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Hey hey hey what’s going on you guys this your boy Jeremy cash and today I’m back here with another valuable video to help you guys make some money online for free this is how you can make money online for free any day you want to whenever you want to now this isn’t any get-rich-quick scheme but over time once you get it you can make a lot of money as you can see people in here over you know this is over over time now I don’t know how long this person’s been on air but he’s earned $170,000 he had 90,000 leads all right this person here fifteen hundred dollars annually so this is a free CPA Network right it took me a while to learn how to use this but now I figured it out as you can see I don’t have any I haven’t even promoted this I recently just learned this so I want to bring it to you guys so that you know we could all kill it together so CPA if you don’t know its cost per action this is just a platform that you can use now if you sign up to CPA group you can either use the link below this video or you can just go ahead and go to the website either way what CPA is is cost per action meaning you know when someone enters her name and email or fills out a survey or anything like that you’ll get paid for it okay oh you can get paid anywhere from you know a few bucks a few cent and I’ll just go to some of the offer so you can go ahead and see now this is absolutely free this isn’t like Malcolm X bounty or anything like that where you have to go to a whole process you just sign up and you automatically have an account okay now as you can see some of these payouts are really small 25 cents you know dollar 30 I mean that was 73 cents per lead you click payouts up here you get a little bigger payouts alright so anytime someone enters their name and email in one of these you’ll get paid okay this website sometimes I’m not sure see it’ll tell you desktop so I honestly I don’t know if they just mean desktop traffic or mobile traffic because sometimes when I click on this sometimes the actual page doesn’t show up but I’m going to get into something really important here in just a second so if I click on that let’s see if it says the exact same thing see I’m on the desktop so galaxy s nine galaxy s not perfect okay so if someone was to go through this and they were to you know answer these questions I’ll say yes just picks random stuff and at the end of should have me put in my email bingo once they put their email in I got whatever you know a piece of money right there all right so what you guys could do is you could take things like this make a Facebook page around it a Facebook fan page you could run an ad to it if you like or you could do some type of giveaway you know free gift cards they got all kinds of stuff in here you know get a hundred dollar Visa Card and then you could run a promotion you don’t even have to run an ad necessarily you guys all you have to do is let’s say you’re doing a contest you would go to Google you would type in a picture of say like a hundred dollar Visa card and just say hey I’m giving away a few hundred dollar Visa cards because whoever wins is gonna get two visa cards but or you could just buy on yourself or the gift cards say I’m giving away three you know hundred dollar gift cards to the person to a random person like share comment on this video I mean on this post and then once they start to like and share it it’ll go viral okay once it goes viral you can actually post that in Facebook famous groups and things like that if you guys are not in these Facebook family groups I would definitely do that look at all these members and it’s a lot of younger crowd and they do know they love the idea of making money so what you can do is you know post ads say hey I have these hundred dollar gift cards I’m giving away for free the only thing you have to do is like comment and share this post once they share it more people are gonna continue to share and I’ve seen posts blow up I’ve seen posts you know do 35,000 likes I mean you know and 500 some shares and people are going crazy once it starts to go viral what you would do is you would go in here you would grab the link whatever link it is that you want so let’s say I click this it gives you a link you will go get this Inc okay and then you would go to something like bitly or you are URL shortener so say copy the link and I’ll go to bid Li to kind of show you guys what you could do you will go to bit Li and this is just shortens your link so it’s not a big link that you’re promoting okay and then you will paste it here and then it was shortened your link for you see it shortened the link you can give it a title if you want to you can say something like hundred dollar gift cards free or something like that okay so now once you save it okay it says invalid but once you guys save this link you would copy it paste it inside the Facebook post it’s going viral people are gonna click it go through the process of submitting and then you’re gonna get you know however many dollars or whatever per person all right that’s the way you can make a killing okay with this but one of the main reasons I wanted to show you guys was this it’s called content locking alright this is one of the main reasons I wanted to get to this sorry so let me go here once you go to monetization tools you go down here to content locking video lockers all these but just go to content locking alright so this here and I made this in there as an example to show you guys something alright so let’s say let’s say a new episode of lovely hip-hop comes out or a new episode episode of whatever your favorite show is or whatever it could be anything any kind of training or anything let’s just say something comes out but a lot of people don’t know about on the internet you find it you want to lock it up okay I use love of hip-hop cause I’ve seen a lot of people do this which is really smart so a new episode of Love & hip-hop comes out people want to see it right some people who don’t have cable they want to see it so what people do is they will go to YouTube let’s go to YouTube they will go to youtube.com they would type in that the actual episode so let’s say it’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode 3 right people are gonna be searching for this because they want to see you know the episode so they they search for it so let’s just say love in hip-hop just to give you guys an example of one born with this okay so they were searched Love & Hip Hop right though the video will pop up so let’s say I clicked on this right and then what happens is a message pops up on the screen I don’t in this video because this is probably actual video but a message will pop up on this screen and it will say something like if you want to view this episode click the link in the description right and so people click the link in the description and the link is actually a content locking link so when you content lock you’re locking some content up and in order for someone to receive retrieve that content they will have to fill out a survey or some type of game so I’ll kind of give you guys a example all right so let’s say this is just a BS example I just put together just for this purpose let’s see it’ll pop up but so let’s say this was the screen see a pop up bingo alright so whether you can change whatever you want to in the background okay so this can be the actual video and the reason why I didn’t pop up immediately is because I said it that way so what happens is they’ll click the link in the description a video or whatever you put in the background of here what will start to play for about five seconds you can set the time right and then this will pop up and in order for them to finish they would have to click a seat as you can see I can’t click off of this page I’m clicking can’t click off they would have to fill out one of these in order for them to view the rest of the episode pure genius right so they have to so they’ll click on one of these they’ll go ahead and fill it out and guess what you’re getting paid all the time all right every time somebody does that now you can do this with I seen people do it with like a really really good one was a guy had like a YouTube software that gives you like tons of views or something and what he did was he’ll have you picture a YouTube video in there and then he would you would press Start and then it will show you how many views you’re getting right so you got like a hundred thousand views or something really quick and then what happened is he would stop it and he would say in order to access this video with your views I noted for these views to actually go on your video you have to fill out a survey I was like that is pure genius pure genius man people were he was killing it so these are some different things that you guys can use alright now it’s fairly easy to set up sometimes it does get a little complicating but I just want to show you guys this for this video purpose so this is what it looks like when you click create you know you could just name it whatever you want to so I’ll just say love and hip-hop or something like that and then oh another thing that usually gets people is right here you say human verification alright and you can put that directly in the middle bingo so instead of it saying you know in order to get this it will just pop up as a human verification alright and so in order you have gotta basically publish saying you have to verify that your human being so you have to fill out one of these surveys in order to continue to grab the content okay once that happens that will have to fill it out and then you’ll get paid all right it’s that simple you guys so you can go in here change you know the access time T’s time is when when you want it to pop up so if you have a video or a train or something you could say I wanted to Paul I wanted to show the video for about six seconds and then this message pops up or you want them to get into it for a good you know 20 seconds and then this pops up in order to finish they have to fill this out all right so this stuff it can make you a lot of money hopefully this sparked some kind of idea and you guys had that you could use to make some money now when they get to here this is how you can add your background URL you would just simply go here to whatever picture that you find you would share and then you would just copy I believe just copy this URL I believe that’s what it is all right and then from there where I go I lost it oh here we go okay from there you would just paste right here and then I believe it should show up let’s see it’s something like that I only did it once so I don’t really know exactly but that’s from pretty sure that’s exactly how you doing so you would just paste the background URL here that you want to you know show up in the background of here and then you can also do this with like gamers and a lot of people who play games all this other stuff you don’t really need to worry about except for like I believe it’s like this is gonna actually control the actual background okay so that is content locking guys and that’s CPA marketing on a basic level now if this helped you give it a thumbs up make sure you subscribe to share this video with as many people hopefully you know like I said this sparked some type of idea and you can come up with something way more creative with this and kill it you know what I mean you can do you know wonders with this stuff and so if that helps you please give me a subscribe and a like on this video and then if you have any other questions concerns I will be here to help you I also have a lot of training I have training courses in the description below as well as different ways that I make money online so if you’re interested in that that’s all in the description as well with that being said guys I’m out be looking for another video here in the next couple of days see you later peace

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