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– [Jaffry] Jaffry Ward the modern internet marketer and today I’m gonna teach you a copy and paste system that you can use in order to make some money online. It’s pretty, pretty simple I’m gonna explain everything in a minute but before I do that make sure you like, subscribe and hit the bell notification. So you get notified when I drop these videos. This video is a part of my three part case study where I’m gonna be teaching you exactly how I make money online from start to finish.

Revealing everything so like I said make sure you like, subscribe but this system is called the passive income system, I’m gonna leave a link to the system below. And what it does is it builds you three passive income streams, they are separate from each other and they work as a cohesive structure in this system. So this system is pretty new, most of you guys who have not heard about it, I’m teaching you about it right now. It’s pretty amazing and I’m gonna tell you my results so far and how I’m driving traffic to this thing. So the first one is earning easy commissions. Now earning easy commissions has been on a roll. I’ll just say that, earn easy commissions it gives you a way that you can earn the $1 cpa. The cpa is just cross pulse acquisition, what the cpa does is gives you that initial income back from your traffic buys. So if you buy traffic and you refer them to your passive income system this would be your link in here.

This is just basic copy and paste, so you’re gonna get your copy edit system and I’m gonna show you that on the next page but this would be your link in here and they’ll be going to your referral link and you’ll be earning that dollar for that person that signed up. And not only that they have three, my bad let me exit out of this. But they have four different levels, now if you’re on a free level which when you come into the system and you create a free account. You will be on the free level. They have the pro level, the elite level, the vip level, I’m on the vip level. So I earn all these levels which means not only do I earn a dollar commissions but I earn $50 commissions, a $100 commissions, $300, even up to a thousand dollar commissions.

So now in order to earn those commissions you have to be at one of the top levels but the free level that only allows you to earn a dollar. So this is what I mean so when you refer people through this system they come in here and they join you only earn at the dollar level if you’re only on the free level but if you’re at the pro level and the person that you referred came in at the free level and then they upgraded to the pro level you will get money on that and also the way this works you have to upgrade one by one. So you start off at the free level, you upgrade to the level pro. As I’m doing this video you can see a bunch of leads coming in as well, so I’m teaching about that.

This is a different program, I’ll teach about that next time. But free level, level pro, level elite, you have to upgrade one by one. And what this does is for the people that come in through this system, if you’re not at one of those top levels you’re not gonna be earning on them. Those people you’re gonna be passing up commissions. So I suggest that you come in at least at the pro level so the people that you refer through this system can get paid on those.

So that’s that like I said I’m at this level right here, so now I’m gonna be doing about commissions. On the front end just for them creating an account they have multiple income streams, I’m not gonna explain all this ’cause I don’t want this video to be too long but when you create an account through passive income system and you come over here. They explain everything in the video, so make sure you actually watch the videos in here.

So that’s on the front end, like I said dollar commission just for creating the free account and on the back end more commissions as well. So on the second one builderall. Builderall is a system that you need in order to create this system, so once you create an account. And you come to step two, they’re going to give you the exact copy of the system that you’re looking at. Now all you have to do is edit your name and edit the links in here which we’ll teach you how to do on step two. This is what I mean by copy and paste because you’re gonna go get your links, you’re gonna come here and you’re gonna paste them in here and save it and promote your own website.

They’re gonna go through the same system as you’re going through right now, and you’re gonna earn money on that because it’s gonna be your links. And then the last one is udimi. Udimi is where I get a boatload of my traffic and that’s that, so let me show you my results for builderall because when I created a builderall account it’s free for 30 days but builderall is $a month which is well worth it once I show you how much I made and this is through the system. This is through the passive income system. So so far I’ve earned $568 just by putting my link in here, that’s where I put in my referral link in here. And then going through the system and creating an account and stuff, I have made $5right there on that second part of the system.

And udimi is like the backend I’ve earned there $but with these two friends earning a dollar commission for them upgrading the account and then earning $568. Udimi is the one that slacks off a little bit but udimi is where I get my traffic from. I’ll just show you right now the traffic that I used to send to this system, I think it was this one right here. So this is the one right here so let me just show you everything that you need to know as far as buying traffic and whatever. So you’ve got to see which traffic that you want to use, with udimi and everything else. So if you are a person that doesn’t like to buy traffic I have a free traffic course that I can teach you how to get traffic from YouTube and I’ll leave that in the description below if you just want to get free traffic but paid traffic is the way to go because it’s on demand and you can just send visitors to your website that are interested and I make money on.

Online it’s like this and you don’t have to wait to build up brand, it took me awhile to build up a brand of 10,000 subscribers and do countless amounts of videos. If you don’t want to do all that you can just buy traffic to check out your system and they’ll sign up. So 220 visitors, 90% top tier countries and it’s been converting pretty, pretty well. So some of these leads are the $1 commissions that are being paid from, also some of these commissions that I get from builderall came as well. Like I said this system is great and then they have if you complete all those steps you can access the bonus wishes, the bonus is advanced training in build up traffic but also it teaches you the advance system where you could build the auto responder. Let me show you my auto responder. So you guys won’t be confused about the whole situation. So these are my new subscribers which means basically leads that have come through the system. It just you gotta build an email auto response so when people come to your system, most of the people at least 60% might not join right now but if you get them on your list and you keep following up with them telling them about the system then obviously they will join.

People need to see things as far as internet marketing go, certain times in order for them to make a decision on whether they want to join or not. I mean you’re gonna have good conversions because it’s free to get as do all three of these things. Free for 30 days and if they upgrade you make more money and also they can make more money as well. But the initial investment is free to get the copy of the system so just that I don’t really have too much else to say, I just want to get this stuff out ’cause I’m gonna give you guys ways to continuously make money online, so if you want to join their system the link will be in the description below.

Make sure you get in, make sure you follow these steps and let me say this, if you’re not gonna take action you’re not gonna get results. Now my results are not typical ’cause I’m not a typical person, I put in action, I put in work and I get the results and if you don’t put in actions and you just come here and just build up the system and don’t promote like I’m teaching you to promote. You’re not gonna make money with this system, it’s just simple as that and I know a lot of people like oh all I have to do is copy and paste.

You have to copy and paste and actually promote you have to put in the effort in order to get results online, I know a lot of people will lie to you. Oh you just come on in and everything is gonna be all right, no you have to take action. You have to put in work and actually have to do something you actually have to follow the steps. You actually have to show the system out there to people and promote, if you don’t do that you’re not gonna make any money. And if you don’t wanna do that then don’t click on the link or the description below. ‘Cause I don’t want you on my team if you’re not going to put in action and you’re not gonna put in work because I have plenty of people that clamoring right now to get access to my system.

So I really don’t need for you to come in here, if you’re just gonna be a person that’s just gonna slack off and not do anything. So that’s that like I said I’m gonna be giving you guys more systems like this, I want to give you guys enough of these systems that all ready has a capture page, a landing page. Auto responder, the whole marketing system, that all you have to do is send traffic to it. So I’m gonna be promoting those types of systems and then I’m coming back but like I said if you’re not serious don’t do it. Simple as that, I’ll talk to you guys on the next video. This has been Jaffry Ward the modern internet marketer don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and I’ll see you guys next week..

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