I can’t believe it’s been total half a year that I’ve been selling on Amazon because I feel as though I personally ’ve spent hardly any time on this business and it continues to do well. December was a vacation month therefore the only question would be was I able to beat my last month earnings?

Missed another upgrades? Read these first:

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I finished up the month with total sales of 26,527.41:

January 2015 Amazon Income

To be clear and also for verification purposes I like to picture a video that is Fast walk through my numbers also:

I’d around 40 percent profit margins on such amount (after stock costs, FBA fees, Amazon ad spend etc).

Amazon also messed up and dropped a few of my inventory and that donated another $2k profit on top of the $10k (but should they discover the items they will give them back and that I ’ll need to return the $2k).

Why no specific number? Inventory purchases month can skew numbers e.g. 30% down payment 1 month and 70% another month.

Month, five figure gain? Sure I’ll take it

Amazon 6 month Sales Update

Common Question: How can I really make money selling physical products on Amazon?

The brief answer is I created my own new products to sell on Amazon. I recorded a podcast which offers a great breakdown of the company model and how it works that you are able to hear here. However, I have started because podcast 17 guest Brian told me about this company model and how he discovered how to do it. I went through the identical route he took actions and learned from.

Wish To Learn How To Do This?

I conduct a mastermind team with a friend where we teach others how to build Amazon companies (Brian out of Podcast 17). On February 4th, in fact we just have done with our event. I had a blast teaching and posing folks how to Construct their Amazon companies:

I'm getting ready to say something funny

I m getting ready to say something humorous

We ’ ll start the team on April 22nd, 2015 although our coaching group is presently closed. This will be your last chance to join the group ahead of the group closes down for an unforeseen period of time.

Waiting set to use us is still here.

We’ve got several more entrants into the $5k each month bar. These three are just the most recent ones that I took screenshots of. Each of them came from our final mastermind group (which started in late October). Names blacked out for reasons.

Stephen 5k club

Clif Jan 28th 5k

Erick 5k club
*AzonLaunch is our personal to training members only launching platform that helps a merchandise get initial sales, reviews and will help kick start organic all-natural sales.

There were actually several more that surpassed 5k in earnings I talked with, last week had dinner or lunch etc with in Vegas but they just haven ’ t submitted stats yet. It s so fun being a part of the success even if it’s a part.

Evaluation Of January Results

Double digit growth figures stats. Breaking the 25k mark sets me closer to my own 2015 goal. January also indicated my initial five figure gain month.

January has been a very busy month with the launching of EasyAzon v4 as well.

My objectives for January from past month were

Objective 1: Create list for new product

I will in February, although I didn ’ t do so. Moving forward I won’t be sharing the total number of products I have though.

Objective 2: Try something to Advertise my product(s) besides relying upon Amazon (round 2)

Hah, this was in my list for over 90 days. I m just getting traffic to push my sales. February is a busy month for the other 3 companies I’m involved in but I may reach this.

My Long term 2015 Goal:

I’m convinced that before the end of 2015 that I ’ll have at least one $100,000 month in sales. I like to hit the $100k mark before November though because the holidays is kind of cheating with folks purchasing what and anything.

For the first month of this year that I ’m already off to a good beginning at 25% of my target . I have a lot of fun doing it and will keep executing on my long-term development plans.

Want help finding a good or market to target on Amazon?

amasuite v4 boxset-2We’ve already created tools that will help you locate the right product to market .

Check out a trailer and subscribe to the wait list here.

When you have any queries, comments or feedback that I ’d like to listen to them.
[yellowbox]BONUS: Click here in order to get your free video coaching on the best way to create a 6 figure also Amazon FBA company in your free time.
This step by step guide is the exact formula I’ve Utilized to create my Amazon business[/yellowbox]

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