling lemonade on the side of your street corner So you might be saying well Jared, how can you guarantee that I can make money from these suggestions? you’re gonna give me well because I’ve got first or second hand experience for all of them whether it was something that I used a friend used or someone like you who has worked with that’s made money off of it already the its the fact is that it’s Proven, it’s a proven method.

I’ve seen these people make money So that’s why I’m going to give them to you today before we dive into them too far some of these require Particular skills and some don’t but I do not want that to stop you from trying them out if one piques your interest But you don’t know how you’re gonna be able to bring enough value to make money off of it Ask yourself what you need to do to acquire those skills to start making money on this particular platform you as an individual are way more valuable than you actually Think and if you don’t think you are because you don’t have particular skills You are for the sheer fact that you have a brain to learn new things.

Keep that in mind. Plus I Guarantee that you have particulars that someone would actually be willing to pay you for but you just don’t realize it yet Think about it. The first one is flipping items on eBay through garage saleing and things like that Now we all know this website and some of us have even sold things on this website as well But what about buying things you come across with the intention of selling them based on the research that you do on that item? I was working with a guy named Daniel.

I made a video with him I’ll throw a link down in the description who was working on paying off his student loan debt and this is one of his side hustles to make some extra money an extra 200 to $300 per month just Off of this eBay flipping thing to pay towards his student loan debt The best part is that he was barely putting any work into it either He basically goes to garage sales or thrift stores pulls out his phone opens up that eBay app and searches for an item that basically catches his eye and Then what does he do? he searches for items that were previously sold based on that item and He gets an idea of what the market value is for that particular item if he found something that he could buy for Five dollars at a garage sale that previously had listings that had sold for we’ll say 50 to 70 dollars then he could be pretty darn confident that his item would sell for that and even if it only sold for 40 dollars then a $35 profit sounds pretty nice to me I think I did that math right What’s even better about this method is that it takes out all the guesswork? When it comes to questioning if this item has a high likelihood of selling or not If you’re not sure whether it is based on the previously ending listings ended listings Then move on to the next item and here’s a little pro tip if you’re familiar with what’s going on in pop culture Right now and you see an item that could be worth a lot a lot of money based on some sort of future trends then buy it for a cheap price now and Sell it at the height of the market later next up.

We’ve got Craigslist gigs now I like Craigslist gives gigs for two different reasons number one You can flip items just like you do on The only downside to that is that you don’t always have the ability to do as much market research as you would on eBay The second reason I really like Craigslist is that you don’t always need to sell a physical product on Craigslist They have things called gigs and it’s basically someone that offers money for a particular service There are so many different types of services that you’d be surprised as to what you can actually find out there I’ve actually seen a listing for someone to cut grass and do yard work for twenty-five dollars I saw another gig for someone that was offering sixty dollars to haul some garbage away All you have to do is just make sure that there’s nothing weird in that garbage for you the whole way because I don’t want you to get in trouble and probably my Favorite gig listing that I saw was twenty dollars an hour to have a conversation with some international students What all they wanted to do was to improve their English language So you basically sat down and just had a conversation with them that actually sounds kind of fun and interesting to me What’s also great about taking on these gigs is that you can negotiate for more money if? $25 for yard work is way too low then get them to give you more tell them how great of a job you’ll do Guarantee your work and then if they don’t pay you more then don’t do the job.

You’ve got to at least try to negotiate What’s the worst that they’re gonna say? Um, no and you’ll say okay smell you later alligator My personal experience with Craigslist is enough hole. I sold a whole bunch of things I even bought some home gym equipment on there for five hundred dollars I used it for about a year and a half and then I turned around and sold that same gym equipment for six hundred and fifty dollars one hundred and fifty doll hair profit Oh, and by the way, I made money off of that gym equipment because I used it to train people next up We’ve got TaskRabbit now Tess crap it is kind of like a Craigslist but a little bit more legit if you will a good analogy to compare the two would be bodybuilders acting as Craigslist and power lifters acting as TaskRabbit now bodybuilders have the appearance of being strong with their ripped muscles and all of that while power lifters are actually strong because their only goal is to Actually be strong while Craigslist and bodybuilders get job done and are still strong The real heavy hitters are TaskRabbit and power lifters that may have been a really bad analogy But oh, well, I apologize bodybuilders.

Nothing against you guys. You guys are still strong. Don’t worry So what do I mean when I say the TaskRabbit is a little bit more legit legit service to make money online Well, that’s because you actually have to go to a one-day training to sell your services on TaskRabbit com that’s kind of how they vet you as an individual to make sure that you are you say you are and can guarantee that you Can do what it is that you say that you can actually do you can sell all kinds of services on TaskRabbit Comm from waiting in line for people to handy work around people’s houses To acting as a personal assistant to someone to even actually acting as a virtual assistant to someone Yes, you were investing a little bit of time to sell yourself on this platform but you also get to name your price when it comes to how much you charge if you think that you were better than the Next person and that’s why you charge more then mention that in your listing sell yourself.

I’ve hired people from this website to come fix a window in my house and I even hired a virtual assistant for some small work that I needed done both were Definitely worth it And I felt more comfortable Purchasing their services actually through TaskRabbit because I know the vetting process that these people actually went through Before I hired them next up, we’ve got websites like upwork.com and fire com I would actually throw these two in the same boat while some of the services that you sell on these two Platforms will overlap a little bit with TaskRabbit I like upwork.com and fiber comm for researchers and computer graphic type work If you are a great writer Then there’s all kinds of writing opportunities For you out there on these websites if you like to do research then there’s ways for you to get paid for doing that or if you’re good with any type of design on the computer then these Websites are perfect for people like you I actually hired someone from upwork.com to build a basic website for a separate business last year I also hired someone from Fiverr to put together the debt-free prep workbook I made link is in the description.

If you want a free copy of that the possibilities to get paid on these websites are If you have the ability to sell any service on this website Then you’re a dummy for not offering your service on these platforms to make some extra money How about this one called teachers paid teachers calm. Yes The website is called teachers pay teachers, but you don’t actually have to teach as a courier Just sell on this website What you need to do is have the knowledge of teaching a particular subject or a niche within that subject and create a digital product around it if other teachers find value in what you’ve created then they pay you to download the lessons printouts and Teaching materials that you’ve got out there just a heads up that while creating the actual digital product is very labor intensive up front once you’ve got that product created then all you do is mainly focus on Marketing that that product to other teachers I have personally never sold on this website But I can tell you that actually went out with a girl a few times Who was a full-time teacher that also used this as a side hustle to make some extra money? I can’t tell you exactly how much she made but I can tell you that she was able to at least Pay her mortgage with the money She was making from from Teachers Pay Teachers comm she told me that she would basically create a whole bunch of lessons over the summer and then released and market them over the Next twelve months.

This one is probably my favorite and gets me the most excited. It is teaching students English Overseas online specifically in the country of China now I am always very very skeptical when it comes to making money from certain websites But I personally know someone who currently makes money doing this this specific way to make money is through a website called VIP Ki D VIP kid com. Don’t worry we’ll get to the amount of money that you can make from this platform in a minute as I just said a VIP kit is An online teaching platform where you can make money by teaching English to children in China one perk to this service Is that they give you all of the lessons plan needed plans needed to teach each class all you’ve got to do is Show up and teach the student you honestly don’t even need to have an education degree to get a job with a VIP kid either All you really need at minimum is a bachelor’s degree when you apply You will have to complete an interview since this is a widgets Servus you’ll also have to complete a demo of yourself teaching one of the lessons that they give you just a heads up They usually want you to sign a six-month contract I don’t think you have to but they prefer that you would sign a six-month contract Let’s dig into how long these classes last and how much you could make off of VIP kid comm as one of these teachers you teach 30-minute classes that have a base pay with incentives you get seven to nine dollars base rate per class plus a $1 incentive based on showing up on time and teaching the lessons according to the schedule You also get another dollar bonus for a finished class incentive If you teach more than forty-five classes within a month or teacher, basically 23 hours per month that comes out to 14 to 22 dollars per hour from talking to my buddy and the research that I’ve done on average you can expect to make about Twenty dollars per hour if you teach those 45 classes per month to get that extra two dollars in bonuses Think about that if you did 45 classes a month for a year straight, that’s an extra $450 per month roughly to put towards your student loan debts And it could obviously go higher if you wanted to work more and my buddy gave me a heads up that they also have other incentives for teachers To make more money that doesn’t sound like a very bad gig for not having to leave your house to make some money I’ll leave a link down in the description of this video if you’d like to apply as a teacher for VIP kid Comm if you use that length and it helps me continue to deliver these types of videos to you for free So, thanks in advance If you do use that link now It’s your turn to get to work and start making some extra money to start paying off those debts a whole heck of a lot sooner Let me know in the comments down below which one of these you’re going to try or which one sounds the most appealing to you Thanks for watching this video pick up your free copy of the debt free prep workbook The link is around my weird-looking head and in the description.

I’ll talk to you later. Adios.

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