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( provoking music) – Andrei, actually is a, share your floor, gentleman. You gotta share the narrative, soldier. Thank you. So– – Everyone say hi, Andrei! – Hi Andrei. – Hi everybody, so I’m Andrei Mincov. I pass Trademark Factory. It’s the only firm in the world that does marks with a flat cost and 100% fund back obligation, so I’ve known Dan for quite a bit.

He’s actually yielded me some enormous admonition, which approximately tripled our conversion charge, what was it, 6 months ago? – Yeah, something like that. – And, what he recommended was, so we had one bundle, and Dan suggested to exactly tweak them and procreate three out of’ em, and that represented it so much easier for me to sell them, but, because I do the majority of members of the sales calls right now, we’re actually, I’ve wrote the manual that’s going to be outsourcing it, but, I used to have doubt when I was offering them because there was one good container and two shitty parcels, right? And when I spoke to you, “youve said” , no, let’s do it this space, so now we have three great cartons, and it time grows so much easier for me to talk to beings because I know I’m helping them, so, thank you.

– Thank you. – And we are only had the best month of our business in November, so.( gathering acclaim) Thank you. The question I had was, even though we’re turn, we’re getting better, the accelerate at which people find out about us is too slow. – Yes. – For what I’d like. – Yes. – So, my question is, so, how do I get more parties to find out who we are? So, I am starting to spend more on Google ads.

– Nice. – I am starting to contact a little bit more beings through Help Reporter, just to get my honour to, you know, websites and information and Tv and material like that. My next year’s strategy is to do 104 YouTube videos, articulated them out every, you know, twice a week, just something a bit snippets. Any other strategies you’d recommend that would reliably bring interested beings to the website? – So, I recollect for most, let’s say we’re talking internet business, which is my specialty, is, there’s so many ways to grow the internet spirit, right? What are some of the ways, yell out the answer.

What are some of the ways? – SEO. – SEO, yes. – Twitter. – Twitter, yes. – Video marketing. – Video marketing, yes. – Blogging. – Blogging, yes. Someone from the back, get along. – Facebook. – Facebook, yes. – Social media. – General social media, there’s so many of them, yes. Right, so, a good deal of this stuff if you observe, people say a great deal of these vlogging or video commerce, they call that, let’s threw it this behavior: there are only three roads you can get freight. How many roads? – Three. – Three. You can buy it, you can borrow it, or you can work for it. That’s it. You can buy it, you are able to borrow it, you can work for it. So blogging, video sell, content creation, people say it’s free, but is it actually free? – No. – It’s free in terms of money, but you are required to spend time and effort to creating those occasions, so it’s not free. You exactly, your putting in your sweat equity, right? So, that’s creating material, right? Manipulating for the traffic, forming it, doing it yourself. Borrowing it necessitating someone who previously has trafficking in human beings, i.e. let’s say Andrei, you’ve got a listing of people who want commerce busines, some kind of service that’s complementary.

You previously have the index, I would say “hey, Andrei, “can we work a administer and perhaps do a joint endeavour? “You support me to your roster. “Whatever I exchange I give you a percentage.” That’s borrowing your commerce, right? That’s borrowing, someone from lying. Buying it, pay-per-click, Google, Facebook, you’re buying, pay-per-click, you’re buying it. Banner ads, solo ads, those types of things. In the beginning you can do a lot of these kinds of working for it, SEO, all that, it’s okay to get going, but I have never ever grown a significant internet firm through this. Never , not formerly. This is pretty good. This you can launch quite well. Seam enterprises, acquiring other people’s commerce, you can get to a pretty good point, but most of the money I’ve obligated is through buying traffic.

You’re buying traffic. So, basically what Andrei is talking about, What’s your cost per auction now, do you know? – Cost per what? – Cost per marketing, do you are familiar? Like, how much it cost you to invest in say pay-per-click to get an actual sale? – So, a click expenditure us 4 1/2 bucks. Every, we possibly sell to about every 1/6 of them. – So a click expenses you, let’s make love together, can we do that? Yeah, cure him out but also you’re learning something. So how much per a clink? – So,$ for them to go to the model. – Okay, and then? – So every one-third of them will fill out the kind. – Every third of them will fill out the structure? – Yeah. – So payment per pas is what, $15? – Yup.

– Okay. – Every six of them will buy. – So every six members of these heads one will buy? – Yeah. – That’s pretty high-pitched don’t you think? How much is your package? – We have three, so the average buy for them is about $1,500. – $ 1,500. Good quantities, good numbers. So cost per a sale is how much? – So 15 meters six is what, 90. – 90? – Is that nice consistent? – Yeah. – Okay. So 90 bucks and you sell them something for $1,500. – Yeah. – Right? So they are thinking: “Then what is your problem? “( chuckles) Right? Right, which is what i, so what’s your trouble? – Okay. – You have a conversion that works, so then, are you, how much are you expend per a daylight? – 25, I merely heightened it from 15. – 50, to 15, – 15, “its one” five now it’s 25. – 25. – So I’m just experimenting. – Okay, but the numbers is looking very good though, right? So then, the questions is, it’s just how much traffic you want to buy.

You don’t need, I want, are you maximizing trafficking in human beings your once buying? – Okay. – Prove your transition. – No the alteration I think is fine. I represent, these are stupendous digits. Just think about it, right. I envisage, just this. Now you’re doing money per Adwords? – Yup. – Are you doing Facebook? – No. – Facebook is a bit cheaper, done properly. So you might be able to get your rate per marketing even lower. Also it’s good to diversity , not only contribute utterances. Let’s say Facebook. Right, I would also test LinkedIn, you can also tout on LinkedIn. Cost more money, but the lead tone is higher. – Yup. Just those three, fuck everything else. You don’t need anything else.

You could do the video, but this is what is gonna, video is good, some SEO, you get some auctions here and there, but we know that I put in a 100 bucks its like a machine, I put in a 100 bucks this is gonna come out. Maybe, if you do Facebook promote, I put in, I don’t know 80 bucks and this would come out. Then exactly, you merely keep investing, and then you scale everything else. That’s just the only thing, you don’t need anything else.

Does that make sense? – Yeah. – Yeah, you don’t need anything else. Round of kudo. – Thank you.( applauding) – That’s how I change, it’s very simple. Every business, look at expenditure per extend, cost per auction, expenditure per click, where can I buy the traffic, have a transition process that the project works, and it time buys so much better transaction as I could, and some of you are just: “but oh, but Dan, “I don’t have enough coin, maybe to buy this.” I’ve done deals where I don’t the money to change it, but I could make this to overseas investors and say: “You know what, if you are able to loan me the money, “here’s my matrix.” Right? And then you work some kind of agreement where, I can show you it works.

If you loan me X amount of dollars, I’m gonna liquidate you back in attention, or whatever. That’s kinda, that financing. And that’s okay. Right? – This suffices as a track record. – Yeah. -‘ Cause I’m not affording him equity. I don’t want to give him equity, but I say: “You know what? “This works.” Better than opening a diner.( giggles) Right? So I say, the results of this work, every 100 horses, I time, I want to grow this to X extent of dollars, and it utters them a good interest rate, I really need your coin for short term loan, maybe 30, 60, 90, days. That’s all “youre going to” do. Right, and that’s okay, but I won’t give them equity or anything like that. That used to work, yeah. – 10 ages your finances, 10 durations your business, 10 periods your commerce, 10 times their own lives. Hit the subscribe button now . .

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