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hey how you doing it’s Marc Whitely here with some more free content some more cool stuff to be the training here what I’m going to do is actually I’m just gonna reveal my top three landing pages your designs that are actually pretty dear monthly but they work right as simple as that they work so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna show you them right now and just explain a couple of elements in there and how that sort of works for me and the sort of conversions that I get on these different landing pages and you know you can just go ahead and steal them copy em just do you want right that’s what I’m here for to help you out so let’s go have a look at those right now okay so here I am over at the first one this one is um I mean if you went to my blog which you’re on my blog at the top there you click on any of those links the opt-in box oh that’s all going to take you to these this one here right so this one I have running a fair bit on my blog and it works very very well it’s a fantastic system and I give people it’s a full training system that they can get you know PDF guide step-by-step the whole show and it’s simple right the entire element is literally just a a headline alright a sub-headline and what I do is I always mention the fact that it’s free okay so we have free training reveals and I’ll give them a benefit right my exact steps to the fastest you know that’s a positive word the fastest way to make every 100 thousand dollars plus this year right so it’s immediate so they feel like they’re gonna get immediate results okay then I have an opt-in box already a very simple I have some social proof here some few shares and whatnot as well and the other thing that I do do as well and I find it almost converts even better is when you just have a double opt-in situation here so basically it’s just a button then once they click on the button little opt-in box will pop up where they enter their email all right and that works very very well probably even better converting than this particular style so that is one style so one style is I have a mini headline at the top introduction I have the word free well quite big okay and then what it is and then I have some benefits in there and I’ll mention in some positive words like fast this way I $500,000 exact steps things like that and I bowled and online and make those particular words stand out so if you were just to read the things that stand out using these exact methods free training reveals exact steps a hundred thousand dollars plus of this year right if you just read that way you’re still getting the gist and people still intrigued because you got literally maybe a second if that to capture their attention when they land on these pages you’ll find they’re everywhere on the internet these days so you really need to make sure that they’re grabbing the eye all right so that’s that’s the first one now I’ll show you a couple of other examples that run along the same style or same design this one here okay so once again free nice and big free cheat sheet reveals so you can see the similar the similar layout there it’s just a headline and this is one more element in it but it’s basically a headline and then it’s a call to action so enter details below for instant access to the being cheat sheet right and it’s just a basic PDF that shows them how to utilize Bing Horry yeah pretty damn simple opt-in box and the enter in the email that I find no point in getting their name okay it’s it’s good for other nations but for the make money online niche it’s not so great main reason being is I’ll just get rid of that main reason being is you’ll find a lot of people won’t put in their real name okay that’s for one and they’ll put in some other fake name or whatever right so therefore you go and add that to your autoresponder you know hi first name whatever it might be and you may be calling them Bob when the names you know Michael or mark or whatever right so you know I find it’s not that effective doesn’t work too much I don’t usually use it but it does work very well in other niches where they’re not so used to they’re not so conditioned to squeeze pages and landing pages radio so this one is just got the headline once again it’s it’s giving them the benefit how to dominate Bing right produce daily traffic right and make over one hundred eighteen dollars per day okay so that’s an actual system that does do that I use Bing for advertising so it works pretty well okay so that’s another one there yeah and here I actually show a little bit of proof one hundred and fifty seven dollar seventy two cents for that particular day and their affiliate stats okay so they can see it’s actually affiliate stats because anyone can do affiliate stuff and I prove that it is my account and it’s one hundred over one hundred and eighteen dollars per day so that’s clearly over a hundred and eighteen dollars okay so that’s that’s the second one that I you I’ve got there to show you I’ve got tons and hundreds of them but these are the ones I want to show you now here is a different niche okay a different niche this is a mobile spy app or a mobile monitoring app for parents to use to keep an eye on their kids online and on mobile devices and whatnot it’s a pretty cool niche not too bad it works okay so same similar thing 100% free report download right so they’re gonna get a download everyone loves that word hundred percent free it’s fantastic and this one is specifics okay so I mentioned specifics ten undetectable tricks to find out what’s going on behind your back okay so it’s very specific they know when they go an opt-in they’re going to get a free guy that’s going to give you ten different undetectable tricks now that is in key when it comes to this particular Nisha undetectable you don’t your kids to find out you know especially fifteen ages they’ll go crazy so this is cool right and it works very well this one has a good opt-in right just to go back a bit this one has an opt-in rate over between fifty and sixty percent depending on the type of traffic this one here has an opt-in rate just below fifty percent and this one has an opt-in rate of around about fifty percent okay it’s really a little bit lower but it really depends on the traffic if you’re using cold traffic it is lower than 50 percent warm traffic or you know red-hot traffic V’s are over fifty percent okay and that depends on your targeting and way of getting your traffic from right now so that is one particular design all right that’s one way I do it here’s another one now this one is just it’s more of a flashy thing it’s just got a nice big background image okay works pretty good when you turn up to that page it sort of pops out at you and you can’t miss it right and it works really good right so the same thing though I put in free report I always mentioned the word for it just seems to people love that word right it just seems to capture their eye so discover to the top 20 ranking factors that will get you on the first page of Google previous SEO and it works really good right it’s specific so top 20 ranking factors okay and what the whether they want out of it they want to get on the first page of Google so this is exactly what they’re after if they’re sort of looking for this solution it works well now in this case I have opted in to get the IMP the email and their first name okay so the opt-in right for this one is between 30 and 40 percent and mainly it’s because of this here as well asking for sorry this here asking for the first name oh yeah so I could take that away but in this case I have looked at them and that works very well okay so that is the second design the second style that works good now you’ll probably notice so far none of these are super damn flashy they’re all damn ugly okay but it works and it works really well and you know what’s what’s that whole st. kiss you know keep it simple stupid that works very well and doesn’t matter what you do in life but this he it works even even better you know so you keep it simple just given the facts give them a place to opt-in give them a place to get the actual product or download and it works okay it simply works now let me show you the next type there’s a couple other different niches this is a little bit more graphical a little bit more into it so I’ve got a nice big headline there self-defense for women okay get is 100% free self-defense for women course okay so I was an entire course it was actually just a PR product that I used for this one because I don’t know self-defense woman learn these proven self defense tactics completely free so I’ve mentioned the word free twice there okay to really hit it home now this needs this is a great option right on this one purely because the niche itself is not so used to landing pages opt-in pages and all that works very very very well okay and and the graphical headline really captures their eye it looks professional it looks like it’s it’s got a lot more value to it then that it has in a sense so therefore it seems like you know they’re getting a lot for nothing right yeah then I have a graphical image of the actual product or the actual report or the self-defense course that you’re going to get okay so here is an actual image works really good people like you know they like to feel and touch and see we’re gonna purchase rope in this case they’re getting it free so they’re gonna be able to see it and touch it and look at it and say okay that is what I’m getting s free that’s cool right but here I’ll go into some bullet point details now bullet points work very well on landing pages and and more so in other niches I found so here it’s gonna it just budget says you’ll be able to easily defend yourself in any situation with these skills enter details below to get your free copy so this is the call to action and it just reiterates what they’re getting and just a few bullet points that captures the interest based off that audience and what the targeting is and what they want out of this particular product so learn to defend yourself with confidence okay learn how to protect yourself in record time so they can do a fast everyone wants to learn how to do things fast you can do it from the privacy of your own home that’s important as well and these are a proven techniques and self-defense and moves okay so it’s pretty simple this one here I asked for the actual name as well now this does have an opt-in rate over 50% even though I do have the name in there it’s just a different niche and it works okay it works like that and there is nothing else below that it is just very basic and very simple now I do not use this for Facebook or YouTube traffic it would not pass approval because there’s no like disclaimers there’s no privacy policies no contact pages there’s none of that as well there’s not enough content I I simply use this for banner ads and other different forms of advertising to get people into this particular funnel okay but it does work and it works very very well I could add a few more things tour to get it approved for those particular traffic sources all right yep so that’s the third type so first of all so go back first type very plain simple ugly email only headline call to action benefit right the same on this one and say on that one rodeo then over here we have a graphical background okay with a box that really pops out and stands out at you and once again just gives you the benefit and the fact that it’s free alright it’s pretty simple there’s not much rocket science to this at all and the best way to really do it is split test and test and test and test until you find one that works the best for you okay so let’s get on to the final one here this one is similar to the one you just saw with the self defense this is in the internet marketing niche again so claim your 100% free so these numbers work really good the word free like I said always works good and it’s a full course okay which is always beneficial and traffic overdrive course here discover how to get thousands of targeted visitors for free okay the course shows them how to get leads for free okay and that’s that’s pretty much what it does and I’ve underlined the important stuff so if though just to skim read through things they’re probably going to see 100 percent free this traffic overdrive course sort of stands out a thousands thousands of targeted visitors and free always stands out okay so the same thing here bullet points and an image of the actual product that they’re gonna get for the zip zilch for nothing they can just download it so discover traffic methods that work on autopilot everyone loves things that work on autopilot and that’s quick and easy and fast and the results are there you can turn 20 visitors per day into 300 per day and you’ll learn how so how to take those 20 visitors and turn them into 300 clearly it’s a viral marketing that’s one of the catches and any ideas with this you can triple the income with real targeted traffic so it even shows on how to take the traffic and triple the money they’re making from that small amount of traffic they may be getting and learn the secret methods that the Guru’s don’t want you to know right so there’s a little bit of intrigue and intrigue works really well on landing pages so I think here just lets them know they’re gonna get the traffic overdrive course straight into the inbox now that’s kind of important because what it means is they’re going to make sure they give you a real email address if they really want this they’ll give you a real email address and what it means is they’re gonna go and check and open up your first email straightaway because they know it’s coming in that form you know probably the better way to go and what I do for probably 60 80 percent of my leads and squeeze pages is I send people to a thank you page then I give them some more value and some more content before I pitch them anything but in this particular case I sent the email with the traffic overdrive course to them and then I had one more bit of value sent to them and then the third email was actually a promotion of another traffic system that’s more whole on video and and better training and the conversions were really good on that okay so in this case here I’m asked for for the name as well and the email address now this one in all honesty only has a conversion rate of between 20 and 30 percent it’s not great by any means but it’s a lot better than some but it’s still pretty good right and I think it’s because the it’s just not as professional-looking okay other than the image and the bullet points could be like sharpened up and cleaned up a little bit made a little bit more intriguing okay so that’s pretty much the three different styles okay so you’ve got the graphic more graphical stuff I’m also like this and you’ve got the graphical background right with popping out of the actual the box in the middle there and then you’ve got the real simple ugly ones that really really probably are my favorite and probably convert the best out of all of them okay now it all depends on your niche what I recommend is you test and tweak use plenty of software’s out there clickfunnels OptimizePress they all allow you depending on the level you get in to run split tests as well I use clickmagick to to track my links okay so I can actually do split tests through clickmagick as well so it’s really easy to do once you get it all set up in you know how now one big thing right it doesn’t it doesn’t matter how great your landing pages you’re not going to make money from that unless you have a good funnel in the background okay you gotta have a good thank-you page a good download page and you’ve got to have a good follow-up series and you’ve got to really follow along a particular method to get people to know like and trust you then deliver a picture or product in a really cool subtle way and then you deliver more value and then you go ahead and pitch again now I always try to pitch something that has a reoccurring product in there as well because you know you make one two three four sales this month you get pay for those next month plus you make another two three four sales the following month and it sort of grows upon itself okay it’s a passive income and it’s the best where they go okay so landing pages that’s my three different styles that really work well for me and it’s something that you should go ahead and take and try and use for yourself and what way you’re on my site here go ahead and look around if you’re not on my site you’re on YouTube looking at this you know there’ll be a link below the video just click on that I’ll take you over to Marc Whitely comm where there’s a ton more content in there for information some free training reviews on particular products that I felt were good and some that I wanted to warn you about so there’s a whole ton of stuff over there and you can get some more freebies and everything from Marc Whitely com so if you’re on the site cruise around have a look you know click on the links and check everything out get some good information and remember to come back if you do like this if you’re on YouTube please subscribe you know share it as well if you’re on my blog or on my post there go ahead and like and share this particular post just to help some people out with this information as well alright I hope this has been of cooked used to you and I hope you’ve got something out of it and I will see you

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