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Hey YouTube happy Thursday jessalyn here welcome back to my work from dwelling mom canal today’s video we’re gonna talk about confidence okay I get a lot of messages on YouTube parties that connect with me through social media and parties don’t want to be a act from dwelling mama they want to know how to draw income every week by posting ads online curing a market for a exceedingly reputable busines and a great deal of time I will too get the question do I have to stir videos like you do and there’s an answer to this question but it comes kind of in two parts okay the first ask part one of that refutes is no you don’t have to do anything okay the allure to starting your own business is that you can run it the direction which wishes to I’m not your boss I can’t tell you what to do nor am I going to try to force “youve got to” do anything that you’re not comfortable with doing nonetheless there is a huge is beneficial for doing videos and that is that parties get to see that you’re a real life party they get to connect with you they get to associate with you they get to see a view of your temperament in their own lives right like I put myself out there a lot I think sometimes a showcase you know the more serious side and then other hours you examine me really acting like really really silly but I am Who I am and I’m cozy with who I am and I approval a great deal of that to online marketing the more that I did videos the more comfortable I became with doing videos you can’t become pleasant doing something unless you actually do it right so over occasion I became more comfy with putting myself out there and doing videos and from the consequences of that my business continued to grow it became more successful because people has allowed us to connect with me so I’m gonna encourage you at some point to do videos most experiences beings aren’t comfortable doing them in the very beginning which I wholly get because I wasn’t either but I do think that is something that you work towards it’s something that you have a you should have a willingness to do because I certainly don’t know of any successful online marketer or entrepreneur that was able to achieve success without putting their face out there so a lot of times if you really want to achieve the the success of an online commerce business you’re gonna have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone which means you may eventually have to do videos if you’re already doing videos and you’re comfortable doing videos simply go far contact with me because you could be making a lot of money online with a company that I work for but moving on the responsibility about confidence the fraction about confidence that’s are really really important is that and when you’re comfortable with who you are and you’re assure with who you are then all the haters and life merely don’t get to you and it’s no way to live if you’re stuck in the prison of worrying of what other parties reflect all the time that’s no way to live and I know we live in a world where people are like forever beating one another down and praising each other more than they’re building each other up and it’s such scrap but to be honest with you when you’re in a target where you’re self-confident with who you are and you’re stick with who you are you know what your purpose is you’re enthusiastic about it then nothing of that material gets to you and it’s a really really great space to live in today’s video I’m gonna talk about confidence I’m gonna talking here how to build that confidence if you’re someone that doesn’t have confidence in yourself and you want to know how to do that I’m gonna give you some really simple gratuities that hopefully will help you so merely make sure you stay sung okay guys so let’s get to the meat and potatoes let’s talk about some things that are gonna help you to start build your confidence the first thing that I would recommend is that you should start each day with a grateful feeling so what does that mean to me that means you make a index you throw a sticky notation on your reflect you put slides in front of your face while you’re boozing your coffee and you jam out to some music on your drive to operate and you think and certainly reverberate on the things that you’re grateful for so three or four happens everyday really devote the first 20 hours of your day “ve been thinking about” those acts putting those acts visually in front of your face whether that’s your family whether that’s your adolescents whether it’s your house your auto your babies your job whatever this is the case in their own lives that you are grateful for resignate on that for part one of your epoch for your morning because how “youre starting” your daytime usually aims up establishing how the rest of your epoch goes right so if you’re starting off genuinely negative and grouchy the rest of your eras possibly gonna stand negative and petulant the second thing that I would recommend and it’s something that I’m not even perfect at but you should employ you should employ you should take care of your person you should be mindful of the things that you’re eating and that you’re drinking you are familiar I lost 40 pounds last year and it represented my confidence skyrocket I felt so much better about myself and when you feel better about yourself and you are not comparing yourself to everybody else that develops confidence when you like the practice that you inspect and you like the way that you feel that constructs confidence so even if you don’t like exerting which I thoroughly do not like exerting and I did not exercise to lose the load I was just exceedingly wary about what I was devouring and how I was dieting and I was able to lose the weight that way but just get active okay if you don’t like cardio we’re going to the gym dance around in your kitchen get up off the couch okay and get active because the more active you are the more you’re building those endorphins the more you’re feeling better and the more confidence you’re building the next circumstance was necessary to strip the negativity and feed the positivity this is something that you’ve got to get in the habit of doing every day and it is tough because I’ll tell you I used to be a particularly very negative being think it is or not exceedingly very negative never realized the cup as you know half-full it was always half-empty individual would say something joyous and I’d be really really annoyed believe it or not it was not a very happy party and you’ve gotta learn you gotta get in the habit of slamming those negative recalls out of your leader when they start to creep in you just gotta shut them up and shut them off because they just can devour you sometimes and one of the biggest occasions that I can recommend that you do is be mindful of who you’re spend your time with they say that you are like the five people that you waste the majority of members of your time with so if you’re spending your time with negative sullen parties that’s probably gonna be that’s gonna explain why you might be negative and grumpy more if you’re not hang about people who are confident in themselves then you are not going to be able to learn from them on how to be confident yourselves a wonderful thing about online commerce is that “you think youre” circumvented with people who are action takers they demand more of life they’re heartening they’re inspired inducing they are uplifting and being surrounded by those positive people is really going to help you to maintain a positive position every single day as well and with happy studies comes confidence another thing that I would recommend is to make a goal or make a couple of objectives large or small and fulfill them each day I intend severely specified points for yourself and fulfill them so that could be going grocery supermarket like I altogether dislike grocery shopping because it is a exercise especially with a two-year-old that’s trying to climbing in and out of the car all the time it can be draining and exhausting and I don’t love going to the convenience store but when I do I feel effected refrigerators full I equipped meat for the family and it precisely feels good so set a objective for yourself whether it’s cleaning your mansion or it is obligating your bottom or it is going through the whole daytime without saying a negative remark make a goal for yourself every day and accomplish the millennium development goals because when you feel achieved you are building your confidence another thing I would say is to invest in some things that make you feel good and this doesn’t mean used to go and be reckless and spend $500 on a shopping trip-up but this signifies every once in a while take care of you self-care is not selfish you cannot give away what you don’t have to give away so you’ve got a we be able to love yourself and be confident in yourself before you can help other parties affection themselves and be confident with themselves so invest in yourself okay spend time on yourself doing things that reach you feel good if you’ve got to go and get your toe fingernails done and that obliges you feel good disappear do it if you gotta extend get a new shirt you know not like a eighty dollar shirt maybe but let’s say like a twenty dollar shirt run do it whatever is gonna obligate you feel a little bit better if it’s investing into a ministry or a philanthropy or doing volunteer activities doing those stuffs that procreate you feel better about yourself are going to build your confidence and the last happen that I would tell you is to get some ego improvement diaries like ego growing journals really truly changed my entire view they changed my mindset I didn’t even know that self development volumes subsisted until I started online marketing and two three that comes to sentiment would be nothing to prove by Jenny Allen Restless by Jenny Allen and shoot the lion by Mark Patterson and the issue is Christian located self exploitation volumes and they are so sanctioning when you read them and you allow them to change your mindset and change your perspective all of the little like interesting thing in life like the things that you would normally get actually stressed out about simply kind of fade away like ego development bibles genuinely help you to realize that life is so much more worth being bleak and being stuck in a position that you don’t want to be stuck in and being you are familiar perhaps financially strapped like these bibles give you that inspiration that empowerment that are necessary and as they help you to change your mindset and your perspective you become more confident I hope all of these tips really really helps you out today hopefully they’re making sense I urge you to implement them every day write them down implement them and actually actively engage doing these things to build your confidence because not only is it gonna are contributing to in business it’s gonna help you in life you know you don’t need to be in dread of what beings think of you all the time you are never will now be able please everyone I I know that for a fact like I think i annoy parties parties adore me and then I rile beings and genuinely it doesn’t faze me or what I’m doing because I like I’m passionate I’m passionate about what I do we like to partner up with me in business you are able to click the link in the description below to do that or reach out connect with me on social media because I’d love to hear from you if you like this video please give it a thumbs up are contributing to my path if you haven’t already to be notified of future videos and thank you so much again for your charity for your support and thank you for having watching I hope you guys all have a blessed era

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