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Hey guys it’s Tasha from one big happy life and in this video I am going to be sharing with you a new side hustle that I tried last month that earned me an extra four hundred and fifty dollars in one day I’m really excited to share this side hustle that I did with you but first I wanted to remind you that we are doing a giveaway to celebrate reaching 20,000 subscribers we are giving away two free coaching sessions one is a personal finance coaching session and the other one is a youtube coaching session so be sure to pop on over to one big happy life dot com to sign up and I will drop a link down in the description box and of course be sure to a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like these Joseph and I made a side hustle video a couple of weeks ago about side hustles that we have actually made money doing and of course as usual we invited you guys to drop a comment down below about side hustles that you’ve made money doing and one of them kept popping up over and over so I decided to try it and I’m gonna go into all of the details about the side hustle and how I made my money but I want to make sure to address a couple of money mindset things as we’re talking about these kinds of ways to make extra money and the three major things that I want to touch on are that you can make more money that you can get better at managing your money and that you can reach your financial goals in time but that it might take you some time to reach those financial goals I think so much of personal finance can be sometimes steeped in a very negative money mindset so I’m gonna make sure that we’re keeping these things in mind as we are going about making our financial plans so making more money yes you absolutely can make more money I think when it because of the internet it has never been easier for your average person to just go out and start a side hustle and start making more money I mean we make videos on YouTube and that generates income for us and there are lots of people that make money from selling their hand lettering on creative market there are plenty of places to make extra money and all Joseph and I’d like our personal favorite is taking advantage of job posting boards online and to use that as an opportunity to grow our income in our day jobs – so it’s like attacking the income beast from multiple angles to increase your overall wealth next you can get better at managing your money you may not have the best financial habits today but it’s a work in progress and as long as you are willing to keep at it you can get better at your money over time third financial goals take time to reach and I know it’s funny me saying this in a video about how I made four hundred and fifty dollars in one day but the point is you don’t have to hit a side hustle that will make four hundred and fifty dollars for you in one day in order to reach your financial goals just like you don’t have to save 90 percent of your income or pay off all your debt in five months to reach your financial goals so I say just make sure not to let the hype make you feel bad about yourself and the timeline that you have set for yourself because someone has chosen a different path there are multiple paths to reach wealth and financial independence okay so now let’s start talking about this side hustle so the side hustle that I decided to do was market research I had never done it before but several people in the comments were so adamant about it being a great experience and also a pretty lucrative experience that I decided to look into it so all I did was pulled up Google and searched for market research firms in my city and luckily I have access to two large metropolitan areas because I’m in Washington DC and so there’s you know the Northern Virginia area too and then also Baltimore is not that far away from Washington DC so I had both cities to choose from which I think made it a little easier for me to find a market research firm and actually get on a panel so I just went to the website filled out my contact information and then they started sending me emails whenever a panel came up that it seemed like I would be a good fit for and they actually sent me three emails on one day about a week after I signed up and two of them were for one was for 150 dollars the one was for $200 and then the third one was for four hundred and fifty dollars and I actually I answered the questionnaire for all three but only got the call for the four hundred and fifty dollar one which was fine with me because it’s four hundred and fifty dollars but it also just goes to show you that the prices can range when it comes to these market pena…

Market panel research opportunities but also that you may not always qualify for them so it’s not necessarily like a sure thing that you can rely on as part of you know a regular income necessarily so that panel took six hours and including driving time it was a seven hour day but still the hourly wage was pretty good and they provided lunch and snacks and coffee and tea and pastries in the morning so all in all it was a really fun experience I think there were about 20 people there total plus the people that were running the panel and of course for confidentiality reasons I can’t say what actually happened within the panel except to say that it was a lot of fun I will say that a lot of the people that were there were older people it looked like kind of retirees and a lot of them said that they were doing that full-time so they were making a full-time income between market research and online surveys so and one of the people that I spoke to actually gave me a list of their preferred market survey sources so I haven’t tried them personally but I’ll drop the links to them down in the description box so you guys can check them out and let me know what you think but I had a lot of fun it was really interesting I don’t know that it’s something that I will do on a regular basis because I did have to take off from work to go do it and so it ended up being worth it because we did make an extra four hundred and fifty dollars some of which we used to take Reeves and the family to Great Wolf Lodge if you guys are following me on instagram for his birthday you know and it was an unplanned trip but it was also money that you know we hadn’t expected to have and so it was nice to be able to take this kind of short family trip especially because Reeves didn’t get to go to the pool when we were in poor so that was the side hustle that I did and it just goes to show you if you are willing and open to try something new because I had never done market research before and as a matter of fact it’s been years since honestly I’ve even done side hustles aside from YouTube so take the opportunity go out there and find these things because they totally exist alright guys let me know what you think of this side hustle if you’ve done it before if you have any others you recommend cause maybe I’ll try those too see you guys next time bye

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