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Hi everyone thanks for watching my video so today I’m gonna show you one of the ways that I make $100 it’s really easy it’s simple before we get started I want you to go ahead and hit that like button down there below and go ahead and subscribe to my channel if you want to find out more ways to make money online whether you’re looking to make a part-time income whether you’re looking to just get your feet wet and kind of test the waters out and see how it goes or if you want to make a full-time income I have it all in my channel and I also have it on my website as well so if you want to check that out I’ll link it down below now I want to thank you for watching let’s go ahead and get started this easy way that you can make $100 online is through list verse now you can get paid $100 for each list that you submit to them and and they accept now they do have some rules and you can find those under the authors guide and you’ll get a page like this it’ll pop up so one of the first rules it needs to be a minimum of ten things so you can’t have like five or nine or throw the top three best channels to view or something like that they don’t want anything like that they want it to be unique something that is not totally easy to find online or you know if you are trivia mania or whatever and you read a lot of books or anything like that and you know your sources can come from books your sources can come from online things like that you compile the information and put it together now for each topic they want you to write about a paragraph or two in each one of those so if you do like ten unique facts about teddy bears I don’t know then you write a paragraph about each okay topic number one and then you say okay here’s here is a small short paragraph about it and then it needs a habit and a reliable source that they can back it up you know so at the end when you’re submitting your article just kind of do it like I guess like paper that you would do citations or whatever if you found it on a website if you found it in a book anything like that just go at the bottom just go ahead and and source cite it and then you can turn it turn it in they and they’ll do what they do on there and so and it needs to be clean and professional they don’t want a hole they don’t want profanity and their stuff they don’t you know they don’t want a whole lot of slang terms or anything like that they want you to be unique in your writing but they don’t want it to be unprofessional so I’m just a couple tips that you make sure you get it covered so that your list gets accepted um it’s really easy so if you want to if you’re not a typer if you don’t like typing that’s the biggest thing that i’ve heard with people is like well I don’t like typing I don’t want to write I’m not a writer you can download from on Chrome you can download the Google transcribe and then you could just talk about your articles and then go back and you know just check and make sure that it’s there’s not a lot of slang it’s grammatically correct for the most part they will go ahead and do all of that stuff again to make sure you know it’s professional content that they’re putting out but if it’s like really sloppy work then they’re and they have to do a lot of editing they’re not gonna accept it so if you just use your Google transcribe you talking to it it’s a topic number one is that it a fact about a car or whatever you know or about the human body or anything like that it could be about Bigfoot or UFOs or you know anything like that and then you do your paragraph or two you just speak it out and then you do topic number two and you just keep going through and you could actually do it all verbally and then just double check it before you turn it in turn it in they approve it when they approve it what they do then they pay you a hundred dollars it’s that easy so you don’t even have to necessarily type it out you don’t have to do anything like that even your citations at the end excuse me you can say okay well I found this on you know how to win friends and influence people or whatever book that you found it from whatever site you found it on from the sites are pretty easy you just say the author the year and then you just drop the URL link in there there are a lot easier than citing books and things like that so go ahead and make your list today get us started get it turned in making easy hundred dollars just like that I mean it’s not hard to do it you just have to meet their criteria it has to be something unique though it can’t be something that’s like oh you just type it into Google and it’s the first list that comes up another one of the things if it’s if you’re translating it from another language they won’t accept it they it’s basically that is you know plagiarism or whatever you want to call it where you’re copying somebody else’s work they want you to bring to them something that they don’t have already and even if it’s a compilation of a whole bunch of people’s work as long as you’re citing them and you’re giving you’re saying hey I found it on this website over here by this person and I found this over here by this person it’s really easy it’s not hard at all if you’ve written a college paper you know how to do that kind of stuff I even paper in high school you know you know how to do those kind of things it’s super easy and like I said used to transcribe me you can talk into it and it’ll transcribe everything for you you just go back and you know proofread your transcription and then go from there I hope you enjoyed the video thanks for watching again I want to ask you to go ahead and hit that like button and subscribe to my channel for more ways to find out how to work online and go ahead and visit my website down below also I have linked my number one way of making income online in my description below so go ahead and check that out too have a good day bye

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