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Hey, Angie Nelson here, founder of theworkathomewife.com. Are you looking to work from home part-time? Would you like to earn a little bit of extra cash but still have a schedule flexible enough that will allow you to take your kids to the doctor, go on a field trips, or even care for an aging parent? Watch this video if you wanted to find out how to find a legitimate work from home job that provides you with a flexible schedule that you create. Make sure you stay til the end to find out how you can get my free seven day series on finding work from home. The first opportunity I wanted to talk to you today about was becoming a virtual assistant. Now there are quite a few people out there that would eventually like to transition into self employment but maybe you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into finding your own clients quite yet. That doesn’t mean that you should rule yourself out from becoming a virtual assistant.

There are a number of companies out there that hire freelance subcontractors for things like general virtual assistant, social marketing and more. For those of you out there that come from an administrative background and would like to get involved in this field, I want you to check out companies like Time Etc, Fancy Hands, or Worldwide 101. Those three are some of the more popular companies that hire at home virtual assistants. By taking a look round their website, or signing up and seeing what kind of jobs are available and the tasks that you can do there, will give you an idea as to whether you have what it takes to become an at home virtual assistant. The next work at home job that I want to talk to you about that allows you part-time flexibility is transcription. In this position you are just transcribing an audio file into text. Most companies pay by the audio minute, which means that your rates can vary depending on how long it takes you to transcribe a file.

In this position typing skills and accuracy are really important. There are a couple of companies that welcome newcomers and those with no previous experience. Rev.com is one, they allow you to work from home, work when you want, and to transcribe some really interesting content. You can earn a flexible income by transcribing audio there and they provide you with all the necessary training. AccuTran Global and Tigerfish are two other companies that you could check out. Our third work at home job for part-timers today is remote call center. Technology has made it easier than ever for companies to outsource their customer service to remote representatives.

These calls can be forwarded to your landline or even right through your computer. Many work at home companies, they offer their customer service agents working from home around $10 to $15 an hour. Most of these companies are going to ask for a minimum commitment, sometimes that may be 10 hours a week, for others it may be 10 hours a month. You’ll just have to read through the job leads and see what they are requesting. One nice thing about this for parents or for those working a full time day job is that a lot of the demand for these positions is going to be on nights and weekends, so it is something that you can usually work around your daytime commitments or wait until a babysitter or your spouse gets home and can take care of the kids if you’ve got little ones at home. Some of the more popular companies hiring remote customer service agents are going to be Alorica, Sitel, Amazon, U-Haul, and Sutherland.

Our next opportunity is social media management. If you know your way around forums and the latest social media platforms there may be a big demand for your services. Almost every company out there can benefit from having an online social network these days but most of them don’t have the time or the budget to hire someone in-house or full-time. That means that they turn to remote workers to handle those day to day moderation and customer service issues. Now these social media manager positions, they usually combine a lot of different skills here. You may be writing, customer service, a little bit of marketing is involved, but there’s a wide variety of companies that are looking for this type of service. If you come from a specific background or you have a big passion for a certain type of business, those are businesses that you can help grow their social media communities and really make an impact on those platforms like Facebook, or Pinterest, or Twitter. One of the things that makes social media management so appealing to part-timers is that we have a lot of tools available today that will allow you to schedule updates in advance.

Sometimes you can get all of your updates for an entire month done in an hour if you’re using a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer. While some positions will require you to have a marketing degree if you’re going to work for a large company, most small businesses and bloggers are far more concerned with results than they are with actual degrees. Now, when you’re looking for jobs here there are a few companies like ICUC, or ModSquad, or even Appen, that hire social media managers, those are going to be on the lower end of the pay scale.

If you want to go out there on your own and get these positions you can definitely make a far higher wage. Many of the positions we’ve just talked about can be turned into freelance service businesses. There are also other home business options that are perfectly suited to those looking for part-time work. I love the Amazon FBA Program for those looking to start a reselling business. You purchase the products to sell, you ship them out to Amazon and they take care of the fulfillment process for you once an order is placed. Jessica is someone I’ve known for several years. I recently interviewed her on my blog and she shared with us the massive success that she has had with that platform.

She had lost her job unexpectedly, got started with FBA on a whim, and now both her and her husband are working from home with their FBA business. They only work about five hours a week and they make a full-time income. It’s really been a game changer for her and her family. I’m going to leave a link to the interview that I did with her down in the description so you can check that out because she shares a lot of tips and her methods to get started. A few other platforms you can get involved with as a reseller would be eBay, Facebook groups, and even some apps on your phone that will allow you to resell clothing, like Depop. If you love meeting new people, and driving around town, and you live in a larger city, Uber can be a great opportunity for you. You do have to have reliable transportation but you can earn some pretty good money in driving around.

This is another one, the demand is going to be mostly at nights and on weekends, for those of you working a full-time job or with daytime commitments. The last opportunity I wanted to talk to you today about was blogging. Now while blogging may not lead to immediate income it can be a great opportunity for those willing to make the time investment now and reap the rewards for years to come. You can literally have a blog up and running in less than 30 minutes today. You can then create content on your own schedule and have your official launch when you are ready for the world to see your work. To succeed in blogging you are really going to need to choose a topic that you are passionate about and that you can talk about for years to come. This passion is what’s going to drive sales. You can earn money through affiliate marketing, referral marketing, selling your own products, or even blog sponsorships. Whether you are looking for a temporary solution or ongoing income there are some great opportunities out there that are going to allow you to earn $1000 a month online and on your terms.

Don’t just look online when it comes to part-time business options either, you can also go local and often have less competition. Now if you like today’s video please click the like button below. Share it with your friends and make sure you’re subscribed. Make sure you pick up your free seven day series on finding work at home in the link in the description. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time..

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