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-US What’s going on guys, we are back with another brand new episode. I know you guys are excited to watch this episode, because today we’re going to show you how to make some money The exact topic we are going to discus today is, how to create an Adfly account and start making money right away This episode is requested by one of our loyal subscriber Mr. Patrck more or probably it is his channel name! So this is the time to show him some geeks tutorial love! Thank your very much dude for requesting this fantastic episode! Keep it up! Before we begin I would like to tell you something! This is not a fake method to make money it’s real genuine, And personally it is one my earning source as well You don’t need to just believe my words, I will show you some proof here is some money I earned on Adfly, and let’s transfer it to my Paypal account. And you can see it on Paypal You will find the detailed proof and withdrawal instructions at the end of the video! So keep on watching. Now I will tell you what you can expect from this video First we gonna show you how to create an Adfly account and then we gone describe Adfly a little bit for the new comers then we will show you some effective ways to promote your Adfly links to make some money and finally we gonna show you, how you can withdraw your Adfly earnings to your local bank account! So that’s the short brief of, what we gonna show you today Now you can decide, whether you wanna watch further or not Because things are getting a little bit serious form here You can skip to certain parts of the video, if you want to only watch a particular section from the video, for that you will find annotations throughout the video! Ok let’s get to the point Part number 1, create an Adfly account! Open up your browser, and go to adf.ly Now we are on the Adfly official website.

If you have experience any trouble to access Adfly website watch this video! You can always find our referral link in the video description. You can join through that as well, if you don’t mind and of course we will get some kickbacks if you do so. But Don’t worry we will put a non-referral link too to get there If in case you don’t want us to benefit from you! I’m Just kidding guys Once you are on the site. To create an account, you gonna need to click on this button ‘Join now’ Now fill it with your details, like your name, email, password and so on, Don’t worry I will walk you through, just pay close attention The first thing, here is asking for you name! So type in your full name Next thing it is asking for a user name, so type in a user name or nickname! Now you need to type in your email address. No matter whether it’s Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Hotmail or any other privet mail hosting services. Just type it in! Now you need toenter the same email address here as well, for a conformation reason Now we are on the account type.

Just click inside the box and choose the first one Which is “link shrinker : create shortened URL and earn money” And we have an other option here as well which is “advertiser : pay to advertise your website on Adfly ” For our purpose the first account type is the best choice. Ok know let’s move on to some other things. Enter a password. You can type in whatever you wish. but be sure to remember Once you done doing all that, you gonna finally need to complete this human check, Simply copy type this printer text document aka captcha, exactly over here. And please keep in mind it is case sensitive. Now check this box, i agree to the terms and conditions. If you want you can read the terms and condition before agreeing You can do it by going here As we know there is nothing serious in this contract so we gonna directly moving to here, and agreeing this terms and conditions And finally click on this button, called join But we are not gonna click on it right now, because as I said earlier I already have an Adfly account But I will definitely tell you, what you need to do right after you clicked on this.

If you clicked on the join button! They will sent you a verification email to the associated email address and you gonna need to check your mail inbox for that Once you found the mail, open it up and click on the verification link And then you will get verified! So that’s it! Now you are successfully created your very first Adfly account. So it’s time to login, for that you gonna need click on this login button then you will get here, now type in your email and the password that you used to create this account Now click on login Now we are successfully logged in to our Adfly account So we completed our first step successfully Part number 2, in this part we are gonna show you what is Adfly, how it gonna financially benefit you! And some basic things you need to know about Adfly before getting started! Adfly is a URL shortening service, like goo.gl which is Googles link shorting service, bit.ly, tiney URL and so on, if we say it more clearly a URL shortening service, will make a long and ugly looking URL’s to a short and attractive URL for the purpose of sharing them online in a good shape But Adfly is a little different unlike the other url shorting services that I mentioned earlier, Adfly will financially benefit you because it contains a small unit of ad, witch I will explain you later on this video and because of that, let’s call the Adfly a Paid url shorting service You know the link sharing is a very common thing among the internet users most of us share at least a couple of links online on a daily basis.

So my question is why don’t we take advantage of our this behavior! or why don’t we get paid for sharing those links you don’t need to deviate from what you do normally. Instead do some smart things with them to make your online time to money, before getting to more technical side Let me just show you around, you should take this tour to understand Adfly better and to reduce your distance with the Adfly interface The first thing I like about Adfly, is it’s interface Adfly has a very user friendly interface unlike it’s similar services. We are now on the Adfly home page or more over let’s call it ‘ dashboard On the dashboard the first thing you will notice, this menu. Which contain some Quick links to Home, Referrals, Tools, Withdraw, forum, support et cetera and under that you will found the shrink box! Which is the hart of Adfly. The place where you can shrink your links and below that you can see your earning and the performance graph, so that’s all here Now i will show you how to create an Adfly link and what you need to do with it For that you need to get a random link, and you can copy it from anywere on the internet Forexample let’s copy this one Now come back to the Adfly home, and move over here, to the shrike box.

Now click inside and past the link that we just copied. Here it is! Now lets do the magic, Go and hit this blue button Now you can see the original link get shortend and now it’s contain ad means now it worth some money, So let’s go ahead and test this one Going to copy this link, and let’s try It on the browser That’s it, now you are seeing an Adfly link, you can see the 5 second count is started and it is showing the ad Now the countdown is just over, let’s go ahead and click the skip add button, and see what! We are at the url the we used to create this Adfly link So that’s how an Adfly link works, each and every time when somebody clicks on it! Adfly is a CPM or cost per mille based platform, and the CPM rate for each of us may differ in terms of certain things, for example From which country your links get most of the clicks and one of the good paying country are America, so try to target mostly the American audience, Anyway you will get 1-10 per thousand clicks.

So it’s time to show you, how you can get some clicks. For example you can go and post this Adfly link on your Facebook account. Or if you have a fan page or community that had a huge followers list You can literally make thousands of dollars out of it, within a few days. But what about the normal people like you and me Who doesn’t have thousands of follower or who doesn’t have fan page yet you don’t worry There is room for every buddy! And that’s why we created this video to at least make you to earn 10 to 15 dollar a day. Let’s me tell you secret, there are a billion people using Facebook on a daily basis, think for a second if you could get a small portion of the Facebook users, click on your links.

How much you could make? Is there only a Facebook on internet You can post your links on! Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google plus, and there are so many social networking, forums and other sites on the internet. You know the Internet is a huge place! By considering this point! You don’t even need to start a website a blog or anything to gain these clicks The only thing you need to do is, Just go social! And make attractive post with you Adfly links and that’s it There are other thinks that I can share with you which will help you to gain more clicks that we will discuss on the other part, called, Adfly link promotion Know before ending this part I would link to tell you someting a great thing about Adfly, there is another easy way on Adfly to make even more money It’s called referral program Let’s move on to the Referrals page! And talk more The adf.ly referral program is a great way to make even more money with your short links It’s a very simple thing to do! Refer friends and receive 20% of their earnings for life You can just email and recommend people to signup for adfly through your referral link Or you can promote this video however you can think of like i’m promoting my link under this video You can see the referrals I earned so far.

I have earned more than a 2000 plus referrals now Adfly will pay me, the money equals to 20% of what these 2000 people earned and they’re keep on giving me this money, and I thing they will continue doing that, for my life time Don’t worry It’s won’t effect the referral If you have web master traffic, you can refer advertiser to Adfly and earn 5% of the order they make. Here is the link you can promote! To gain referral, and if you running a website or blog You can pick up these banner as well, it will just act like a regular ad on your website Just add the html code to your website and it will show up and that’s what the Adfly referral program is all about. Now let’s move on to some other things. Part number 3 adfly link promotion There are thousands of way you can promote your adfly links on internet Hope we discussed about a few of them earlier You can literally share the Adfly links any where you can think of So according to that, this part is pointless but anyway we are going to show you some techniques That we use to share or promote our adfly links on the internet I hope it will help you to get start on adfly or at least it will give you some inspiration and ideas So let’s get start Method number 1 Youtub Create an amazing video and upload it to youtube On the video description you can put your adfly link make sure it is appropriate and relevant for example, if you are doing a software review video in that video, you can say to your viewers “hey you can download this software for free, I will put the links below in the video description So most of viewers will go there and click on the Adfly link And Make sure you viewers getting the right thing and they benefit from it and please do not spam, spamming will leads to account termination There is another way you can promote your adfly links on youtube You can comment Youtube with these links, and make sure it is appropriate and relevant Method number 2, Facebook The number one thing you can do on Facebook is, posting attractive posts with you Adfly link.

You can normally share these links on your Facebook account and make sure it is appropriate and attractive The thing is that, you should leave a reason inside your post for people to click on it. It is the basic rule of every Adfly sharing Methods! And you must do it. The other thing on Facebook that you can promote your links, if you own a Fan page or community, you can share these links on them, and get a huge amount of clicks The last thing you can do on Facebook is commenting.

Leave an eye catching comments on some once post with your Adfly links on them. This way you can earn even more clicks form Facebook! And as I said earlier, make sure it is relevant to the topic. Method number 3, psot Adfly links on forums There are many forums that allow sharing adf.ly links also you can use the adf.ly links as signatures, and get more clicks. Go to the official Adfly forum and go to ‘Getting Traffic’ section. There you will find some good link spreading methods Method number 4, twitter There are many methods by which you can post your adf.ly links automatically to twitter account, for example using twitterfeed just create an account on twitterfeed and create a feed using your adf.ly api key you can find your Adfly api key by going to and from tool from your Adfly dashboard here click on API Documentation and there you can find it, then connect it to your twitter account, you can search for this process in detail on the internet, You will be easily able to find it or else you can normally tweet important things with your Adfly links on it, but it must be relevant! I repeat do not spam Method number 5, file sharing site.

Your adf.ly links on link sharing sites that offers free stuff. Simply upload there a lot popular stuffs and when someone tries to download your file your adf.ly link comes up. If you are able to get your files downloaded then you gonna make some cash from it Some of the popular sites are, Rapidshare.com , Sendspace.com Filefactory.com , Dropbox.com , Keepandshare.com, all these sites allow free uploads and you can upload whatever you need Now I will describe you how it works Upload something to these sites, and convert the share URLs to Adfly links and then post them on to your website or blog, Here is an example, this is one of my website here you can find lots of Adfly links to the file sharing sites and believe me! It is one of the best way to get some clicks on your links. Method number 6, past bin It is an another easy method to gain some clicks Go to pastebin.com, create a new paste about something popular including some good stuff like download link and put there an adf.ly link too If you do it right, it will give you at least a 10 clicks within seconds If your paste goes viral, you are done You can check many viral and trending pastes in the top of the site Part Number 4, withdraw your Adfly earnings in this part we are gonna show you how to withdraw your Adfly earnings so far, to withdraw your Adfly earnings, you need to go to the withdrawal page on your Adfly account you can get there by clicking on this with withdraw quick link.

Now we are on the withdrawal page Here you can see a tinny button called “request payment” before clicking on that, you need to make sure your earnings is eligible for payout, I mean Adfly will only pay when your reach the minimum payment threshold and it is $5, And once your earnings reach the amount or above, you can withdraw your money And Adfly even offers you the daily payment option. So that If you made at least 5$ or above each day You can withdraw your money in a daily basis and Adfly put zero restrictions on that Before finishing the withdrawal section I will tell you what are the minimum facility that you have to have to receive the payment of course you need a bank account, and make sure your account support net banking and the second thing, you need to Signup for a virtual bank in order to transfer Adfly earnings to your local bank Adfly supports three different virtual banks, I hope most of you familiar with those name! Paypal, Payoneer, and Payza and you know most of us either have one of them, like I have Paypal account and unfortunately if you don’t have one, yet you don’t worry.

It free to create one and you can do it online It is a very simple thing to do, like any other signup process out there just go to paypal.com or whatever virtual bank, I mentioned above and click on signup. But I recommend sign up for Paypal! Because they are the leaders and create an account by following the on screen instruction I hope it will be an easiest thing for you!, even a 12 year old can do it It’s that simple, the only thing you need to do here is pay close attention, and follow my instruction exactly Then I’m sure you can do it Ok once you created the account, just link your bank account with it you can do it by going to the payment methods on Paypal you will see the payment method option on the top side Just click on it and you will get here Now you need to click on here! “link a bank account”, and enter you bank details like account number, IFSC code and stuff like that they will ask you more details If you don’t understand any particular think they ask for Just call your bank! For the quick assistance or contact me on the comment section, below I will there to help you at anytime Ok, I’m not moving further with this I’m sure you can do it and you can see here! I’m already connected one of my back account with it and once you done setting up all that, you will never need to worry about anything and you will never have to setup all this ever again Your payment reach you on time It will get to your bank account! Make sure you set up the auto withdrawal option on Paypal If you setup the auto withdrawal feature, your earnings will automatically sent to your bank account when the moment it’s reach on your Paypal, or at least within a day, they will not keep it longer than that.

They will transfer it on time, And mostly the transaction take a little bit time like approximately 7 days, so don’t get panic but according to my experience, the payment will never get late more than 3 -4 days, it will reach your local bank account on time. We have to do one more thing before, applying for the withdrawal get back to your Adfly account and go to your account page by clicking on this account button Just near your profile picture Once you clicked on it, you will get redirected to your account page Now you need to go over here and change the payment method to Paypal or whatever virtual bank you sign up for and after that enter you Paypal email id Which means the email id, you used to create your Paypal account and after you done that, you need to click on this “update account” button and save the settings Now you can move over to withdrawal page, and request your payment by clicking on the request payment button Now you can see my Adfly earnings here, it is $dollars and you can see the withdrawal request has been approved It’s take some time to get your Adfly earning to your Paypal account So this is time to show you the proof and I’m not gonna waste that opportunity to prove this is a genuine method.

So let’s wait until it’s reach to my Paypal account It’s take a approximately a few hours So site back and relax! Hey guys back again! The time is just passed away and now let’s go to Paypal, and see if it’s there You can see the payment is just received at my Paypal account Now i will show you the proof of the payment You can see it is sent by x19 Limited which is own and operates by adfly and here you can see the adfly URL it self So that’s the proof that i can give to you, to prove this is a legit way to make money i’m sure you will gain more experience with it and that’s it we are successfully covered the withdrawal process as well Hope you have zero doubt left, if you have any question or doubt, feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible and we will not miss a single appropriate comment So it’s time to wind up today’s episode Hope you guys have a great time see you guys on next one Peace!

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