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So you’ve probably seen some online course claiming that you can make money hundreds of dollars a day in 24 hours without doing any work and you just click a magic button and money starts flying out of your piggy bank or whatever and you might have felt intrigued to get it and you’ve probably gotten it and so I buy and once you go through all the minute and you’ve probably wasted money time and energy on it and you suddenly realize it doesn’t work but in today’s video I’m gonna be showing you how you can make $100 a day more free on Clickbank stay tuned but if you want to take a shortcut I start making money as soon as next week click the link in the description where it’s gonna take you to a dump for you system affiliate marketing program that’s gonna teach you everything you need and they’re gonna give you all their funnels and emails and everything you just have to drive traffic that’s all so by saying that let’s get into the eyes welcome back to another video and in this video I’m gonna be showing you how you can make or get up to $100 a day or more on Clickbank for free using free traffic from online and I’ll show you the traffic later on in this video so stay tuned so step number one which is the most important step and that’s how you get paid is of course creating a Clickbank account so all you do is go to clickbank com create click and create an account fill everything that’s in here your all your information and at some point they’re gonna ask you some questions about how much experience you as an affiliate and for that those questions you want to put the answers that showed that you have experience even if you don’t it’s okay they don’t know you they don’t know your life they don’t know everything so just put the answers that show it shows you have experience and you know you’ll get a proof like click man and you can start making money so the second step would be to find a converting offer so first you have to choose your niche which is the category basically you’re in on the category of products you’re gonna promote and you’re gonna talk about so all you do is when you go into the back office of Clickbank you press marketplace which is gonna bring up this page and these are all the categories and niches they have to so you can promote anything in these categories so for today’s video we’re gonna go into a business and emarketing niche which is what this page is about if you want more videos like this smash that subscribe but subscribers button so when you come when you come to the offers page you want to sort results by gravity this is important because you want the offers that are converting the best and making the most money for you so as you can see one of them is a Z code and the second one is Clickbank University for a Z code is 90 gravity of ninety two point zero five that means ninety two affiliates have made money in the last week promoting this offer so so all you want to do is find a good converting offer go into the sales page and these sales pages have been made so I’ve been made to convert so you don’t have to do the work all you do is just tell people about it give some value first tell people about this offer when after you give value to them and then they’re just gonna comment by now so you go check this see if it’s congruent with your whatever you’re talking about on and your brand if you’re starting if you’re if you have a brand and then when you come here you check it if it’s good and this should be good because 92 people have already made money with this in the last week so you know it’s converting so all you do is click promote get this you can put a tracking option you can create your affiliate link this piece of shit a long piece of shit so if you want to make this better all you do is copy it go to bit be calm and then press create this is a link shortener so you paste your long link there and then it’s gonna bring your shortening and you can customize it any way you want so we’re good what we’re gonna do is just put make money online fast okay make money online fast make money online easy okay you just copy this link and now for step number three which is traffic the most important part of your business traffic if you don’t have if you don’t have traffic I don’t care even if you have a the most highest quality sales page the best offer the most converting the ones that have good conversions if you don’t have traffic and eyeballs on your product you’re not gonna get any sales so traffic is the most important part so what we’re gonna do for traffic is free there’s paid traffic and there’s free traffic pay traffic you can pay someone to give you traffic or Google or Facebook or anything but I believe free and organic traffic is the best so what we’re gonna use for today is Instagram now Instagram has become has blown up I think 80 million people are on this are are on Instagram and I think half of that are active every day so imagine what point 1 percent of people singing your link or affiliate product how would that change I would add convert and you could make a lot of money with this so all you do is go to Instagram and I found this page on Instagram all he does is post affiliate I mean not a fitness all he does is post motivational quotes so and inspires people to take action in their business and everything you can see that he has 3 million followers and all he does is just post simple pictures of a tional coat you can do that guys I can do it you can do it that’s easy he’s not someone or she’s had someone then higher than you or knows more than you all they did is just they took action and they stayed consistent and some time later they are three million followers and they made they can make money now so you start you make a niche base Instagram account and you start posting quality pics consistently the most important is you stay consistent and you post quality posts people aren’t gonna look at your post and follow you if your content is trash so I make sure to post quality pictures and videos on Instagram and one thing I learned and this is a free tag as you can repost viral content about whatever is Bravo relevant in your niche and give the credit to the owner and people are when they’re looking for that they’re gonna come across your they’re gonna come across your page under if you have quality content they’re gonna follow you so once you start gaining some followers you can put an affiliate link right in the bio so major so first make your bio very item I grabbing and like curiosity based biome so when people look at it they want they would want to check it check your link so you post your link which we made right here make money online easy that’s not the best but you can make it better and post a here and that’s another way of creating a curious link so once you post put your link here when you start gaining followers there some of the followers are going to click that link if they’re curious and if you have a high converting offer they’re gonna buy it so that’s basically it so one bonus tip is for you to create a capture page what a capture page is is simply let me find one I’m sure what a capture page is it’s basically this it says like make money online today fast a hundred dollars a day and then people put their first name or yeah basically first name and their email that’s the best and then you give something free to them which will basically you’re giving them something for free for their email address and their email address is worth more than some free thing so you want to grab that email address and get a autoresponder which would be get response or Aweber I think I response is better you basically sign up and then this collects your the email addresses you you gone and then once you collect those email addresses you can start sending offers after offers after offers basically you have that customer for the lifetime that they stay in your autoresponder so you can make more money from one customer more times you don’t get one sale and then that customers gone so back to what we’re taught are we talking about Instagram so you create that capture page you get that email address and you start sending them offers after offers and after offers but first get them to like know and trust you so they would buy those offers if you just send them links after links after links they don’t know you why would they buy from you and when they get to know you you after that point you’re not selling them anything it’s just I feel like you’re recommending that product to them so it’s more easier for them to buy it so guys if you learned something from this video like that smash that subscribers button and if you have any concerns or questions comment them down below and if you want to get a shortcut to your success click the link in the description where it’s gonna take you to a company that I’m with that’s teaching me everything I need to know to start an online business everything is done for you emails capture pages work very hot what we talked about you don’t have to make them and they send out the email so you don’t have to learn how to create those emails and send them out also also their affiliate program which you can sell their products and get Commission’s so if you want to get into that click the link in the description and you can get started from there I’ll see you next time

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