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Welcome to TakeActionToday.TV where we help you take action TODAY, to build your online business. No excuses, no hesitation, just action. Today, we’re looking at a new SEO-focused product called the Super Affiliate Machine. The Super Affiliate Machine, also known as SAM, is a product suite to quickly build and rank niche websites that can be used to generate sales. We feel SAM would be of most benefit to two distinct groups of entrepreneurs.

First, SEO beginners that want to start making money as easily as possible, and second, experienced SEO marketers who want a way to speed up their process. SAM breaks down the process of creating SEO-focused niche websites into 4 steps. The Product Research step lets you quickly and easily look for available products within the largest affiliate marketplaces. The Domain Research step guides you in finding effective keywords for your product, and then shows you available domains you can register. One great feature is that SAM looks for expired domains that are already ranked on Google, which means you can rank your websites VERY quickly. The Build Website step walks you through an automated process to build your website, including a built-in interface to add and modify content. Finally, in the Google Automation step you are given information and tools to increase your site’s Google rank, including a custom rank booster only available within SAM. For the most part, each step can be completed in the SAM interface, and within a few minutes, you can have your first revenue-generating website up and running. There are a number of advantages to using SAM.

It streamlines the process of building and hosting websites for you, while handling all the technical aspects. That means you can have multiple revenue-generating websites live in very little time. It also does all the keyword and domain name research for you, giving you advice on which keywords and domains would be most effective, with the least amount of competition. By streamlining the process, you are limited in the customization you can achieve with each website, compared to building it from scratch. However, please keep in mind that SAM is built so that you can create many, many websites quickly. It’s not meant for those looking to create only one website and spending months customizing it.

So, can the Super Affiliate Machine help you take action today and start building your business? The answer is most definitely yes. By streamlining the process and giving you step-by-step tools in a single product, you can start immediately without having to spend hours researching, learning processes and setting up systems. If you’re an expert looking to significantly speed your process, or if you’re new to SEO but want to skip the learning curve, SAM is a great option. If you’re interested in trying out SAM or learning more, please click the link in the description. See you next time, and thank you for watching TakeActionToday.TV! .

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