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Hey guys it’s Day 57 of my Youtube Video challenge and in this video We gonna talk about how you can start your Affiliate marketing business in 2018 and if you’re someone who’s totally new to this channel just make sure you give a like to this video and do subscribe to my channel because I upload videos on daily basis and on daily basis I share a lot of information which I use in my business so uh mostly this information will be are very useful to you all and if you are someone who’s interested in affiliate Marketing, Shopify dropshipping orelse Affiliate marketing with Clickbank and google or trying to make money with google adsense this is the right channel make sure you subscribe and leave a comment And if you have any questions just reach me on Facebook and let’s get started hey guys in today’s video we’re going to talk about the how you can make money with affiliate marketing in 2018 and recently I’ve been doing this affiliate marketing for a while like almost one year and pretty much I’ve been getting some results I also do a Shopify drop shipping and make money with Google adsense and CPA marketing and I use Maxbounty peer fly clickbank and other networks Commission Junction all those network and recently I created an amazon associate account and reached almost a hundred dollars in commissions within like 20 30 days and I shared my results on this YouTube channel if you’re someone who’s new you just make sure you watch that and I also Share how I did that with free traffic without spend money on advertisements It all with free traffic and I’m going to show you guys how you can also start your own affiliate marketing business and let me go through all the steps and I’ll show you what you should do and what you should not do with affiliate marketing and Step -1 it’s all about selecting your niche and when it comes to niche you need to spend some time on research your Niche because you should know what niche you’re gonna work with because uh mostly new affiliate marketers just go and selects and some niches like dogs or else rabbit’s pitbull Niches and they try to sell Amazon products like a dog led color or a dog Necklace from Amazon and pretty much niches like this will have a heavy competition and ah you can’t rank your videos you can’t rank your site and you can’t bring in website visitors to your site and that’s why you need to find a Niche which has a good number of products to promote at the same time people should be passionate about the Niches if they are not passionate about the Niche and if they’re not interested in the product you selling they’re not gonna buy and you gonna waste your time on that particular niche that’s why always always follow these steps And go ahead and do your research before you are select your niche and make sure that people are passionate about that niche and you should find high ticket products on that niche also like up the second one is high ticket because peoples are willing to buy products for thousand dollars and now at least for three hundred to five hundred dollars if you’re trying to sell for example let’s say that you’re signing up for Amazon Amazon Associates they only gonna pay a three to five percent on commissions so even sell a product for forty dollars or a hundred dollars you’re not gonna get paid a lot you only gonna get paid like nine dollars to seven dollars it’s that’s why you need to find a niche with passionate followers and that but niche should have some high ticket products let me show you guys some example and and this product comes under woodworking niche which is this is a famous niche in United States let’s go ahead and do some research on that particularly niches so you can see it’s here like they do have some groups and pages on this particular niche and and these niches are not like dog or cat niche because pretty much everyone and United States and other countries will love dogs and cats but when it comes to woodworking only you can only find like ninety four thousand members on this particular group and you can find a lot of groups like this one has eighty five thousand and most niches like this will have a passionate buyers and they are passionate about this niches and they spend a lot of time on this and they buy lot of products on this particular niche and they do have some high ticket products so and make sure you find niche like this and try to work on that and the second main step is affiliate programs and you can find on lot of affiliate programs in internet and it’s all about which Niche you gonna work on because there are some Niche you can find a lot of products on amazon associate and there are some niches with where you can find a lot of products on Clickbank and that’s why you need to spend lot of time on researching your niche because let’s say for example I’m going to work on this niche which is woodworking so I can find lot of products like this in you can see it here promote all these products on this particular niches at the same time I can also promote a course on woodworking like you Can see it here this one has $62 When it comes to clickbank they’re gonna Pay you 50 to 70 percent on Commission so you should you should be clear on what niche you gonna work on and this is very easy selecting a affiliate programs very very easy and once you finish selecting your affiliate program you need to focus on how are you going to drive traffic from because you need to drive traffic that’s how we’re going to make sales and you can these are the platforms you can use like you can build your site’s Orelse you can create videos on YouTube Orelse you can use our Facebook to Drive traffic to your affiliate links because Traffic is everything and you need to spend lot of time and this where the marketing stuff is and you going to spend lot of time on this particular area because this is area where people struggle a lot and just go ahead and watch some of my videos in my channel because I explained the how you can drive free traffic from Facebook YouTube and reddit quora and other sites and you can drive at least 10,000 to 15,000 visitors to your website it’s really easy I explained pretty much Everything on this particular channel make sure you watch them and try to work on one of these platforms don’t try to work on all the platforms at the same time because you won’t producing any results that’s why I try to work on one of these platforms and pretty much each of this platform has the same potential you can make a lot of sales with these platforms and once you finished selecting your a platform like on whether you’re going to work on the YouTube or Facebook or Pinterest is totally up to you, make sure you need to produce some content on daily basis because of most of these platforms Love frequency and that’s why you need to update your content on a daily basis either the more you update the more chances you have to go viral that’s why just be consistent on posting content and try to drive some traffic to your affiliate links and mostly like if you just follow this method mostly will be on first month or two months we’ll be making like twenty to thirty dollars are at least in worst case you’re gonna make twenty to thirty dollars a month and best case you can cross two hundred to three hundred dollars and you need to consistent and the frequency is very important make sure you post a lot on these platforms and try to give some good value on the post you make and try to do some research before you post anything on these platforms and the fifth step is audience are you should know who you are promoting your product to because you can’t add promote a cat necklace in a dog Facebook group or on other groups on you need to know who’s your audience for example let’s say that I’m promoting This offer mostly what I’ll be doing is let me explain what I’ll be doing on Facebook are mostly I’ll be creating a Facebook group and I’ll be joining all these groups and I’ll be trying to give some more information useful information to these people and I just go ahead and join this group you’ll be having an option to See all members all you need to do is a try to add them to your friend friend list you can add up to five thousand friends on your profile and you can add them back to your own group and you can also built group like this like if you do this for a month mostly you will have like a thousand to two thousand people’s inside that group in Worst case in best case you will be having like 7,000 to 10,000 members inside this group and when you have that 6,000 to 7,000 members inside your group Facebook is going to promote your Facebook group organically on the right Column you can see you like such as Suggested groups and you go to gain some Free members from this and mostly right now you have access to 7,000 8,000 members inside this niche you can sell them pretty much anything on Amazon on this particular niche orelse courses on this niche and this is how You gonna drive traffic and you gonna build up your audience and you gonna make sales on affiliate marketing and the sixth main step is promoting offer we should know what offer we gonna promote to my audience because I spend a lot of time on research in what offer I gonna promote because I can’t promote some scam product or a product which don’t has good reviews that’s why I spend a lot of time on research to my products for example let’s say that you can see it here like mostly this is Clickbank it’s a affiliate program if you want to join it it’s totally free and just go ahead and click this gravity and you can see it here like this particular product has something related to our niche and this one has 115 gravity score actually anything above 30 is a good score on Clickbank and If I promote this product I have more chances in not getting conversion and people gonna buy this product and you’re gonna make some sales on this product and pretty much that’s all we need to know what offers we gonna promote and we should know what niche we gonna work on and how we going to drive traffic that’s how we going to build a affilaite marketing business in 2018 and its really easy and if You are someone who’s interested in videos like this give a like to this video and do subscribe to my channel and join the facebook group link in the description and see you guys the next video Thank-you

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