OK some of you’re inquiring “Why all the articles on Google Quality Score? ”

Well, I’m shifting gears somewhat. Focus of this blog is currently MORE for people who have their own product who are using paid search. Times are changing, should you’re hoping to market products as an affiliate Google, then GOOD LUCK, since you’re looking na need it.

And why am I focusing a lot about quality score particularly? QS is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT Aspect to success with Google Adwords.

You might have the highest turning landing page, your bids and placements absolutely optimized, but if your QS sucks you’ll receive a spoonful of traffic versus someone who has a killer QS.

I’ve already talked about a great deal of factors that go into caliber score and that there ’s a lot more I still have to talk about.

One powerful trend you need to be familiar with is that variables that impact your normal search engine ranking are playing a bigger and BIGGER part in Adwords QS.

Some of these include:

  • Authority of your site and PageRank
  • Amount of unique content on your landing pages
  • How Frequently the content on your site is upgraded
  • traffic links to a landing page
  • How long visitors spend on your page and thier BOUNCE RATE
  • Just how FAST your website loads
  • How often people click a link on your page
  • How relevant your landing page is to the keywords
  • The age of your domain

You need to construct a real website that of significant value to the customer, and continue to build this up on time.

Don’t fret about whether you get natural search engine traffic or not, taking these measures will substantially increase your visitors and reduce your CPC.

I’m speaking a night and day difference, the difference between making $500/day gain versus $5000/day gain.

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