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Hey hey you guys it is Candace with Kings prosper Network I hope that you are having an amazing day I want to do a review today and this video is going to be a Work From Home Mom review of the Wi-Fi wealth system okay so let’s get through this intro real quick and I’ll be right back so welcome back you guys look today I want to give you my work from home mom review of the Wi-Fi wealth system earning money now you may be thinking to yourself what is Wi-Fi wealth online marketing well Wi-Fi wealth is an online marketing tool that was created by my mentor Anji long it is amazing you guys and what it is is it’s kind of like an open storefront that provides you with three offers when you activate those three offers you’re providing your very own affiliate web link to promote yourself this is going to give you three three streams of income and it’s passive income at that okay it’s very newbie friendly I didn’t know anything at all about online marketing before I found the Wi-Fi wealth system alright now the very first offer that you are going to encounter is Ebates if you’re not familiar with Ebates what it is is the cashback shopping app you go shopping online Ebates pays you cash back but the kicker Ebates actually gives you $25 for every person that you refer to Ebates am using the Wi-Fi wealth system there’s your referral because once they register through your Wi-Fi walk link then you will earn $25 when your referral go shopping and not only that your referral is going to earn $10 in credit so they can go shopping with ten bucks from Ebates as well last month I earned 37 referrals that’s nine hundred and twenty-five dollars and what did I do nothing other than send the people to my wife I was linked and they registered for Ebates now the second offer contained within the Wi-Fi wealth system is Motor Club of America also known as MCA if you’re not familiar with Motor Club of America it is an amazing company they’ve been in business for over 80 years they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and they offer roadside assistance in two count benefits to its members all right they provide you with a hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of valuable benefits and this is unlimited roadside assistance it is legal assistance its credit card fraud protection it provides you with hospital and emergency room coverage accidental death and dismemberment it even provides you significant discounts on dental vision and prescriptions okay like just in January $800 I saved on my eyeglasses and my daughter’s eyeglasses using the benefits for Motor Club of America and the benefits are very affordable to enroll for the benefits it cost $that covers your first and your last months worth of benefits and then it’s only $thereafter to keep those benefits and I promise once you try their benefits you are not going to want to stop because they are totally off the chain you guys now you want to enroll for Motor Club of America for those benefits that’s all that you’re paying for is those benefits there’s no website fee there’s no other fees whatsoever and then fill out the associate paperwork when you complete that associate registration paperwork Motor Club of America pays you for every referral $80 sometimes 90 depending on how many referrals you get in a week so it’s so easy to earn five hundred dollars a week or more you guys using Wi-Fi well system because not only do you get a base you get Motor Club of America and then it moves on to another offer which is our auto responder email system that’s hosted by Aweber now Aweber you get a 30 day free trial and it is an amazing email program because what it is this you’re going to build an email list because Wi-Fi wealth captures your leaves email puts it up into the Aweber system and then you follow up with those leads and the next thing you know you have registrations and earn money from Ebates from Motor Club of America and from Aweber because Aweber pays out 30 percent commission now just so you are aware Ebates does pay quarterly Motor Club of America pays each and every Friday and Ebates I’m sorry Aweber pays you every quarter as well okay and I want to tell you it is so easy to use you can be a newbie and not know anything at all about Wifi Wealth online marketing and this system is going to train you there are videos there that you can watch you can refer back to at any time okay and I was new to online marketing I just started using this system in January I went through all of the training I reviewed the videos again so I could fully grasp everything that was going on okay work from home mom earning money and I tripled my income in February and I’m telling you what I’m just going up from here so you guys check it out down below it’s free to register for the system the only offer that does require a fee is that Motor Club of America and go ahead and try out the Aweber for free 30 days you get to use it for free in a Weber’s platform you will see when you go there they provide you in-depth email marketing training on how to get things going how to use their system it’s super simple it’s an easy way to generate 3 passive streams of income I love this system Anji what thank you so much for creating it because you are truly changing my family’s lives with this system I couldn’t thank you enough it is amazing you guys you definitely want to check this out register it’s free check it out watch the videos go through each offer there’s three of them and once you’ve registered for each and every offer you guys you get your very own wet link to promote your very own and then you will start earning 3 different streams of income as well it’s that easy folks and that’s it that’s all I’ve got for you today so please like this video if you have any questions you just want to say hey Candace just leave me a comment down below and please share this video with someone who is looking for a real way to earn income from phone from home or from anywhere actually because all you need is Wi-Fi for this system that’s it you guys there is a better way and I’ll be seeing you on the next video

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