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What is the best email marketing course? well, there are many email marketing courses out there some great and some are absolutely garbage but in today’s video I’m going to show you one of the best ones I’ve personally found I’m thinking that I have to mention off the front is I am a little bit biased when it comes to this course and you’ll understand why as we get into this video so I’m gonna head over to my laptop where I can show you what this course is we’ll take a good look around inside of the members area and then you’ll be able to make a simple decision on whether or not this is the best email marketing course for you with that being said let’s go okay so you remember how I said that I was a little bit biased about the email marketing course I’m gonna show you in this video and the reason why I said that is because I’m the creator of this particular course now in the moment I’m gonna show you inside the members area of the course I’m going to show you the sales page for the course but you know as I’m the creator of the course and I’m obviously gonna be a little bit biased about my own work you might be thinking well who are you been and what are your credentials when it comes to sharing an email marketing system for making money with me well I want to show you over on my blog really quickly and then I’m gonna show you some results are I generate with email basically on a daily basis so over my blog profits in paradise com you can see I’m not gonna obviously read loads and loads – you bought obviously you know my name is Ben Martin I’m an affiliate marketer an email marketing specialist and people often actually refer to me as the king of email so I have that on my blog that’s what people call me the king of email and this is actually me speaking on stage very recently in Orlando Florida where I was able to give a presentation about email marketing to over 200 entrepreneurs and I’ve done things with email like make 17000 in one day and if you actually come over to my blog you will find you will actually find a blog post where I share proof of that so that’s kind of a few of my credentials I’m inside of my jvzoo account right now which is just one of my many affiliate counts I’m gonna press this so you can see that this is up-to-date it’s just gonna maybe take a second to load up and refresh but I want you to see there’s no funny business going on here and I generate results with the email daily so you can see I’m logged in as Ben Martin that’s me today have made a hundred and six dollars over here and over $50 here there’s one hundred fifty six dollars yesterday was like a hundred and yeah I don’t know 160 dollars and these are actually really slow days for me I’m gonna show you a quick result before I show you the sales page of this course and I showed you the members area because there’s a lot of bang for your buck in this email marketing course but first I want to show you like the results I’ve generated from all time through email in this just in this one jvzoo accounts now I have two jvzoo accounts and several other affiliate accounts and businesses I’m involved with we’re predominantly the income is generated through email marketing so this is just loading up there you go you can see it’s loaded up and you can see in this one jvzoo accounts I’ve generated a total of a hundred and sixty four thousand nine hundred and eighty nine dollars and ninety three cents in profit the reason I’m showing you that is not to blow smoke up my own ass but to show you that when it comes to email I know what I’m doing and I’m super confident of being able to get you making money with email even if you’re brand new within the next thirty days or less you can get to that hundred plus dollar per day mark so with that being said let me share my course with you it’s called mailing for money and you can go over to mailing for money dot-com and check it out there will a link of course in the description box below this video but the headline says paint-by-numbers method shows you exactly how you can turn in ten minutes into 115 dollars and one cents or more day after day can you generate more yeah she can do I generate a lot more than that yes I do but I like to keep things very realistic and achievable and if you’re brand new to email in your next 30 days this is more than possible even if you don’t have an email list right now and I do actually cover how to get an email is in my course to which I’ll show you inside that members there in a second so no over-height no no promises of millions just a real page and a real course that works now we’ll say one thing when you come to this video this video is an old video of a special I ran to a group of buyers on my list a few months ago where I actually let them get this course for you know 50 percent you know this is not the cheapest course out there it’s a hundred and ninety seven dollars one-time so if you’re looking for some cheap and nasty seven dollar course that is done by somebody who probably doesn’t even send out emails every single day or make money with it this course is not for you if you’re looking for the real deal course with results from students to back it up you will want to check out mailing for money so I’m not gonna read you all of the sales page or anything like that what I do on the sales pages I share my story I tell you exactly what you’re gonna get from Manley for money I’ll show you proof of money it’s made me and the sales page isn’t fully loaded oh oh there we go but inside mailing for money in fact I’m not even gonna tell you I’m gonna show you what you get any minutes but basically you’re gonna get video modules audio module modules they can listen to it the gym or on the move in the car you’re gonna get PDF guide you can see that all the leaderboards I hit through email marketing you’ll see a summary of everything you get and you’ll see some testimonials by students what I want to do right now is I just want to get in the members area and show you why this would be a wise investment if you’re looking to master the email marketing game if you literally want to learn how you can knock out emails in ten minutes that make over a hundred dollars per day within your first 30 days then you’re gonna be excited by this so let me go to the basic training modules and you get everything I’m gonna show you in here by the way so the first video you’re gonna see in the training is email banking basic so I’m gonna go over the basics of how are you gonna make money with email marketing in video 2 gonna give you my subject line secrets because one of the big parts of making money with email is you’ve got to get your emails opened and to get them opened you need to know the type of subject lines to use and I’m gonna break down my very simple formula for doing that in module number 3 I’m gonna give you my ten minute money method this is where I really get into the nuts and bolts of my email marketing philosophy and system and method and I show you why most of those other course is out there of showing you a very painful and long-winded way of getting great at email when you do emails the way I do if it’s taking you longer than 10 minutes to write an email throw it out because that’s how quick my method is for making money it’s a 10 minute per day process I used to make hundreds even thousands of dollars per day so it’s that simple module number four we’re going to go into winning the inbox war and I’m going to show you how you can stand out from the competition because there are lots of people who are sending our emails and I’m going to show you how you can stick out like a sore forum and basically get your subscribers attention and keep it at the end of the day you may want to write this down the first part of making money is grabbing somebody’s attention the second part is keeping it if people won’t give you their time they sure as hell won’t give you their money I’m gonna show you how to get their time and their money through my email system and module number five you can see this is comprehensive is planning for profits this is where I’m gonna show you how to plan out your email marketing campaigns properly to make big big profits module number six is basically non a known announced bonus training so I’m not gonna ruin the surprise I’m not going to tell you what it is this is a special bonus training for people who invest in the course so that’s the that’s the main training but then I’ve got this something called the cold traffic conversion code what is the cold traffic conversion cold code while in module number one and these are video modules by the way I’m going to give away solo ad secrets and basically if you don’t know what a solo ad is a solo ad is when you go to a vendor within the same niche as you and you say hey can I pay you X amount of money to send some of your subscribers to my capture page so I can build my list and I can monetize them speaking about capture pages and module two I’m going to show you how to build what I call the capture and crush machine which is basically how to put together high converting capture pages and module three I show you the software I used to do that module four I show you how to understand your numbers so I basically break down if you’ve got a thousand subscribers on your list I show you how much you should be making and I break down the number so you can understand how it works module number five I get a little bit advanced but you know don’t be scared by that word advanced because you know I break it down very simply but I’ll show you how to split test and how to scale your email campaigns to make even more money so it’s basically just tracking know what’s coming into your business and taking it to new levels I’ve got also got a resources guide which I’m not going to go into where I’ll show you all the different little resources I use in my email business then I’ve got this capture page mastery where I basically go into real detail about how I construct my capture pages I break down the three or four different elements on a very very effective capture page I use for pretty much everything and I let you I just basically let you see everything so you can copy it to us that’s how that works so um let me just let me just close this window a second and then also which is really cool I’ve got these done-for-you emails where basically if you’re brand new to email marketing and you want to get going fast I give you a set of ten done for you emails which you like something you can plug in and fill in the blanks and use to promote any campaign or business opportunity that you want to on the Internet but finally I have this case study I told you this course was the the bomb diggity I basically have this case study where I break down and do a dissection of a ninety four sales in ten day email campaign so I show you everything I’ll show you all the emails I used I’ll show you the product I promoted and I’ll show you how I generated these ninety-four sales in ten days with this one campaign and you can basically watch over my shoulder and you can go out there and you can model exactly what I did so I told you this was an awesome course you know it’s called mailing for money you can head over to marry for money calm it’s a one-time only $197 I’m not hiding the price from you I’m being completely upfront you’ve seen how awesome the training is inside and you’ve also seen my credentials I know I can help you get to $100 $200 $300 and be armed in your first 30 days definitely $100 in your first 30 days go and beyond that you know 40 days 50 days 60 days and expects you to be at several hundred dollars by following my system and if you’re already making that kind of money but you just want to go to another level then this course is for you to you know I make like well on a bad week I’m making twelve thousand dollars let’s just put it that way and that’s just in one of the businesses I do I’m not going to give you exact numbers on what I make per month but you can figure it out if you figure out that last year I made close to half a million dollars then you can do the numbers for yourself and yes it’s proof of that all over the internet and I would love to help you succeed with email so if you do have any questions about this video or the course that I’m sharing with you feel free to ask them below or if you have any questions in general about email marketing you know I’m obviously not going to give you a full breakdown in below this video but I’m happy to give you some tips here and there to help you on your way but that being said don’t forget to subscribe to my channel don’t forget to like this video hit the notification bar so you get updated about when I release new content to this channel and remember as ever you’re just a ten-minute email away I’ll see you in the next video

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