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Welcome back to another video guys today. I’m going to teach you how to make money on Clickbank fast so last week my video kind of blew up the Clickbank for beginners how to make money on Clickbank for free step by step and Everyone wanted kind of like part two. So we’re gonna jump into that right now But before we do that, we need to cover something important Some people said the video was too long 34 minutes is not long when you’re trying to learn how to make something money online that could potentially change your life Think about it first for a second. Like it’s really first of all, it’s really hard to fit everything into a 30 minute video Second if you go through a 30 minute video and you think okay This is too long with someone’s teaching you how to make money and potentially change your life Then you don’t have the patience to make money online. So stop. Okay, that is a really short video I sit through webinars that are 2-3 hours long and it takes people years to perfect their online business So yeah, I’ll try to keep this short but and since sometimes it just can’t happen.

So let’s jump into this guys I’m gonna show you how you can make money fast with Clickbank and affiliate marketing because that’s what you’re here to learn So how does this work guys want to try and be as thorough as I can? first of all, you need to once again find products and software’s to promote and You need to collect emails really important and you need to get fast traffic and then it becomes a passive income Okay. Now the next step is what it’s really in this song and the last one we’re talking about It’s about the angles and this one.

It’s more about the offers So it’s about the first offer that we’re gonna send to people and the email list. These are the two key Factors in this method. Okay. Um, so First I kind of want to go over the myth that blacks. You just want to change something around Let’s just change this around to make money fast to make fast money online You need to actually spend money. Okay, this is something that There’s a roadblock for people I get people messaging me saying how can I do is for free? how can I get this software for free you need to use software’s and platforms if you Seriously want to make money online now back in my other video we talked about how to do it for free That’s the stepping stone. That’s to give you some money so you can reinvest it into websites. You can reinvest it into software’s programs I spend thousands a month on programs because they make me money back. You need to actually spend money Stop trying to be one of those people that like how gonna do this for free How can I make a million dollars for free? How can I get this software for free? How can I get this without paying for it? You will not succeed online That’s just straight the truth.

Now, let’s move on to the method. So what we’re gonna be doing guys is getting traffic. Ok We’ll be sending it to an email form to collect emails This is really important and then we’re gonna direct them to an offer Well, we usually make a little bit of money You might make like 10 to up to 80 percent of what you’ve spent on traffic. Ok This is kind of like oh, that’s kind of like 80 persons quite high but you you you’re gonna make back a little bit of money here so you can cover your traffic cost Ok, and then the email list you these people gonna go into the email list and this is where you make the big money guys Ok and the kind of offers you want here are going to be $1 trials products that are under 20 bucks To get in or monthly. Okay, because the one girl trials we usually have upsells But you want to have a product that’s enticing they’ve just given you the email To basically you’re going to be giving away something for free like a cheat sheet or something.

They’ve given you the email and You just you want to put an expensive offer in front of them, well, they’re not gonna buy it Okay, so what you need guys first want to show some stuff is some bait So you need like a free ebook you need something for free to giveaway. So you have to first think of your niche Let’s take them make money online niche Okay You can either pay someone we can write it yourself a cheat sheet on how to make money online And then you’re gonna give that away for free when the traffic comes to it to get their email to promote these Offers and if you think this stuff doesn’t work go and look on youtube and search helmet with your Clickbank. Let’s lift This is literally how every sing person is doing. It is by doing this method that I’m about to show you so what we do guys is First of all, you you need to have a platform that can create funnels.

I’ll show you that and then obviously you need some Products from Clickbank but we’re not gonna really go over that because you probably know that and Then the email marketing and there’s some traffic so to put this into perspective on what I do So I do this exact same system with my own products and also Filip products as well This is my email marketing. One of them. We have five thousand and progress here so when they come so what happens is a lot of people will be like, okay, they’ll get the email and then they’ll be like Alright, I don’t know what to do. I’m gonna do four five emails. I don’t make any money This one here guys goes for four weeks This is four weeks of emails and by the end of it for every dollar that I’ve spent I’ve made back like Seven times there.

So I put in a thousand bucks four weeks later. I’ve made seven seven thousand or whatever right, so there is a lot of work into this but this is how do you make lots of money so they come into my Email here and they go through the flow notice with my own products But it’s the same over select products down below than this, but you’ll see that it sorry You’ll see that it goes down and then this is my offer. So I’m offering products to sell to these People and they purchase them and this is where a lot of the money is made So if you want to make real money of Clickbank, and you’re not willing to do this You will not make money.

You have to be willing to build an email list to do all of this Okay, and you can keep promoting products over over again So what I’m gonna do is going to show you how to create a funnel This is called click funnels if they program do you can pay a monthly fee for and you collect emails Really easy to use I use this and other programs.

I use I use a lot of programs just because Some of the other ones a one-time payment that I’ve used. So I’ve just keep using them I’m gonna go up to here and I’m gonna go Browse funnels just so my funnels pop up. I could have been down there I’m gonna go add new guys, and I’m going to add a new funnel. I’m just going to go to Create a classic funnel and I’m gonna go to collect emails.

This is a this is our test account. Yeah, collect emails and We’re just gonna call this test funnel Clickbank Okay Now this is what so what we’re building here guys is a page where we can clicked emails This is the most important part. You need to be collecting those emails if you’re not You are not going to make a lot of money with Clickbank or any type of affiliate marketing. You can’t really discount Send people to a link anymore. They might purchase the products Unless you doing the free method I showed you that’s different But if people just are not like our network without, you know, you got to make money But you’re not going to make a lot of money.

The real money is in the list You hear people say that all the time. So what is going it the simple one guys select template Okay, and it loads it up nice and easy And we can edit the template go to edit Now this is where we’re going to Send people so you’re going to want to give away something for free so discover the were number one trick that Makes me money. Okay, and then let’s just say you’re giving away a You’re giving away a Free cheat sheet that doesn’t take long it can take takes like an hour just to write some stuff up about how to make money Okay, I’m just gonna get rid of this here Sorry get rid of that. I don’t want that there and Then you’re gonna click and the thing now you’ll be saying Frank and the structural basic This is literally all you need to do if you go look at any of my opt-in forms You’ve probably been through some of them They are the most simple forms around and I’ll add one that I’m just testing out today has an over a 70% Opt-in rate means that when I send 100 people to this over 70 of them.

I’m opting into my form so keep it clean keep it simple and That’s it right now What you want to do is you are gonna have to have an email system I use get response That’s the one that I use here And what I do is I create what’s called a flow so I give out the First email which is the free product or whatever they wanted and then I might remind them about the offer that I was going to offer them but what we’re going to do here is Go to integrations and integration settings and integrations and this is where you can integrate Whatever email responder you’re going to use but if you want to use click funnels, they have videos on how to do all that Okay how to integrate everything we’re not going to show you that but I’ll just go Integrations get response and that I can integrate it to whatever email list.

I want now if we click Save guys and preview this here and Put in our emails It’s now going to submit to the next page where I should just do a refresh So what what what I want to do is change it. So I’m going to go to here. I’m going to just get this Or just get this product here promote this just pretend that this is a This is on Clickbank. You promote it you create your secret link and then what I’m going to do guys is go back to here and I’m going to click on this and We’re going to go set action Go to URL and I’m going to put my URL in here and then go to Deck and then should go to save I think sorry warning.

Not sit go To website Maybe you have to click something. I don’t know Okay so now what’s going to happen guys is people are going to Get the email Get the thing and they’re going to go to whatever I just offered them. Sorry this page So now I have the email guys now sent them to this page where I probably will get a commission But I probably won’t make a lot of money here. This is where everyone gets wrong. They think I’m not making money I’m going to give up. No you now have these people in your email list Don’t worry about this mess and was testing things you have these people in your email list where you can send out Promotions and promote that product if you like or another product, so that’s really easy how you do that? And then just if we just go back here You just promote this link okay or transfer it to your own website if you want to make it cleaner But you just use this link now.

How do you get traffic? This is a lot of people think Facebook Instagram paid traffic like that No, no, no. No the best traffic for Clickbank Products is what we call solo ads because the reason why as solo ads are designed specifically for affiliate offers what this says guides is you go and purchase traffic from these people for like I don’t know a dollar a click or a lead or whatever 50 cents a lead and what happens is these guys already have an email list with people that are already purchasing affiliate products from them and other people So these guys are perfect to purchase but the problem is is people think that okay.

I spend a hundred bucks Malicious to a bit of a calculation here for a second. Okay. They think okay. I spent one hundred dollars Let’s say I got fifty people on my list I made Fifty bucks back Okay, this sucks. I’m not doing this anymore. I made no money Well, you will probably make that other fifty back here and the emails then you’ll be at their 100 again Then you’ll be even after a couple of days Then you’ve got the next week the next week after that the next month after that to continue Continuously promote products to these people and make a bunch of money And the thing is once you perfect it once you get this traffic working and you find a good seller you can scale up the scale and scale the starts for a thousand bucks in two thousand and This RICO putting that money back in and if you have recurring offers you make money monthly from those anyway so what you do here guys is you go to these people here and You just check out this stuff. See what’s up, and they’ll sell you what they call solo ad Traffic.

Okay. So you go and purchase you send them the link or you put your link down here So I just got this we’re weird Okay Yeah, okay. I’m gonna get my link And I’m gonna be like make sure you’ve set everything up though. Okay properly. We’re gonna get my leg I’m gonna put it on here and I’m gonna add to cart’ by by the clicks. They’re gonna send the clicks to me I’m gonna click the emails and it’s going to go on the email list and hopefully get some sales even if you don’t get any Sales on the offer. It’s not that bad because you should be making most of your money in the email list as well Okay guys, that is literally how you make money fast online with clickbank This this is the fastest way and the best traffic is solar ads because it’s designed for that you can go on YouTube and find ever that’s how everyone else is doing it because it’s scalable and it’s not expensive Facebook is like Like how much is it for a lead here? You’re looking at like Let’s just say we buy So 35 cents perk is that per click? Let’s say we spend 35 cents per click Let’s say we pay 80 cents per lead to $per lead Right, once they opt-in on Facebook you’re paying now four, five six, seven eight dollars per lead.

So these are way cheaper All right. So I hope I kept that short enough for you guys. Literally It’s very hard to keep everything in the video and the show I’ll teach you everything in a short video But what you do is number one you get the traffic. Okay, you send that traffic to a free offer Will you click the email which is this right here when it’s done a bit of a recap, okay? This is where you click the email, all right That goes on to the email list.

Will you promote more products and make more money then? Hopefully you get some sales here and you make more money now This might be you know, a lot of you guys probably already know this But I still get asked how to make money fast with Clickbank or any other affiliate print like this works with software other affiliate programs And this is literally the best beginner way to do this if you’re a beginner with an affiliate marketing and stuff like that to get that traffic and use that particular traffic then You can start looking to webinars any because that look into Facebook ads and you can start looking to Google Ads You can start looking to starting a YouTube channel all that sort of stuff But you want to get some money coming in and this works guys I know it works because I know lots of people doing it.

Okay, I don’t use solar air traffic myself Now I use Facebook ads with I’ve perfected it to make lots of money on on my stuff But this is kind of what you have to put you have to put in work guys It took me weeks to get these emails perfected and making me good money This makes a lot this this right here guys has met over a million dollars. No jokes This is made over a million dollars in income We have webinars in here with a thousand dollar Commission’s that I get this has made over a million dollars Alright guys, so that’s how you can make money on Clickbank fast If you have any questions, let me know below if we can get 500 likes on this video We’ll have another giveaway another free course just like we did last week and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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