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– [Jaffry] Alright guys, I’m finna teach you how to make money online without an investment so I need you guys to pay very very close attention to this because if you get some of these tips wrong, you could be making a mistake when you join Earn Easy Commissions. So, Earn Easy Commissions is a website that I recommend to start out. They have a free level, which is basically, you don’t have to invest anything to get signed up, all you have to do is click on the link in my description and you’ll go over to the website, you will sign up, create an account, confirm the email, and you will then get your own link, and I don’t even think my link is, my link is over here, but if I go there I know you guys will see some information that I cannot show, but you will go to, matter of fact, matter of fact, let me see, can I go down here…

Here, nevermind, like I said, here go to the link down here, basically you’ll get this link and you will promote this link, and everybody that comes through your link and registers for a free account and signs up, you will get a commission if they’re a qualified member, so. What is a qualified member? It’s when they click on your referral I.D., create an account, and confirm their account, actually use their account, which actually means logging in and actually use that account, and they come from one of these five countries, I think it’s five, yeah.

Yeah five countries, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Not just, if you wanna make and I’m gonna explain everything else in detail, but as far as they have more commissions that you can get set up to earn, but let me go ahead and show you guys proof. This is my email, you can see my name right here, Hello Jaffry Ward. You can see Earn Easy Commissions has sent you $91 for your qualified member commissions now. I have more to come because I am a V.I.P member, and the people that upgraded, we just did a relaunch with Earn Easy Commissions, which means a lot of people upgraded to the different levels so I have more money coming in, that’s just for the qualified commissions, that’s just for this right here, okay? So that’s, with the free level, you can only earn from the qualified commissions, so I need to make that very very clear because a lot of people get confused by the different levels and things of that nature, and if you want to become a pro member, you come down here and you maximize your earnings.

Now, $91 is good for the qualified members, and that’s all gravy but like I said, I have more money coming in because I have a lot of people that did the pro level, elite level, and I get paid 50% commissions on that. So for the pro level, let me go over here. To become a pro member, you can either pay $100 one time, one time, or $25 a month over six, over six payments, so. And they have a $30 off coupon going on right now. I don’t know how long this is gonna be, last, but with this one, with the pro level, you are able to earn to earn more because the free members that you refer to this cite, if they upgrade to the pro level, and you not a pro member, that money is going to, you not gonna get that money because you’re not a pro member you at the free level, so, and you would think, a lot of people will be upgrading because of the way the whole system is set up, so if I was just a free member, this will be all that I earn, $91 for the qualified commissions which is great, but the amount of commissions, like I said I’m gonna do a video once we actually get those commissions, they do a whole new payout system, so we’re waiting on that money to come in, but once it does come in, I’m gonna show you guys, I’m gonna do a payment proof on that in my Earn Easy Commissions official review.

This is just a free way for you to make money online without an investment, so. When they upgrade to the pro level, like I said, and you’re still a free member, you’re not gonna get paid even though you referred them to Earn Easy Commissions, even though you referred them to Earn Easy Commissions, you’re not gonna get paid because you’re not a pro member. So, it’s a good way to start out, so if you just want to find a way that’s gonna make money online, this will be the way because it’s free to sign up, but you don’t wanna be a free member for too long, matter of fact, if you at $26, I suggest you upgrade because they’re gonna give you your own list building system and I’ll show you my list building system because, I’m a part of it as well, let me go back to the first page.

And they set this whole thing up for me. As you can see, I’m getting a good opt in rate which is 54%, so let me, for my traffic, let me just go and show you my systems, so, this is what they build for you at the pro membership, and it’s just a way for you to build your list, so with the people that come to you as a free member, they do come, they do send you the email that you can download through refer list of the people you referred, but you wanna get them on your own email list which is basically a good response to AWeber, and so you can make money long term from them.

So, I promote this system right here, and it’s 100% free system just telling them about how to earn, they enter an email address, they go create an account, I get a qualified commission, and I also have them on my list to continuously promote to them. So, what Earn Easy Commissions does for you, and I want you guys to pay attention, with the pro member, at the pro level membership, they create a whole email sequence on your behalf, 100 emails talking about internet marketing, how they can make money online, and they also include products and the links in the emails that they send out to your prospects, to people you get to go through the system.

This is why the pro level membership I think, is the best membership, even though you can start for free. The pro level membership is way, way, way more worth it than that, so they enter in your affiliate I.D. to the other products that they promote to your people that come through the list building system, and you earn a commission of those, that’s why it’s called Earn Easy Commissions because you’re earning commissions effortlessly, I can’t even say it right. (laughs) But, let me go ahead and just show you this real quick. So the 75 people that entered in their email address in my system through the link that I was promoting, those 75 people, and I just got my pro system two days ago, two or three days ago, those people are now on my list and those people are getting emails from me through my auto responder and they’re talking about different products and I’m getting commissions on those, and it’s a 100 emails in there so, whether they buy something today or buy something on the 100th day, or the 99th day, or whatever, I’m still getting paid on that.

And, we always say on the internet marketing game, or any online marketing affiliated marketing or whatever, the money is in the list, so it’s pretty pretty cool. That’s what I wanted to tell you guys about this is how you can make money without an investment, now you’re only going to be able to get the one dollar commissions, and that’s just it. And when you come in here and when you confirm your email, and log in, as you log into Earn Easy Commissions, watch the videos because he explains everything and even gives you a way to maximize your earnings which is pro level, but go through it, watch the information, get your link, and start promoting to people that wanna make money online.

I mean, there’s several ways to do that, I’ll include my free YouTube courses where I teach you how to build a brand on YouTube, and it’ll actually teach you how to build up a channel and how you can promote things like this. In the course I was talking about, promote ads, but you can just promote a website, you can promote anything online. You have Twitter, you have Instagram, basically anybody, you need to find anybody that wanna make money online, and put this offer in front of them, and connect the two, and you can make a whole lot of money online. It’s as simple as that. That’s the easiest terms I can do. Now, what your forms of traffic, depends on you, and let me just say these, these are my results. I’m not saying this is going to happen for you, you have to put in the work, have to put in the effort, and you have to go through the process, and get your link out there, get people to sign up with you, you have to do that on your own, so.

These are my results, these are just examples of what can happen, but if you just sign up for Earn Easy Commissions and don’t put in the work, you’re not gonna earn the money, so. It’s as simple as that. You know I like to keep it real with you guys, and I hope you guys actually check this out, and give this a try because this can really help set you apart, it can really change your life. Who knows, you can start making money with this and then reinvest into your internet marketing career and make it bigger, so go ahead, the link will be in the description, and I’ll talk to you guys on the next video. Peace out..

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