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Hey what’s going on rakeem addison here in on today’s video I’m gonna be breaking down how to make money online while you sleep so if you’re super excited to learn exactly how to do that go ahead and give me a thumbs up right now also this is your first time here be sure to smash that subscribe button tick that Bell icon if you want to learn how to build a long sustainable business that will eventually give you the freedom you deserve alright so with that being said I want to start this video off with a very powerful quote from one of the richest men in the world alright so let me go ahead and minimize my camera a little bit and just kind of read through it with you alright so now that my camera is minimized you can see the quote here plain as day it says if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die and that is a very true statement think about the amount of years that a person works and roughly that’s about 40 years that a person works some people work even more than that right so you got to think about what that does to a person over time so in the comments right now I want to know are you someone who wants to work 40 years of your life doing the exact same thing if you don’t enjoy it right I kind of already know your answer but if you could just you know give me a little bit a little bit of feedback so I can kind of connect with you guys and kind of get your your thoughts on some of my ideas that I put out all right alright so you’ve read the quote guys I want to kind of read that quote to kind of give you that little kick that little motivation like man if I don’t find a way then I’m probably gonna work until I die and that’s not something I want to do alright so I’ve shown you that now I’m gonna go ahead and transition to showing you my results just like an income update so far this month so I’m on Clickbank here and I’m gonna refresh the dashboard alright so I’ve refreshed the dashboard you can see so far this week I’ve made 17 dot 64 cents right last week I made seventeen dollars and fifty six cents alright so now what I want to do now is I want to go down to the month what’s gonna just gonna show you what I made so far this month and what I’ve made so far last month alright so I’ll go to affiliate and as you can see my current sales for this month or one thousand one hundred and seventy seven dollars and forty-seven and last month I made 121 dollars flat alright so that’s just to kind of give me an update so you know that I’m somebody who you can learn from and actually not just learn but implement what I’m sharing with you in these videos because that is the most important part of this all all right all right so I’ve showed you my income now we’re going to get into the the five step process used to make money online while you sleep alright so let’s get into it alright the first thing we’re going to be talking about which is number one and the most important of them all is crafting yourself a vision all right now whatever what do I mean what how do you even do this alright so let me give you the easiest way for you to do this the first thing you need to know you can go ahead and write it down you can put on your own your cell phone whatever you want to do the first thing you’re gonna need to know is the amount the the income the monthly amount that you’re going to need to live the type of lifestyle that you want right back in 2014 when I was getting started my mentor would always say you have to know you have to go out and do some research see what type of lifestyle you want to live so that could be you going on trulia.com seeing looking at different houses so you can get an idea okay I want to live in a house like this right or looking at different cars on the internet and seeing okay um I think I want to have this type of car but no in your mind like what what what has your heart when you look at that car you how to make money online while you sleep all a part of the whole creative process you know that you notice they talk about the mindset right having that and having that part down in order for everything else to flow alright so find that magic number that you you’re gonna need you’re gonna know hey making this amount of money every single month is gonna help me to live the type of lifestyle I want now how do you correlate that which are why right your why is what pushes you through when you’re when you’re having bad days or bad months or bad weeks inside of your business what is that one thing that’s driving you to never give up on yourself for me that’s my kids right that’s my family as a whole but the thing that really drives me is if I put this to pump myself up I put this uh this thought in my head I say if my kids come to me and they’d say I’m hungry and I don’t have a way to provide for them that snaps me into my mode of motivation to where I just start absolutely crushing it right I have to put in the grind and just keep hustling right so what is that one thing for you what is that one thing if you can leave it in the comments you could write it down on your pad I just want to kind of show you how to correlate those two things this is the amount of money that you want to make per month of course in between the money and your Y there has to be like that the the will to get that done right the will to actually push through to get to that amount and you’re going to get to that amount trust me it’s it’s possible to reach the amount you want but you have to take a massive a massive amount of action all right and having the mindset in the push through which is that wise that’s gonna take you to that amount per month all right so hopefully I you know kind of scripted that out a little bit for you so you can get a better understanding of what I mean by crafting a vision all right so now let’s go to number two now this one is very important right now how are you going to do this you’re going to first pick a niche all right you’re gonna pick a niche that you want to go into and you’re gonna make sure that that niche is something that you can be passionate about long term because if you go into a niche because somebody told you oh that’s the prop the most profitable niche out there and you have absolutely no passion for that guess what’s gonna happen you’re gonna fail and that is a 100% guarantee and I don’t make guarantees especially not any claims but that right there my friend you’re going to fail because you have no passion for whatever you’re going into so that is key picking a niche that you’re passionate about that you end joy that you can talk about all day if you really had the chance to alright now once you get inside that niche you’re gonna have to create content whether that’s you doing a blog post whether that’s you doing a YouTube video whatever your form of generating traffic is you’re gonna have to create content to attract the right type of people inside of that niche so you can get more eyeballs you can get you can generate more leads you can generate more sales that is the only way that that process is going to happen right so build a targeted audience of people who who the best type of people to attract alright alright so number three a high converting offer right so this process one two and three they kind of all go a lot they align with each other but as you’re going into your niche and you’re building that targeted audience right at this point you can you can you can have your offer come a little bit later but most nine times out of ten you want to have the offer as well alright so how do you determine if an offer is a high converting offer or not now this the website Clickbank allows you to do that very easily alright so if you look right here on the marketplace let’s go to the Clickbank marketplace you’ll see all these different niches over here different categories of different things that you can sell right so I’m gonna just pick any one of them let’s see here all right let’s let’s go into games all right so these are products based on gaming all right so how do you determine if something is high converting or not all right so if you see right here it says sort results by so right now it’s on popularity so it’s based off what’s the most popular now what you want to do to get a high converting offers you want to go to sort results by gravity when you do that it’s going to bring up the the product that’s getting promoted the most right and that’s essentially converting the most all right so if we look right here the gravity is what we want to pay attention to so you see that says seventy five point three six so that means that at least seventy seventy-five people are promoting this product now let’s go down and observe the other ones just to kind of see the difference so check this out this one is seventy-five this one only ten that is nine right that is four point seven that’s four so look at the big difference seventy five to ten so that automatically shows you oh this is a high converting offer right I see it this amount of people are promoting it so nine times out of ten if those people are continuing to promote it then it’s high converting alright and then of course what you can do is you can go ahead and click on the page and it’s gonna bring you to like their the affiliate page where people are going to come to to kind of go through the information to see okay it’s just something that I want to get started in then they’ll make that decision go ahead and pull out their credit card and buy from you and then you’re gonna generate income all right so that’s that you get to the you get to the pay they get to the page and boom they can make a buying decision so I’m going to go ahead and click off of that now as you can see right here average per sale is thirty dollars and seventy five cents so let me explain real quickly the difference between this average per sale in this initial sale this right here is the average a person makes if a person makes it through this entire funnel alright and then this right here is what you would make initially so if they go through the first like the low end offer you’re gonna make a dollar in 34 cents alright so just just so I can kind of clarify that so you can kind of get a better understanding all right so now if you want to promote this all you would do is click promote right here and then your nickname will show up if you already have your nickname there and then like I said depending on which traffic source you want to use you can put whatever the traffic source is so as you can see this says YouTube ads you can put Facebook and that’s usually what that’s used for alright so then you will hit create and then it would give you a link that looks just like this or not necessarily like that but it’s gonna be a long ugly affiliate link sorry now what you’re gonna do with that link is you’re going to use a software like clickmagick dot-com or you can use Bentley dot-com my recommendation is definitely click magic calm and I’ll leave a link to the in the description it is an affiliate link so if you do go through the link I will be compensated right so I just want to go ahead and state that alright so I’m going to go ahead and click off that because at this point we’re not trying to gather any links to promote right just kind of want to show you how easy it is to see where a converting offer and remember all you have to do is whatever category you go in make sure you sort results by gravity and look for roughly about anything 50 and above for gravity all right all right so let’s go back over here to my pad alright so now we’re going to go ahead and move one to number four we talked about having a high converting offer all right now gaining exposure to your offer now my recommendation for you now I’ll go ahead and just type that out my recommendation is you look for one free way one free way of getting traffic right and then one paid way all right now why does why is this important right because there are some people who only who have built multiple six-figure businesses only using free traffic right specifically I’ve seen it done with YouTube I’ve seen it done with blogging right in other different ways people use Facebook guys and all those different types of ways but the reason you’re doing free and paid is so that you can scale up your business a lot faster so let me talk about the difference between them so the freeway is it’s not cause you don’t have any risk with that the only thing that you’re sacrificing is your time when it comes to free right and I absolutely love free traffic right who doesn’t like like being and profit in their business rather than spinning the money to generate the customers where you have a lot more risks all right now would pay you’re able to scale and do what you do it free a lot faster the only difference between free and paid is that free is organic and it can continue going with paid advertising when you use it such as like Facebook ads or YouTube ads or any of those types of ads what can happen is as soon as you stop paying for traffic or you turn it off guess what you’re not generating any traffic with free traffic such as like YouTube Organic like you YouTube SEO you’re literally getting traffic through all throughout the night you’re getting traffic all the time because think about how many questions people want answer out there on the Internet just think about that people are searching 1 2 3 in the morning so this is how you can literally start to generate income because let’s say for example somebody goes they look they start searching for a question they have right they have a problem you provide a solution in the video they filled a little bit more resonated with you they resonate with you a lot more and then they feel okay I want to get started in the business right this person really inspired me guess who just made money is like if they’re watching your video I like two or three in the morning guests who’ve just made money because that first thing that person felt compelled to join a business you did and that’s how you’re gonna make money online why’d you sleep alright so that was just some extra advice one free way one paid way so if it’s gonna be YouTube as your free way and then you can use YouTube as your paid way as well if you really just enjoy a YouTube or Facebook as your paid wait it just depends on you all right now the number five way sorry about that the number five way in a second here alright the number five way how to make money online while you sleep just got into but as far as like having a systematic process I mean like having a funnel so that way if somebody does come through and watch your content and they feel compelled by it you give them the ability to now opt into one of your cells to one of your capture pages then connect with them let’s say you use a bridge in between your sales page so you can connect with them a little bit more I mean it’s really it really depends well like it really depends on the process that you want to take so if you’re using YouTube and somebody watches a 20 minute video of you my recommendation yes you can still use a breast– page or you can just go straight from capture page to sales page I’m actually been doing some experimenting and I’m finding that since people are already watching kind of I guess you could say anywhere from 10 to 20 minute videos of me they kind of already understand the type of person I am from watching the multiple amount of videos so putting an extra video in between that sometimes that I’ve seen where that can decrease the amount of sales you make so it just really depends on on you know what you want alright so once the person goes to do a capture page right they already resonated with you and then you’ve given them value so they feel good about you they go to that sales page and they’re real and they’re feeling pumped up then they’re gonna pull out their credit card and buy now it’s not gonna happen all of this all of the time like that what happens sometimes is they’ll opt in to the capture page they’ll get to the sales page and then they’ll know they’ll probably be like ah I’m not really ready yet right so what you can do is you can literally set up autoresponders to automatically go out as soon as somebody opts into your concert pages you’re already sending emails out to them in one email and then add a data like like skip a day and then send him another email or however you want to do it maybe you want to send them emails for the next seven days every single day it really depends on what you want to do but the process is really this simple they go through a capture page that you generate a lead then if that person doesn’t make it a buying decision right then you can continue to follow up with them but make sure within your emails you’re not selling them on every email you want to start putting you want to start sharing in YouTube videos with them sharing other content with them maybe doing webinars so you can give them as much value as they’re looking for and then they’re gonna be like oh man this person is giving me so much value I wonder what’s going to happen when I put out my credit card and buy is it gonna get better is it gonna get worse most times if you’re giving somebody a massive amount of value it’s gonna get better right and then that’s just that’s just plain as simple all right so I’ll just recap those steps real fast so crafting your vision right I’ve laid out a way for you to do that so if you missed that just go back and rewind the video and just take a look at that again building a target audience right just building an audience around a specific niche that’s all that is number three high converting offer eyes over on Clickbank so just kind of recap to that part in the video number four gain exposure to your offer so different eyes whether you’re using free traffic or paid but make sure you’re using both and not just one right because free traffic is gonna save you money but it’s gonna require time pay traffic is gonna cost you money and it’s really not gonna cost you much time at all because you’re paying for it all right number five having that systematic process so that funnel so that anytime of the day you can be making money alright so I hope you got a massive amount of value from this video and if you did be sure to smash that like button right now also don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and tick that Bell icon so that any time you I release any new videos you get them and with that being said I look forward to seeing you in the next video my friend pace

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