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What is happening people Razvan here before I reveal to you one cool website that you can use in order to generate up to $50 per survey I’ll invite you to click on the link in the description so you can get instant access to my number one recommendation in order to make money from home very important as well don’t forget to hit on the subscribe button by checking the bell icon so you can get notified when I upload a new video with a new cool way for you to make money from home so no further ado let’s get into it the website I’m going to be covering today it’s called mindsworms, mindsworms is a company that pays you we are paid out up to $50 per serving all right so what all what you need to do is go to their website – rooms calm and sign up right so how this thing works basically once you’ve created an account here just fill your details right here in your dashboard you’re gonna receive okay a case study for example let’s say I don’t know I’ll take my phone right you have you need to complete basically a review about a case study they are of a case that is come is made up to seven questions basically that’s your that’s your theory but it’s not just enough to I don’t know type right so you have seven questions you need to record yourself right by actually reviewing or reviewing the product itself so as I said taking my phone right so my one of the questions I don’t know might sound like it’s it’s comfortable all right it is it’s comfortable in my hands I like the I don’t know the design of the camera what what else I don’t know the dimensions and and so on right so that’s this is one one example how you gonna get the service I said told you they will be displayed in your dashboard but in order to conduct it you need to qualify for it okay so let’s check their their website so available service appear in your dashboard waiting for you to apply okay Mindsworms only shows your studies that you might qualify for based upon you share with us about your age gender and geography to apply for a survey you answer a few multiple questions the researcher will then review your responses and invite you to the service in order to qualify if you qualify sorry the whole application process takes less than a minute okay so basically it’s just not not enough that you have ok deserving a dashboard right you need to qualify for it most likely if you are if we are taking the the phone example one of the questions they might ask you and how many phones did you own for example Android or iOS what type of apps you have installed there where you used in the past something like that okay good once you’ve invited to a survey as I told you you’ll be asked to answer up to seven questions okay using a video function on your smartphone right tablet or webcam it makes us ten unless it takes less than 10 minutes to record your answers so what you say will impact future products advertising and business decisions well big companies okay pay a lot of money for consumer feedback it’s no longer enough just to complete write a simple survey right on digital one or at a regular one or whatever right so they want more feedback or the feedback that actually can influence their decisions right because when someone is taking a video right about the product and making a review or I don’t know taking for example this case study or a survey the feedback that they are getting it’s a lot more realistic right also very important if you do allow the job okay by in your in your review they’re not gonna pay you okay just it’s not enough just to say okay the phone it’s nice or if they ask you what what’s your opinion about matter of the edges and to say okay they look good so that’s not really a feedback right so they’re they’re gonna pay you as I told you via paper right so we pay you fifty dollars we are paper for every survey you complete payments are still 24 hours after you complete the survey if you don’t have a PayPal account it’s easy to create one any bit it’s easy right you might say well plus one what’s the catch and there’s a catch well you don’t expect to receive I don’t know a thousand service per day no okay you might depends on your location most likely if you are from United States you’re gonna receive a lot more service then someone are living in non-english speaking countries even there you might receive an or let’s say three or four service per month right so that’s one hundred and fifty two hundred dollars that you can make extra okay for your wallet and it’s really cool thing don’t expect this to make to be a full-time job and I’m full disclosure here with you guys and I’m I’m not lying or something like that don’t think this is a full-time job I repeat it’s a cool way to generate extra revenue okay and they actually pay so when you need to do in order to do this thing oh well laptop a mobile phone it’s a lot a tablet it’s it’s enough right so you make you might may feel free to to check it out it’s really a cool website and let me let me know in the comments below what do you think if you if it work for you if you got service and and so on also if you enjoyed this video and like the content and you think it brought value to you I’ll invite you to leave to like it right also subscribe and very important don’t forget about my number one recommendation in the description section till the next time have a great Have a nice day

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