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Hey there what’s up my friend Aaron Chen here hope you’re doing well listen if you’re watching this video right now then you’re probably on YouTube doing some research you want to learn how to use Clickbank for beginners okay this is like this is Clickbank training okay so maybe you know what Clickbank is and maybe you know that it’s a marketplace where you can resell you know other digital products in any different niche market that you want but you don’t really know how to use it and you really want a tutorial we want to learn how to do it well you’re in the right place again if this is the first time you’re watching one of my videos my name is Aaron Chen I’ve been online for the last eight nine years now the first seven years I was online I was failing really really badly started with affiliate marketing moved to you know top tier sales MLM network marketing you name it I’ve done it okay push-button software made a lot of mistakes and then finally did really really well last year with affiliate marketing which is basically the thing that I started out with and the thing that I love about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to create your own products you don’t really need you know that much experience at all you just need to understand the mechanism behind how it all works okay in order to do very very well with that I’m and I’m going to talk a little bit about that later because it’s very very important that you do that okay so I hope you enjoyed this clickbank training and you know I hope that you know after this you’re going to learn how to use Clickbank for beginners and it’s going to be great okay so the first thing you want to do is you want to go to clickbank com alright this is easiest when you probably know already you know this website and the first thing you want to do is you want to create an account alright so I’m not going to create an account now but it’s really really simple you go in there it’s like setting up a you know an email make sure you just fill in all the information and once you’ve filled in all the information then you will get your account info and you can fill in your bank information and all that kind of stuff okay so I’m going to go back I’m going to assume that you filled out all this information then what you want to do next is you want to go to affiliate marketplace okay now the cool thing about Clickbank is that there are lots of different categories so I’m just going to zoom in here if you can’t see that one second there you go so there’s you know betting sis investing products education products fiction games green products you know health and fitness are you losing you know 10 pounds 20 pounds getting six pack abs everything self-help I mean there’s literally a product on anything that you can think of okay so all you want to do is you want to you want to pick the category that you feel resonates the most with you right so it could be anything really you know today you could market an e-business product tomorrow you could market a cooking product it doesn’t really matter right so the easiest one and you know there there are a few I would say categories or niche markets that will always be popular right one is the health and fitness niche the next one is the wealth niche and the next one is the love niche right so I recommend that if you’re going to pick a product to try and sell the first thing you want to do is pick one of those three big niche markets right so let’s go in to health and fitness and check it out and you can see here that this is basically the health and fitness niche and what they like to do is again I’m going to I’m going to kind of expand this for you guys so you can see it properly there we go okay and under health and fitness what what click that likes to do is they like to list the products by well you can list it by popularity or you can enlist it by average sale or you know percentage of sale the rebill or the gravity right I’ll explain that in a second right so I would do it by popularity it’s generally the most popular products are the ones that convert the best as well okay not always the case but for the most part so the first one is called yoga burn okay it’s basically actually I don’t know what it is but it says you know it’s hard to women obviously because most people that like to do yoga are women right and it’s probably about it probably teaches them how to do yoga properly right so if you wanted to have a look at that product you could just click in here and have a look at what the product sales page actually looks like right and it’s usually you know basically they all they all kind of look like this right there’s a title and then there’s there’s a video sales letter which you know will run for about five to ten minutes and it will basically sell your potential prospects on buying this product right so this one I’m going to pause it okay but it’s called yoga burn for women one yoga tip for a tiny belly so it’s basically teaching women specifically how to lose weight and get a tiny belly using yoga right so that that’s pretty cool and then this will kind of play and at the end it will have a little you know pop up button that pops up you know by now people click on it and it leads them to the you know page where they can fill in their credit card information and when they buy you make a commission that’s it that that’s Clickbank it’s very very simple okay you don’t have to create your own product we don’t do anything you literally just have to be really really good at promoting these kind of offers okay but I’ll tell you why in a minute why that’s not it does not actually as simple as you know you know it sounds like and this is how you can lose a lot of money if you’re not careful okay so I’m going to get out of here so now you know you’ve seen yoga burn and you can check out all the different products here but let me kind of explain you know what these numbers mean so initial sale is basically the average sale that you would make if you saw this product you would probably make sorry it cost about $35 okay the average percentage sale that you make is a hundred percent on the front end that’s basically what it’s telling me that it’s crazy because most products don’t payout 100% Commission okay they probably make money on the back end right because if you look at this product for example lean belly breakthrough they they give you eighty four percent in commissions and this one gives you seventy eight percent so a lot of these products will give you between 70 fifty even you know thirty percent commissions which is which is pretty good to hide the better obviously right the average rebill here is less than a dollar that means this this product doesn’t probably doesn’t have any monthly recurring rebuilds which is not good okay you want to pick a product where people are charged on a monthly basis why because if you are going to spend so much time bringing in a customer you want to make sure that you can make money on that particular customer every single month right so if there’s some sort of program where they get tied in and they have to you know obviously the programs will be of a lot of value and it’s going to build them monthly then it’s just II for you to generate those monthly sales and commissions every single month right so just you know kind of think about that for a little bit right this one has a gravity of 76 and just you know in in simple terms the higher the gravity generally the the better the product sells okay it doesn’t mean that the product is good necessarily it just means that the product sells very well so the closer to 100 it is you know the better it is generally right so these are a lot of the popular products have close to 100 gravity right so that’s why basically what it means is pretty much as simple as that if you want to promote this product you just hit on the promote you click on the promote button right I’ll ask you for your account nickname so you can put whatever you want mine is you know this step this is my accounting name and I’m going to just hit create and then Clickbank is going to give you this little what they call a hop link okay I’m going to ctrl and sorry command copy it and then now I’ve got this little link here and if I paste it up here this is my particular hop link to promote that yoga product so if I click on it I just want to show you what it leads to it leads exactly to the yoga page okay and now if I click here to begin kind of thing right but when somebody buys from my link then I make a make a commission that’s how it works okay and it’s as simple as that that’s all you need to know about Clickbank right so if you you know if you if you want to learn how to use Clickbank for beginners right and and I’m assuming you’re a beginner because you’re here watching this video it’s really as simple as that okay so I hope you enjoy this Clickbank training yeah now I’m just going to go back again and kind of explain you know what you should be doing or what you shouldn’t be doing okay so you know I’m not going to go through all the different categories you can take your time to you know go on Clickbank and you know do all the research and have a play around that’s what I recommend that you do but I want you to understand that what you should not be doing is you should not be driving traffic directly to this page okay now you might ask why well the reason is because if you think about it there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of internet marketers on the internet all over the world right I live in Malaysia you might live in the u.s.

You might live in Australia England you know different parts of Asia I’m not sure where you’re from but think about how many people are online trying to do affiliate marketing right now back 10 to 15 years ago it would have worked if you just drove traffic directly to this opportunity okay because to this offer I should say because it was so it was it was such a novelty back then and nobody was really doing this that if someone saw this and they wanted to lose weight and they were a girl they might say oh this is interesting I’m gonna buy it right but the problem is so many people are doing that so you you look like every other internet marketer on earth that’s the truth right so what you need to do instead is you need to think about how can you add value to your potential customer right so instead of just showing them an offer you have to get people to know like and trust you right now how do you do that okay well first of all you don’t want to leave people directly to this page because if you do that what’s going to happen is they’re gonna clam on this page and then go to have a look at it and if they’re not interested they’re just going to go away right now you spent time or money driving people to this website to this page if you can’t follow up with them then you’ve basically wasted your time or your or the money that you spent on you know traffic potentially right so the first thing you want to do is you want to build what we call a capture page now a capture page is a website that allows you to capture someone’s email before they see this page that we’re looking at right now okay now a place that you can go to build this this is a website called click funnels okay now if you want to get access to click funnels you can click on the link right below this video in the description box I’ll leave you a little link there that’s my link and it’s going to lead you to click funnels right and click funnels is very basically a very powerful funnel building software ok I think it’s the best it is probably the number one in the market I’ve used probably five different funnel building software and this is number one in my mind hands-down it’s just they’ve got a great support system they’re cutting-edge and they are probably the most successful in the industry right now okay in the world so you can use clickfunnels to build landing pages where people land on and see your stuff for the first time you can use them to build an entire sales funnel and then you can use it to build something that I call a value series right now the value series is where you shine and how you stand out from all the other internet marketers out there right so what I would do is I would first of all build a landing page that talks a little bit about yoga and it might say something as simple as hey if you want to learn how to lose weight get a very thin and sexy waist I’m going to show you one tip on how you can do that in order to learn this enter your email write in in the box below and that is a landing page that you own okay somebody puts their email address in that landing page and then instead of leading them to this page you want to lead them to something that I call the value series okay and nobody is doing this online right now if you were to lead them from the landing page directly to this page that you’re looking at right now what’s going to happen is probably 1% of all people or less than 1% will buy this product okay so think about that if you’re sending a hundred people to your to this page that you’re looking at right now only one person or less than one person will end up buying this yoga product this is how people go broke okay and this is why I have failed for seven years online because nobody taught me that I had to build a relationship with my person potential prospects right so instead of doing that you need to basically stand out from the competition and once they enter their email address in your landing page you need to build something called a value series okay now a value series is a series of websites where you’ve got video and you’re teaching your potential prospects some tricks on how they can lose belly fat right so all you need to do is learn a bit of information on this maybe even buy the product yourself and then in your value series you you drip feed them the little tips you know through video and and say hey listen here’s one tip for free okay that you can use to lose you know belly fat you know around your waist and if you want to learn more then you can click on the link below and this is where I learned how to do that and then you link them back to yoga burn right and then more you do that you know what’s going to start to happen is they’re going to know like and trust you okay and then they’re going to more of them will actually end up buying yoga burn it’s as simple as that okay so I hope you’re getting some major aha moments right now because this is huge this took me seven years to learn all right and you’re getting it right now in like 10 minutes or whatever okay so I hope you enjoyed that I hope you you know enjoy this Clickbank training okay and right now you know how to use Clickbank for beginners okay so let me know what you thought of this video leave a comment you know in in the in the description box below okay in the comment box below let me know what was your biggest aha moment from this training and if you want to spend a little bit more time with me okay go ahead and subscribe to my channel I’m always releasing videos like this every single week and again if you want to get a little bit more training on how I actually set up my sales funnel right I’m going to show you step by steps how I do it you can click on the link in the description box right below this video there’s a little training that I do every single week okay it’s my online workshop register for that training I do it live and I basically show you my sales funnel how I do it how I market different affiliate products okay and how I was able to generate over a thousand sales last year right and this is basically what turned my entire business around you can take it and use it for yourself okay so hope to see you on that training my name is Aaron Chen I hope you enjoyed this clickbank training and I hope to speak to you very very soon good luck in your business take care

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