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Kanzi on my fellow freedom fighters today we’re going to go over the top three things on how to make an extra $100 a day even if you were broke but before you begin make sure you subscribe to hit on the notification bell so you get notified whenever I drop these now runs but for now we’re going to go over number one of the three different way so let’s go to the computer hmm and as you can see one of the first ways to do is actually go on ebay now this method right here is if you are super broke I mean like you cannot even afford ramen noodles broke so it’s perfect for those people that literally have no money in their bank account so basically what it is is what we’re going to do we’re going to find a demand on eBay and we’re going to go find the supplier and once we find this flower all we do is we connect the buyer with the supplies that’s it there’s no products there’s nothing you have to worry about all you have to do is find the demand and supply it so what we’re going to do is we could go up in here and Luis type in something as simple say like a bunkbed okay on eBay now there’s the craziest thing that’s going to happen eBay oh and don’t mind the fact that it says Thai Baht I’m in Thailand right now by the way this works in the US or anywhere else in the world what even is going to do is they’re going to tell you all the things that have been sold so if you look at all of these you’ll see that all of these products have been sold and even though it seems like oh my god people already making money that is good because if there’s competition that means there’s money to be made and that there’s money be made that means you can do it as well so let’s go and pick this one since 52 have been sold as you can see it’s 200 USD right here and 50 to have insults so all we have to do is go to the image right here you can click on this right here and then search Google for this image now what can happen is Google is going to find everything on Google that actually has this image because the thing about drop shipping on ebay is the fact that people don’t use their own images they use the suppliers image and look at this we found it right here now if this supplier is Walmart and as you can see it’s one hundred and fifty nine dollars so you look at this this bunkbed was sold for two hundred and thirteen dollars fifty two of them sold and you could get it at Walmart for literally one hundred and fifty nine dollars now if you can see they literally use the exact same images as the supplier and if you can look at here look at this it’s literally the exact same images and I bet if we go down to the description for 5,200 pounds seven eight with 56.5 diameter six three height I bet if we go here into two more about this item it’s literally going to say the exact same thing okay guys so that’s one of the first ways to do this the biggest thing for this um way on how to make $100 without any money and as you can see this doesn’t cost any money it’s free to have an ebay account because all I got to do is go on ebay find something that’s already selling moving this we found one that’s selling all you got to do is search Google Images and then find the supply now the next thing you do is all you have to do is go over here and then you create an even account and you literally just create the exact same listing now the cool thing about eBay Visa this is the pros with this entire content okay the number one Pro is that you don’t have to worry about traffic you don’t have to spend money on Facebook ads you don’t have to spend on Google ads you literally don’t have to spend any money because you are leveraging the power of eBay there are millions of people that are searching for products on eBay every single day and the reason because this works and why they’re not gonna go to Walmart is because customers are lazy man when people go on the internet they don’t price shop a lot of people when they go to eBay your biggest goal is to buy so what you want to do is instead of making a complicated all you got to do is go where the customers are see exactly what they’re looking for by seeing what is actually being purchased and go to the supplier and literally put that in front of the person now once you do that you can literally repeat this process multiple times you get more products that are winning and you scale from that so those are all the positives but the negatives are the fact that you don’t own your own traffic since this is so easy to do anyone can literally come in and do this exact same thing because there’s such a low barrier of entry so even though it’s going to be really easy to get to 100 dollars in a single day the hard part is worrying about the competitors and if you don’t want to worry about the competitors that leads us to the second way on how to make $100 a day easy if you don’t have any money and that’s through Facebook so if we go back on the screen and as you can see we’re here on my facebook screen all you got to do is type in some type of niche with some type of product now what your what is the niche you’re probably asking a niche is a group of passionate people that love a particular subject right now use to simply belong to nice it could be playing sports it could be knitting it could be learning how to play basketball it could be your favorite hockey team your favorite football team your favorite basketball team you belong to a group of individuals that the idea of it is so ingrained in their identity that they’re willing to buy products for it for example someone going out of their way towards someone else’s name on a Jersey like for example Michael Jordan because they are so in tune with the Bulls or the basketball team that they want to buy products to wear it now that’s the same thing with a bunch of different niece’s out there online one of them is fishing ok so what we could do is go on Facebook and look at fishing necklace and as you can see right here there’s all of these different types of fishing necklaces that people are selling now it’s so final with a bunch of likes and a lot of comments and people are really showing that they’re buying all you got to do is click on it and what you find out is they’re sending you to restore a Shopify store right so if I click on this right here it sends you directly to a Shopify store now the cool thing about this unlike eBay is while eBay controls the traffic now it’s a lot harder for competitors to take your products because now you actually took one level step ahead and you’re willing to put in the work to separate you from your competitors for example an eBay everyone can literally sell on eBay anyone and their moms and grandmas there’s no prevention from stopping weak minded entrepreneurs or lazy people from trying to make money and the good news about that is it’s easy to make your first dollar but the hard news is it’s really difficult to keep the consistency of the hundred dollars day but with this see this person royal choices calm what and they just made a sale right now they went out of the way the Kritters Shopify store now if you wanna learn how to make more about Shopify stores you can look at the link in the description but as you can see right here you know all they have is this phishing necklace so all we have to do is literally the exact same thing we could go over here and then we could do search Google for image and once it comes up this is one thing that you really need to add and it’ll really help you out all you got to do is go in there except in Aliexpress because it really directs Google okay where do I actually want to find this look at this we found the exact same supplier on Google for a lot cheaper than what they’re selling so if we scroll down look at this six hundred orders have already been made at around two dollars apiece okay now this person right here is selling it for around $14.99 and I bet you they didn’t even include shipping so the cool thing about having your own Shopify store as opposed to selling on eBay is although they got another sale right here um you could actually charge on shipping even though you’re not technically the one shipping it so what you do in this concept is you run Facebook ads just like this person did he’s running Facebook Ads through this image so that people could comment could share to talk to their friends and tell their friends telling people that they wanted to look at this right here in black we need these and people actually commenting which is insane and literally people are buying these things so the moment people buy from doing Facebook ads and like said looking at description those resources how to do this with Shopify the next thing you want to do once you actually make a sale is all you got to do is come over here find the product that does really well but you could ship this to anywhere in the world make sure you choose a packet though a packet will help them get your product to the US a lot faster giving your customers a lot better of an experience and now look at that two dollars to ship this out and two dollars to actually buy the product so the entire cost for you is four dollars guess what this person who’s selling this at $14.99 he’s probably going to add on an extra three dollars for shipping right to cover the a packet delivery so now if you do the math that’s more than twelve dollars profit twelve dollars profit all you got to do sell ten of these a day and you’re at $100 profit a day now this is amazing okay because before when you were on eBay you’re competing against every single person that could look at this YouTube video that listened to my knowledge and that could easily just make money from that and the hardest thing about that is that it’s so easy anyone can do that there’s no barrier of entry so it’s harder for you to stay consistent move the Shopify store you create your Shopify store you sell price through there a lot of people are lazy they don’t want to do it even though it’s really fricken easy to create a shopping list or yourself stuff from Aliexpress and the moment something is bought all you do next is you take that Aliexpress shipping or you take that shipping address that they give you from your shop by order and you order it on Aliexpress you go on here you add to cart and when Shopify gives you an order what you do is you put that name that address that phone number all the information that they gave you in Tallaght stress and guess what Aliexpress is going to ship the product out for you meaning all you got to do is you got to go in there and go into your back office in Aliexpress which is all free and you take the tracking information and you put it in your shop by accounts and it unlike get sent to your customer and the entire time you spent zero dollars you took the money that your customer paid you and use that money to buy it from Aliexpress this is the power of drop shipping now the coolest thing about this entire thing is anyone can do this and the fact that it takes that extra step of setting up a Facebook page setting up a Facebook account setting up a Shopify account a lot of people are too lazy to get into that which leaves more money for you now the third way that you want to get into once you’re actually really good with this and you understand niches and you understand that oh my god there’s so much money to be made I can do this the third level to do this once you have a little bit more money is on Instagram and the exact same thing Aliexpress now the difference between Facebook and Instagram is the thing with Facebook when you create ads it’s as simple as testing like a five dollar ad budget and I have a bunch of other YouTube videos on my channel make sure you check them out to show you exactly how I actually set it up right it’s only $5 and you literally just target interest from people that like certain pages and the cool thing about that is you could scale pretty efficiently right you could get to a hundred dollars a day but if you want to make more money fast you have to be willing to spend more money upfront so how you do that is through Instagram influencers so if you look over here there you and as you can see we’re on my Instagram which you should technically follow by the way to get some travel in snow entrepreneurship whatever what we could do is a typical example of this thing called go case now for those teams that don’t know go case they started off with job tripping model before they actually got into you know wholesale right they tested the waters out to see if this business was actually viable so this is exactly what they did a long time ago what this person did the founder go case was just drop shipping from Aliexpress he was testing all the different products because when you start off in business you don’t want to go to Aliexpress and buy thousands of products when you don’t even know what’s selling the reason why people dropship is to test an idea to validate an idea and if the marketplace shows that people want to buy then guess what that’s when you invest in the inventory so what this person did a long time ago she said hey I want to sell some phone cases but instead of going and buying it in bulk like what most Amazon seenu’s do he literally tested the concept it’s called proof of concept and getting a minimal Viable Product an MVP the minimum amount you could do to see if the marketplace will actually respond positively to so what he did is he created an Instagram account and it was like a long time ago as you can see literally all of these people are promoting this phone that sticks on the mirror so all we got to do is go on Aliexpress and type in phone case it looks like anti-gravity right because it’s literally in the frickin air I don’t know how they did it but heck it’s possible so here it is it is $1.00 in $0.99 they have it for the seventh plus we could scroll down at more of the images it’s probably going to show some really cool ones there’s a demonstration for it let’s look at other cool pictures let’s see if one actually has one here’s one an antigravity case so as you can see right here yeah it’s literally on the mirror it’s the exact same thing as disco case but where these people let’s actually look at the price of this product coke acecomm we go over here and it’s 29.95 without the cost of shipping so what this person did let’s check this out is they created an Instagram account just like this specifically for this product okay and before they had the 793 followers they something nothing to me my bad 790 3000 followers they started off with just a couple could be the friends could be their families we started building their brand so what they did is they created this and instead of trying to you know hashtag their way to success in due to organically what they did is they looked at where people were congregating on Instagram and instead of just waiting they went up to those people they said hey if I let you get this free product or if I give you a hundred dollars or fifty dollars for an hour can you post my product on your Instagram page okay because the thing about your niche about your target demographic is with Facebook you have to go out there and find them right but in Instagram they’re congregating and they’re hanging out on certain pages on Instagram or you to literally sell you stuff so for example say you have a phone case so we designed for cats right all you have to do go on Instagram right here and let’s type in cats and all we do is cats of world look at that check out all of those different stuff they’re not even selling anything but these are where all the cat lovers go right so think about this when everyone that you know loves cats hanging out on this Instagram page having thousands of followers following zero like thousands of views per these videos all you got to do is go to Aliexpress say find cat phone case create an Instagram account Swiss will be selling you look at these cute cat stuff right I mean you know look at this four hundred people have already ordered this so this shows that it’s something that people want and all you got to do create an Instagram page just like how on the go case did reach out to this person on their email and say hey I love what you do you give them a compliment and from there you say I want to see if there’s something that we could literally work together with okay you you want to see how much they cost for the shoutout that’s what it is in the Instagram term the shout-out is when you give them a picture giving them the product and they shout you out for an hour or a day or depending if you buy in multiple days or through a bundle they’re going to give you a discount and what’s going to happen is instead of finding the people like you did on Facebook these people that like these page will automatically see your product now the thing about business right is putting your product in front of people that already want your product it’s not too people not motivating people to buy absolutely finding people that want something in finding what it is they want and putting it in front of their eyes and then they’re going to buy so think about this imagine if you out of product and you put it in front of thousands of people within a couple seconds do you think you get a couple of sales especially if it’s like this phone case in is ten and twenty dollars profit per item all you have to do is sell ten or five and you’re at 100 dollars day guys so hopefully this helps I really definitely recommend this because if you were my youtube channel right here you one of the guys that actually was really successful with this if you look at this interview 0 to $1,000 a day on Shopify in under 90 days someone actually implemented this and got up to $1,000 a days so so that’s the coolest thing now the Instagram way it’s going to take some money because you’re literally buying the traffic automatically from these influencers that already own your niece your audience with you that you want to sell to so what you need to do and you need to slowly build your way up there okay you start on eBay maybe make a couple of dollars instead of blowing it on dumb stock literally save it then you go to Shopify and from shop buy you make some sales then you go here so hopefully that helps if you like this don’t forget to comment like and subscribe and hit on a notification bell and if you want the free financial freedom resources make sure you check the link below and I’ll see you guys on

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