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Hey guys it’s John Kevitz from Acquire Liberty thanks for spending your time with you here today. Today I have a website for you it actually is really really cool if you like uploading videos and representing some extra money and you don’t really have to do anything else and this isn’t youtube okay this isn’t dailymotion or or v mo nothing of those this is actually something completely new and unique but before we get into that I want you to were in favour of my youtube canals click on that little Bell notification so every time I make it upload you’ll get to see it first and if you no longer want to trade day for money but you want to make passive income click that first link in the bottom of the description below and it will show you a free video a video that I actually watched it gave me the capacity to work from residence full period generate passive income and I have to worry about going to work every morning listening to a boss or having people creeping over my back you know “re just telling me” you do this do that I have to do that anymore not my own boss alright guys if that seems plea to you then click that relation below watch the free video and be seen to what extent I got started and then you can do the same thing too alright guys don’t you further ado let’s get into today’s video and website I have for you it is a video website you may or are not able to “ve heard a lot about” this before but I thought it was pretty awesome it is called upload mp4 dot-com now on this website you actually upload all types of video basically that you want to I mean if you have videos merely takes part in you know on your computer that you have uploaded to YouTube before you can actually upload it to this place then you basically what you do is you plug that that connect for that video that you upload it and if you get up to I think it’s up to ten thousand video ideas on that video you’ll stir 30 bucks now are you gonna get rich doing this no but if you have a good quality video the answers a question helps people out entertains them you are able to become pretty decent money so if you upload something today and you know it’s something genuinely phenomenal it’s a great video it sparks attention it helps people out you place all the link you throw that relation in all the right places where people are looking for the answers or recreation that you’re supplying you can actually make really decent fund and buy decent it buy decent what I intend is you do it formerly you upload it formerly and guess what as long as people maintain viewing that video you’re going to make money okay tribes I think that’s pretty good now here we have the main page and it merely basically starts off right here hilltops right here and it basically takes your computer you are able to lowering any video in there you crave but what I want to show you is I want you to take it take it to make money this association right up here and basically tells you sir requirements certain things that it is able to do what you can’t be expecting to manufacture okay minimum payout is$ 5 so formerly you draw$ 5 it’s actually you could offer through right here PayPal a bit Bitcoin and Payoneer okay now for Payoneer it’s $ 50 minimum but minimum payout is $50 okay remittances are attained every day so each time you make$ 5 or more throughout the day you get a payment that day which is really nice reward programs here pay pay-per-view panorama and share files to give huge money up to$ per 10,000 videos just like I mentioned to you already now that’s pretty good that’s actually not a lot of you are familiar with vistums now someone who hasn’t done videos that often or you don’t have any videos you know on your computer you haven’t done anything on YouTube yeah it might be a slow start for you but the key here is it’s not about how many people are going to get a check to your video on a scaffold like YouTube or V mo or dailymotion or any of those on the websites it’s basically up to “youve got to” put your video relation for the videos that you’re going to upload here on upload mp4 that are able to garner the attention that you need to get those kind of views and I’m gonna show you how to do that quick it’s not that difficult at all and here is the matrix project you got playing 1 which is now being 30 playing 2 which is 23 3 is 10 4 is 6 and 5 is 4 and what they entail by that is here’s your schemes here’s your key information playing 1 Australia Canada United Kingdom of United States that’s the key that’s the one that’s gonna fee you out the most money to you know garner nonetheless many judgments you get for your videos you can get those views in Australia Canada United Kingdom or United States that’s where you’re going to make the most fund that’s what you want to focus on and for those of us who are in the United States already that are actually shouldn’t be too much of a number of problems but it basically tells you here you are familiar with playing five all our countries so all these non-eu countries that aren’t listed here and these plans you’re gonna induce$ 4 for every 10,000 positions so that’s where the value of the video goes down down down down is dependent on where you go you are able to upload video you could upload movies music anything you can imagine we do not delete registers never so they never remove your record and basically no matter where you plug this this connection for for that’s that’s here on upload mp4 you can generate income now if there’s a whole listing of things here that that I’m not going to go through because frankly will take course too much occasion well it’s something here looks just like you simply pay attention that you should read through all these and panoramas generated by guests with an AdBlocker or not credited now a lot of people put up ad blockers right on their computer so those people that watch your video that you upload here even though you could say I have a sentiment if there’s an ad blocker and they’re watching your video you’re not gonna get paid they get you know upload mp4 actually acquires their money from the advertisings or ads that they place on their videos so if they’re not getting that then guess what they’re not making money and you’re not gonna make money so you kind of want to gear your link towards videos or areas or places of interest where you’re not going to have you know people blocking videos or blocking the ads on the videos I’m sorry so that’ll give you that theme of that right there now let’s swing over to the FAQ is real quick yes uploading and downloading is 100% free for all users we give premium histories which allow for greater flexibility with uploading and downloading now when you get into the back-office you join up it’s really easy I’m going to show you how to do that real quick to its it’s just like every other website you are familiar with epithet make up a consumer figure your email address I would recommend expending your email address that’s associated with your PayPal account it merely makes things easier and you have to go changing things around your your back-office once you get in there so so use your paypal email email address when you’re ratify in for to join this website and it tells you what it converts to will my files that are being moved free nhanh account registers are deterred for 180 days premium history files are prevented for unlimited time now see this is where they tell you they tell you this is the trick I want to tell you about – they tell you they never delete your records but right here tells you free nhanh accounts account records are continued for 180 periods so if you want them to actually keep your video on there forever you have to eventually buy a premium history okay so that’s the manoeuvre “theres still” other YouTube videos I’ve seen that they kind of tell members that bides up there forever and they slope it like that but unless you read the penalty details and you’re FA Hughes you’re not going to know that but they do remove your videos after a certain period so if you want to get say you know ten thousand considers on a video you better plug that puppy within a certain period is dependent on what kind of counting “youve had” because you’re only gonna get a certain amount of period that’s gonna be able to you know stay on there now if you have a payment history where you’re compensating top notch you don’t have to worry about that because your videos gonna be on there forever so you want to stay focused “youre trying to” you know know where you’re gonna plug this to any kind of certain types of videos that you’re going to upload here and then focus on and slam it out get that ten thousand consider thing leading and you should manufacture some decent money but it’s even better if you do have a premium history because you can make money for a longer period of time basically unlimited if it’s a premium history and basically tells you here the kind of records that it takes basically all the standard stuff stuck here basically all the standard stuff criterion registers are there in your stricture size limits each file you upload must be less than three gigabytes in size for free and not histories must be less than 500 gigabytes or 500 megabytes which is normal I symbolize most people don’t have videos that are you know 1080 p for example that are over 500 megabytes because generally most videos don’t go over 50 times and that’s usually around what it is so you shouldn’t have to worry about that too much you can upload music music videos um that’s pretty good but anyway follow up all these fa Q’s go through all the things I established you on the beat on the first page follow up all this stuff in detail so you know exactly what you’re dealing with what your terms and conditions are like it says right here so you don’t have any surprises okay now what I want to show you here now is the back office now I simply assembled that is something that simply to watch what it was all about various kinds of get my paws wet and this basically is a really easy back office or dashboard so basically the get here in the back office and it shows you your upload button here he hit upload you drag or fell any video that you want to upload to this to this website right now I’m quite happy with my YouTube channel so I don’t really need this but it’s a good alternative for those of you who are basically brand-new and you want to plug your video connect into some home where you know you can stimulate some fast fund if you hit it in the right spot and one of the greatest smudges you can go to actually make money tight is this website right here kora kora comm establish I’ll you know join this website here it’s real easy email address password corroboration thunder you’re in and basically what this website is the day you could just go into the search and in here you can see what I did right here is how to make money online so you guys is understood that follow me on youtube right you are able I have a plethora of videos to seeing how to make money online so if I want to get specific about any of those videos I could you know form in something specific like how to make money online with PayPal for example then you get how do I make money on PayPal so I could take one of my PayPal videos and say okay if you have a PayPal account this is what you could do in order to make money through your PayPal account and what I would do is go in here to one of these questions right and what I could do is answer and I could basically post make a little remark you know you always gonna make a comment you ought to be moderately thorough when you’re doing this kind of material fell your connection in there from from uploads mp4 pacify and basically you’re going to have video considers on that now the majority of persons I’ve seen do this sort of thing they basically get anywhere between 3,000 to 8,000 vistums per video is dependent on how in demand the information is that you’re providing for people so remember significance is key if you have useful information in a specific topic or field and you can constrict it down like in a home like kora right you can get that and you can make a killing on views on all types of video so stop that in thinker but basically that’s all I have for you today people this is a really nice and easy nice easy style to make money online and it’s really simple it’s really effective pay attention to how long your video will stay up online though pay attention to whatever account you decide to choose well there’s the free one or you want to go max out and you want to get the premium one okay is very concerned about all those details okay you have to do that so you know how much day you have in order to amass those views to attain the money that you’re looking for whether it’s a little bit or a lot is dependent on what you want all right guys listen that’s all I have for today recollect subscribe to my youtube paths click on that little Bell notification so each time I make it upload you’ll see it first and remember if you want to generate passive income if you no longer want to trade hour for fund click that associate below in the specific characteristics is the first front down there click on that watch the free video see how I get started and thousands of other people got started if you crave your own home-based the enterprises and you are interested in your own boss and you don’t want to have to punch a clock anymore or have anybody bugging you and you don’t have to worry about getting up early and going to work you could do it right from the of your dwelling okay but some people don’t want that they just want a position from home if you want a position from residence if you want to generate income from home but you don’t want your own business but you want to have a rapport with patrons or people that you’re working with what I want you to do is subscribe to my newsletter it’s the second largest relation in the bottom of the description below click down that sign up for my newsletter I will give you this free ebook okay it’s a very valuable journal that tells you how to generate income from an email roster you can establish you are familiar with do it all on your own and basically what it schools you is how to you know building and strengthening such relationships and rapport with your purchasers you do that they rely you you rely them kind of have a relationship and this ebook teaches you how to do that so if you don’t want to sign up further if you don’t want the free information and you don’t want to sign up for learning how to see generate passive income I understand it’s not for everybody click on the newsletter so this space we’re in contact I always send out emails generally every day with new videos and new gratuities and maneuvers about how to make money online from residence. Alright guys that’s all I have for today and what do I ever say when I’m done with the video I ever say God Bless people take them until next time bye now…


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