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Hello! This is Jacqueline on behalf of expertvillage.com. In this clip I am going to offer you a list of tips for working at home when you have children around. Give them a task; they love to help. Usually that is what the problem is they want to feel part of something so give them something to do. Let them staple some papers or file some papers or paper clip something or whatever. Make a paper clip necklace, they love that. Set general hours but change them as the demands of your children and their needs change. If they want to play baseball after school, then by all means don’t make them miss out on their childhood fun because of your schedule.

If you can, adjust your schedule. Have a clear purpose when you go on-line. Don’t waste time and also find out other things that waste your time. But a lot of people waste time getting on-line surfing around. So if you know what you want to get on the computer for, get on there, multi-task, print something out of some article that you need to read, whatever the case may be and then get off the computer and try not to be running back and forth to your computer all day. I know this is a bad habit, I’m guilty as well but just try to minimize that. Don’t procrastinate. This is a way that we can be our own worst enemy is letting things pile up on our plate and then having deadlines and having to deal with too much at one time, so don’t do it, don’t procrastinate. Also your hard times, the times that you have to be somewhere at a certain time. I love scheduling it into my phone. If you have a phone that you can put an alarm on, this works great.

It saved me many times from not missing an appointment that took me forever to get, things like that. So make sure you put in a calendar or an organizer somewhere that you are going to remember and just make sure you write that down because you can’t always remember these things. .

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