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– What’s going on, guys? Today, we’re gonna be talking about the absolute easiest way to make 10,000 dollars per month online. Now, you don’t need any money to begin this. You don’t need, really, any experience. You don’t need anything except a computer and some Internet, which you probably already have if you’re watching this, so how are we gonna make 10,000 a month? How come we don’t need any money to begin? Well, a lot of you know, one of the things I do is personal branding, and that’s what this is gonna be about. Now I know what you’re saying. Oh, not all of us are experts on the topic.

We can’t just go create an Amazon course. We can’t do this. I’m not comfortable in front of the camera. You don’t need to be any of these things to do this, so the only way, so there’s ton of different sources if you’ve seen my other videos from personal branding. The only one I’m talking about today is courses, so we’re gonna break that down a little bit more. Exactly what you need to do, how you can get other people to create a course for you, how you can promote it, how you can get traffic to your YouTube channel, and how you can monetize it from there.

So, let me show you some of the numbers and how easy it actually is to make 10,000 dollars a day with something online. So let’s say you have a course. Let’s say you price it at 500 dollars, and let’s say someone else create it for you. You’re giving them 20% to create the course, and you’re promoting it, doing everything else, take the 80%, which is normal. Other big YouTubers like Alex Becker do this. So, how much do we need to make 10,000 dollars per month? You need one sale a day of that course.

So if we’re getting one sale per day on our course, that’s 500 dollars a day. So we’re now making 500 dollars a day. But we’re only getting 80% of that, which is 400 dollars per day, which, if you do that math, comes out to 12,000 dollars per month, getting one sale a day on the course. Now, and I know what you’re saying. Okay, the numbers look great. How do I do it? Let’s get to that. I’m gonna break it down step by step for you guys. So, the first thing you need to do, obviously, is find your niche. What niche do you wanna do? For me, it was Amazon to begin. Now it’s moving towards affiliate marketing, personal branding, still on Amazon, but you can really do anything, so step one, find a niche. Gonna try and write this big enough for you guys to see.

What’s step two? Let’s say you have no experience, you don’t have any expertise. If you do, like you’re doing stocks or something and you wanna create something around this, you can do that. There’s more than just courses but in this one, we’re gonna be talking about courses only, so, let’s say you don’t know what to do. You can go find an expert, whether it be on YouTube, or anywhere else, you can literally look anywhere, find someone who does Shopify, who does Amazon, maybe someone who’s doing long crypto, ’cause that’s really big right now. Maybe someone who runs a very successful blog. Most of these people don’t know how to do what I’m gonna be showing you, which is why they don’t do it, and they’d be more than happy getting 20% of 500 dollars a day. So if they’re getting a hundred bucks a day, and they’re making 3,000 a month, that’s probably a good chunk for them, especially if they’re doing blogging or something like that.

Just an extra income source for them. All they have to do is create the course and the content, and it’s super easy. So, step two, which is optional. If you don’t have a niche or whatever you wanna do, or you’re not an expert. When I say expert, you don’t have to be 100%, know every single thing about it. You have to be able to help other people and teach them. You don’t have to be the one best at it, and no one else doing it. So, find an expert, which again, guys, is gonna be an 80/20 split. You’re gonna be getting 80% of the profit. They’ll be getting 20. Now, you can work this out with them. If they want more, maybe you can do it that way. You’ll still be making a lot more money than if you didn’t use them, because now you have a niche. Now you have an expert in the field.

Now what do we need to do? We need to create our YouTube. YouTube is gonna be the only example that I’m gonna use for this one on how we’re gonna drive traffic and out of everything, this is gonna be the one we’re gonna do. So what are we doing? Let’s pretend we’re doing the blogging niche. So we’re gonna be going after people who wanna create a blog, and wanna be able to monetize the blog, and how to be able to create a full-time income blogging. So let’s say that’s our niche, that’s what we’re gonna be making content around. So when we create our channel, we gotta create content around that.

So we can do a bunch of how-to’s, free stuff. Now, you don’t wanna give away everything that’s in your course, obviously. If the expert’s creating around it, but you can literally do your own research on this. Look up other YouTube videos and do similar YouTube videos to what are already out there, teaching the same things, and maybe just angle it slightly different, but you can literally go out there and copy other people’s content. Now I don’t mean steal it, but talk about the same thing they’re talking about and maybe put a small twist on it. Super simple, you don’t have to be an expert to create the content, or the channel around it, and you could always position it as you’re both experts in the course and he teaches it. It’s like what Alex Becker do with Shopify, great example. Alex Becker doesn’t do Shopify at all. He got an expert to come and teach it. He has this following, he promotes it to them. So, you’re creating content, you can create how-to’s, you can create reviews of different tools, website builders, so maybe I’m gonna review HostGator.

I’m gonna show how to create a simple WordPress site. I’m gonna show how to find keywords to put in my blog. I’m gonna show simple SEO. I don’t blog, I don’t know this. I know those are simple things I can go to YouTube, how to do, create a quick five, 10-minute video on it, get some traffic to my YouTube channel. Now you do have to do more things on the back end such as YouTube tags, which I’ll save for another in-depth video ’cause that’s a whole thing on itself, but super simple, look up, type in blogging, how to create a blog, how to make money from a blog, things like that. Again, blogging’s the example. It can be whatever your niche is, and look at the top search terms, and go put that in your back end on YouTube, and you will get views from that.

If you’re gonna create a thumbnail, use Canva, super simple. Copy thumbnails that are already working. If you’re seeing a picture of someone on one half in front of their computer or holding money, go buy this, this is 25 bucks, fake money. It’s great for thumbnails. If you see that, and that writing on the side, go copy whatever’s working. I’m not saying do their exact thumbnail, but the layout, it’s working for a reason. Same thing with their title, make it something like that. Clickbaity, but still true. So, we found our niche, we got our expert and our course is already created, pretend. We got our YouTube and we’re driving traffic to it. Now when you first start, YouTube will be slow. You might gain a couple subs a day. That’s normal. As long as you’re getting the views, getting people in there, consistently uploading, it will grow with time.

However, for me, one in every, oh god, what is it? One in every 10 people buy my course. One out of 10 subs have purchased my Amazon course. Maybe one out of 12. So, every 10 subs you get, once you create your channel, let’s say it takes you a month to grow your channel, do all this. If you’re getting 10 subs a day, you should be able to get one course sale a day. Even cut that in half, you’re getting 20, maybe you’re getting one sale every other day.

You’re still making 7500 right there, but if you can get one course sale a day, AKA, get 10 subscribers from doing the videos, you are now making 10,000 per month. Now I know what you’re saying. Where do I create the course, how do I do all that? It’s very simple. So let’s say you’re creating your course now. Create course. We’re gonna use a platform called Teachable. Now if you guys get confused with any of this, go look what I’m doing, and what’s working.

I’m using Teachable. I like that website for hosting courses. It’s super simple. You just create a simple layout, your pricing, and you’re done. You need a Paypal, that’s it. So once your content’s there, you get your expert to create the content, they send it to you, you upload it to this website, and then you start promoting the course, and mentioning it in your videos, so you go, let’s say at the end of the video, you talk about how to build a blog from scratch, from someone who knows nothing. You just say, “Okay, guys, I created a playlist on YouTube “for you that shows the rest of these things “done step by step, but if you want something more in-depth, “kind of a quick start guide, if you’re really serious “about making a full-time income online, “then look into my course right here, I teach everything,” and then mention kinda the bonuses and what they’ll get from the course and why they should buy it, and I’m telling you, if you’re in that niche, you’re getting people and you’re getting consistent views, you should get course sales.

Now, worst case, you pay. So Teachable is 39 dollars a month. That is gonna be your only fee. You can host it somewhere for free if you want to. You’d have to do your own website, so, no upfront cost to create a YouTube, to find a niche, to find an expert. You’re paying 40 dollars a month for Teachable. You get one sale the entire year, you’ve paid for this already. That’s what, 500 bucks a year. You get one sale, you’ve paid for it. Now, where do we go from here? If you really wanna start scaling this up, doing six figures a month, which is 100% possible and multiple people, including myself, doing this, you will create Facebook Ads. Now guess what? If you don’t know anything about Facebook Ads, go to YouTube. There’s tons of information on that. Very, kind of more in-depth, exactly how to target, who to search for, and who to target, so if you don’t know how to do that, easy to look up, figure out the basics, and even just the basics.

Still, so if we’re running Facebook Ads, and let’s say it costs us 5 dollars per lead, which is about normal. Three to five dollars, like I said before, is pretty normal for Facebook Ads. So every five dollars we spend on Facebook, we’re capturing the email, and let’s say we’re gonna go spend 200 dollars this month on Facebook Ads, so what does that mean? That means we are gonna get 40 leads, so out of 40 leads, let’s say 2% convert. So let’s just say, actually, let’s make it easy. We’ll say 5%, for example. So that means we got two course sales from this. So two sales from those 40 leads, linking to our course, maybe our YouTube channel we’re promoting. That means we just made a thousand dollars, if I can write. We just made a thousand dollars right here, off of the initial 200, so we just 5X’d our money from running ads.

Now obviously, if you want, you can scale this more. This isn’t a step you have to do, but if you really wanna scale up, imagine if we 10X that. If we were spending 20,000 a month, we’re getting, what, 4,000 leads, we’re getting 200 sales, we’re getting, what, 20,000 dollar, no, not 20. 100,000 dollars, so it’s very scalable, you can do it. Now again, as your YouTube channel grows, it’s slow at the start, guys. You will be gaining a couple subscribers a day, but once you gain traction, the more videos you have, the more you upload, which you should be doing daily, uploads, creating a channel around your niche.

I always recommend starting in a specific niche and then you can start going more broad with entrepreneurship or whatever you wanna do, and again, it doesn’t have to be how to make money. It could be how to play the piano. It can be how to create certain art. It could be how to do Photoshop. It can be anything. And I know what you’re saying, the price, 500 dollars, can be a lot. It depends on your niche. You can charge multiple things, but this is just one of the 10 different ways you can make money from the following. It all revolves around the YouTube, as always, for driving traffic. It always revolves driving traffic. So that’s not even showing, okay, let’s say we have a HostGator affiliate link for creating a website, ’cause if you’re creating a blog, you need a website. We get paid 50 dollars per signup from HostGator, so if we’re getting one person a day to buy our course, you bet they’re gonna buy HostGator. They have to, ’cause that’s what we recommend. It’s like Jungle Scout and my course. That’s an extra 50 dollars per person we’re getting, so instead of 400 that we’re getting, we’re getting 450, and we’re not splitting the affiliate links and whatnot with this expert because they don’t know we have those affiliate links.

They probably don’t even know about them, and again, so you have your course, you have your affiliate links, which you can do. It’s not what this video’s about. You have a monthly group, so if you want an advanced group, you charge them 50 bucks a month maybe. You get one out of every 10 people in there. So maybe you’re getting an extra person each week. You’re increasing your income every week by 50 dollars that’s reoccurring, so, this is just the start of what’s possible, guys.

This is absolutely the easiest way to make money online. It does take time, you do have to know what you’re doing, but once you know what you’re doing, it’s something for life. When you have a following, no matter what platform, what happens, if YouTube dies, there’s gonna be something else. Just building that following. They’ll follow you wherever you go. They trust you. It’s all about building a relationship with them, and I just really wanna show you guys what’s possible with this whole personal branding thing, ’cause no one talks about it. Look at all the successful guys. They’re not doing what they teach anymore. Not because it doesn’t work, not because they never did it, but because there’s more money to be made with personal branding, and that’s why they do that. Now it’s not for everyone. I know talking in front of the camera and whatnot. I was super awkward at the beginning. I didn’t wanna do it, I was kinda forced to, but once you do it, once you get a couple people and you know who you’re talking to, it becomes normal.

So I hope that was helpful for you guys. If you’re new, and you got some value from this, hit the like button, subscribe to me, and as always, guess what’s in my description, guys. My courses. So, Amazon course is the first link in the subscription if you’re still interested in that, and I will see you guys tomorrow on the next video..

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