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Hey, what’s up my friends Nicholas here and welcome to today’s video We’re gonna talk about the four specific ways that you can start making a passive income Utilizing the Internet. So if that is what you’re looking for, you’re certainly at the right place now Make sure to get subscribe to this YouTube channel because we’re constantly coming out with trainings and valuable information that teaches you guys about passive Income online as well as entrepreneurship and and really how to do a lot of cool things to improve the quality of your life So you can live that laptop lifestyle and just have more success whatever it is that you choose to do So we’re definitely focus on helping you become more financially free So let’s get into the four specific ways that you can earn a passive income online Okay.

Again, my name is Nicholas and let’s get into the poor. So the first one is Selling a ebook or selling a video course. So if you have some type of expertise say you’re really good at weight loss or fitness or Relationships or those are just some of the bigger ones But if you are an expert at any one of those you can create a video course or an e-book and sell that online Okay.

Those are two specific ways there’s a website called Clickbank comm where you can set up and be a vendor and you know, put up your your ebooks or video courses and then you could sell it through Clickbank and then whenever people come and purchase it, then you give them access to the course or the e-book and then You know you get paid they have a payment processor in there and everything and then there’s also another website called you to me where you can set up your video course as well and You can sell it right through there. So Yeah, if you can help someone in a specific area, it really doesn’t have to be those big ones It could be cooking.

It could be Really anything if you can help someone with something and they’re willing to pay you for it Then obviously you can make some money for it So that’s the first way is selling an e-book or selling a video course using Clickbank or udemy com okay, so that’s the first way so the second way is Creating a review website or creating a review youtube channel Okay And you’ve probably seen this at a time one time Another I I know I see it all the time because I’m looking a lot of times I’m looking for Cameras, I’m bigging the cameras and stuff like that and I’m always looking for reviews and a couple months back I was really doing some deep digging and figuring out which camera that I wanted to purchase.

And so I was going on youtube I was going on Google and I was searching for all these reviews on specific cameras Like Sony’s canons and different things like that and constantly was seeing the same faces I was seeing a lot of you guys making reviews on YouTube about specific cameras They’re telling me all the benefits and some drawbacks and all that kind of stuff So if you can make a review site, and it doesn’t really have to be just cameras or anything But if you can make a review site website or a YouTube channel or both then you can start making some passive income online because basically what happens is is People come in like I was doing is coming in searching Hey how or what’s the best camera to buy her or you know? they start searching like Sony a7 review and then that people start searching it and they find it and basically what you can do is give your review give your Your recommendation on it whether that’s good bad You know all the the specs and everything like that and then you say hey if you want to purchase through my link Then I’ll put it down in the description You put it on your website and when someone purchased it through your specific link, then you make a commission and like the most Famous way on how people are doing this especially with the cameras is that they’re just sending them to affiliate links through Amazon Okay so basically You set up your website or you set up your YouTube channel? You make you review and then you put your links in the youtube description Or you put them on just on your website and then again like I said When people click on your specific links because you brought them value and you gave them a solid review and then they clicked on that That link and they went to the website.

It bought the particular item that you were reviewing then again, you make a commission and it’s really easy to do because the reviews are It’s crazy because people are already in the buying mode, you know They almost a lot of people just have the credit card in hand They’re ready and they just need to be told like okay, this is actually a good product. I want to purchase it So it’s some of the easiest way to start making some passive income.

It’s like one of the quicker ways to do it I know I started make some reviews way back when and I you know I was making sales really quickly when I started making those reviews Especially when I was doing a more consistent and doing different products and all that kind of stuff So make sure and do reviews if you want to earn some passive income online number three affiliate marketing so affiliate marketing is very similar to the first way that I told you about where it’s Now selling your video courses or selling your online courses, so say for example, you don’t want to put together a whole video course So you don’t want to write your own ebook.

Well, what you can do is actually just promote other people’s products So you just send people that are interested say again in the weight loss type of thing. There’s people on Clickbank that I’ve already created video courses that I’ve already created Ebooks and they’re experts on the particular topic and what you can do is you can just send people to That to their site, you know, everything’s on Clickbank com We have a lot of different trainings on this YouTube channel about that But I mean if you send them to it and the person purchase it then that person that created the product Will give you a percentage of the Commission. It’s very easy to set up through Clickbank. It’s all very self-explanatory But again, I do have more trainings. So that is a good way to start making Some passive income if you just want to sell other people’s products and you just send people it’s not really selling so you send people to Their their pages and their pages tell people why they want to purchase this and when they do purchase it you earn a commission Okay, and then so that’s really it Affiliate marketing we talk a lot about affiliate marketing on the show.

It’s one of the best ways I recommend and getting into number four It’s a it’s a different version of affiliate marketing what’s called high ticket affiliate marketing so same type of thing Same type of concept is that you’re sending other people to other people’s product you’re sending people to other people’s products you didn’t even create the product, but you just send people to the product and then you’re in a commission when they purchased but the the difference between just regular affiliate marketing and high ticket affiliate marketing is that They have an upsell upsell funnel after they purchased the initial product and this is it’s fairly standard in regular affiliate marketing but a high ticket affiliate marketing you Can earn a lot more money So basically someone comes in and buys like a thirty Thirty dollar product and then maybe like a sixty dollar product or a seventy dollar product. And that’s that’s basically regular affiliate marketing right there But with high ticket affiliate marketing, you know You can go up to like five hundred dollar Commission’s or even a thousand dollar Commission’s or even five thousand dollar commissions ten thousand dollar Commissions I’ve had some days where I earn You know ten fifteen thousand dollars on affiliate marketing.

No, I’m not guaranteeing that you’ll have the same type of thing But that’s that’s the model with high ticket affiliate marketing You would never have the chance to do that in regular affiliate marketing like in regular affiliate marketing. I’ve you know made $100 $200 a day something like that at times but with affiliate marketing, like I said you can make 500 to even multiple thousands Dollars per day and it just depends like the helps They have to have the right type of products. Some of these high ticket affiliate marketing is like You know some of these products that they’re purchasing are like high-end masterminds that destination locations So there’s there’s a lot of value within these products But you have to just get set up with these right type of networks and stuff like that But I really just want to give you some ideas and help you understand how to make some passive income online Okay. So those are the four specific ways Hopefully that gave you some value and some understanding on how to make some passive income online and if you do want more Information on this high ticket affiliate marketing which is something that I’m doing every day now what you can do is head on over to mentor little Nick comm where I go into affiliate marketing but also high ticket affiliate marketing and how you can Actually earn those higher level commissions because I’m sure you would much rather make more money than you know Just the base little you know, you can make a couple hundred bucks a day at times if you’re consistent with it But high ticket affiliate marketing is really where it’s at because once you get those multiple level Multiple thousand dollar commissions like it’s it’s hard to go back to regular affiliate marketing Okay, so that’s just what I recommend just to recap again The first way is to sell your own your own courses Whether that’s ebooks or video courses the second way is to make a review website and Then promote different products the stuff that you are reviewing third is affiliate marketing and then fourth is high ticket affiliate marketing So those are the four ways make sure you go start implementing this stuff or just go do more research Help yourself get more acquainted with this stuff so that you can really start going out there and taking Action and making this type of stuff happen because that’s really the only way you’re gonna have success and I know you can do it Okay, so go out there and make it happen If you do want to go check out more information about high ticket affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing in general head on over to mental if nick.com Then also get subscribed to this channel because we’re constantly coming out with trainings like this that really help you guys out If you have any questions You need mentoring or coaching that I have all my links in the video description to all my social media sites Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to talking to you guys soon.


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